Why Singapore is an Excellent Country for Expats

18 January 2023

Why Singapore is an Excellent Country for Expats

Despite being one of the smallest, most densely populated countries in the world, Singapore is a bustling, global financial hub and a popular destination for businesses and expats. There are a few reasons for this—Singapore’s multicultural environment, business-friendly economy, low crime rate, and more. In this article, we explore the reasons expats love Singapore, and how you can get started on your life here. 

Why is Singapore An Ideal Country for Expats?

1. Multicultural Heritage

One huge concern many expats have is being alone and not having their own community of friends in Singapore. Lucky for you, Singapore’s population is so diversified that you’ll be able to meet people from all around the globe, and even some from your home country. Feeling welcomed will not be an issue. 

Singapore’s unique colonial history is the reason for its multicultural society today. Apart from being a former British colony, the country also saw the arrival of many immigrants in its early days. Today, Singapore’s demographics consist of three major ethnic groups—Chinese, Malay, and Indian—as well as other races, which comprises largely Eurasian. This has contributed significantly to Singaporeans’ acceptance of different races and religions.

Most Singaporeans are also proficient in at least two languages, with English being the most widely spoken and the main language used countrywide. Expats with no Asian language knowledge will have no problem navigating life in Singapore.

2. Incredible Opportunities for Businesses and Expats

In order to encourage international trade, the Singapore government implemented a series of friendly economic policies that may benefit global businesses should they choose to set up here. Additionally, due to our highly educated and motivated workforce, above average salary packages, and high acceptance rates for work passes, the business environment offers both business owners and employees/expats plenty of opportunities for growth. 

3. Attractive Tax Laws

Singapore’s personal tax is significantly lower than that of other countries. Non-residents are taxed at a flat rate of 22% (24% from the year of assessment 2024) while other nations may impose taxes of up to 40% of your income. 

4. Low Crime Rate

Singapore is one of the safest countries to live and work in due to our low crime rate of only 27.96%. It is considerably lower than many other countries in the region, such as Malaysia (57.29%), Vietnam (46.19%), Thailand (39.35%), and even Australia (43.03%). 

5. World Class Education System

The Singapore government spends 20% of their budget on education to nurture the future generation and even mid-career switchers. This is evident in our high literacy rate of 97.6%, as well as the 41.6% of degree holders in Singapore’s labour force. Businesses get to hire from a pool of qualified individuals, and expats with children can secure quality education for their kids. 

6. Robust Healthcare System

If you ever fall sick in Singapore, you’ll be glad to know that Singapore’s healthcare system is ranked sixth in the World Health Organisation’s ranking of health systems. The standard of living here is high, and most people experience a good quality of life. 

Moving To Singapore

In order to work in Singapore, all foreigners must first obtain a permit such as an employment pass. You can find out more about it at this link. Another important thing to get settled before you move to Singapore is your accommodation. There are multiple accommodation types you can tap on here, such as serviced apartment rentals, single rooms for rent, entire apartment units, or even two- to three-storey landed properties.

Coliwoo is a co-living space in Singapore that offers serviced apartment rentals to cater to diverse needs. With buildings located all across the island, you can find a room for rent in Orchard—Singapore’s shopping paradise, an apartment in the bustling city centre or near your workplace, or one in the heartlands if you enjoy being in the quieter neighbourhoods.

Many units available for rent come with a fully functional kitchenette, washer-dryer, and en-suite bathroom for your comfort and convenience. You can even engage in recreational activities, such as work out in the gym, around a number of the property’s premises. Coliwoo also hosts various events from time to time for its members to socialise with one another. 

Moving To Singapore-co-living space

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A co-living space also lets you meet a community of other expats, international students, or even Singaporeans who have moved out to live on their own. Like how this sounds? Find your home with Coliwoo today