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Boost Productivity With Coliwoo: Switch Up WFH Arrangements

June 9, 2021
Many changes that have transpired in the preceding year have been mostly inconvenient at best. However, despite being a not-so-pleasant year for some, 2020 has its silver linings, with WFH being one of the primary ones on the list. Freed from the need to commute in and out of the city, the WFH arrangement has allowed many workers to take back a significant amount of time in their day, and it has saved them from the usual travel fees. But as with everything else, WFH comes with its downsides, too. Long periods of isolation and a lack of community can negatively impact one’s productivity. To change that pace while staying safe, switching to co-living accommodation in Singapore is arguably the best option you can try! Let’s dive into why this is so and why you should move in as soon as possible. Co-living suites make for highly conducive work environments One of the biggest challenges of working from home is creating a suitable work area for your needs. Although a makeshift one is better than none, it still pales in comparison to something that’s specifically created for such purposes. As an answer to that need, Coliwoo’s co-living private suites provide dedicated workstations right from the get-go that enable you to work without distractions. In addition, one of our communal spaces, namely the study lounge – is an excellent spot for individuals to work conducively too. And speaking of distractions, such focus-breaking occurrences are also another hindrance when working from home. Your neighbour’s pets, outside traffic, and personal chores nagging you at the back of your head are only a few of the many things that can break your concentration. Co-living temporarily frees you from all these and more thanks to its inherently distraction-free environs, making them extremely conducive for getting work done. Centrally strategic locations provide enhanced accessibility If you’re worried about the reduced accessibility to your preferred stores and shopping centres, you can put those concerns to rest. Coliwoo’s branches were strategically chosen to be conveniently close to the establishments and services you need so that your move will be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Food centres and restaurants, supermarkets, and MRT stations can be accessed in just a few minutes by foot or car. Greater privacy is included right from the get-go As much as we love them, family members can often be another source of distraction during working hours. Doing your work at nearby communal living spaces in Singapore ensures your productivity streak never gets broken thanks to the utmost privacy they offer. No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a room solely reserved for you and your work. In combination with privacy, always online CCTV systems also ensure your safety is uncompromised whilst you’re within the premises. Lease terms offer excellent flexibility Co-living at Coliwoo doesn’t require you to commit to a long-term lease contract. One of the well-known advantages of co-living is its inherently unfettered flexibility in terms of your stay. This means that no matter how long you want to board in a suite, you’re guaranteed to get the leasing arrangement you need. Conclusion Working from home for months on end can severely affect your productivity if you don’t shake things up every now and then. Switching your working environment to one of Coliwoo’s co-living suites not only grants you a dedicated private space to work in, but it also has a community of professionals you can bond with after working hours!     Read More
Coliving Accommodations, Coliving Accommodation Singapore

Boost Health & Welfare: Habits To Maintain, Enhance & Remove

May 27, 2021
The COVID19 pandemic has brought about significant changes to our lives, the most notable being quarantined as part of safe distance measures. However, even though many of us might rejoice that we can now cut down on commuting, it is hard to shake off the feeling of restlessness that comes with being confined indoors for many days, only stepping out when necessary. As we protect our health from the COVID19 virus, it is also vital to protect our mind and body from the weary effects brought about by being cooped up indoors with nothing but our pantry and smart devices. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at  some ways we can maintain, enhance and remove: to help us care for ourselves during this pandemic Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Maintaining a healthy diet is critical to keeping our immunity strong. Many do not know that a diet rich in whole foods and fibres can also promote mental well-being. For instance, one effective way is to turn away delivery food and go with home-cooked meals to keep track of your diet and add more fruits and vegetables into your meals. So, prepare to have screen-free meals together with family or friends in communal living spaces is a great way to destress and connect with your loved ones as well. Excellent Fitness A good workout does not necessarily call for us to hit the gyms or even go to the park for a walk. With a suitable virtual instructor from the free resources provided on the internet, most of us will be able to break a sweat in no time. If you still feel unmotivated to work out, you can always call on your housemates to join you during your workout. Do remember to still adhere to safe distancing rules while you do so! A Consistent Sleep Schedule Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule helps to keep your bodily rhythms in balance. Having a sleep schedule with fixed timings in which you wake and go to bed also results in deeper and more restful sleep over time, with improvements in our mood and appetite during the day. Enhance Daily Hygiene Routines Practising proper hygiene habits enhances our barrier against the virus. These would include using a tissue when you cough or sneeze and frequent handwashing habits. Moreover, do not skip the soap if you want your handwashing to be effective; each time you wash should take at least 20-30 seconds for thorough cleansing. Relationships With Loved Ones Confinement may cause us to drift apart from our loved ones and isolate ourselves due to the lack of social activity. As such, it is even more important that we connect with them, whether it is through zoom calls or social media. Simply chatting with your friends about your day or what you ate, or even connecting with long lost friends through Instagram can strengthen your sense of community and increase overall psychological well-being. Remove Any Signs Of Negativity The news we see or hear these days constantly feeds us with the re-emergence of the effects of the COVID19 virus. Though we are unable to change that, we can change how we think. Hoping for better, brighter days to come could be an option. Another way would be to focus on the small things and areas in our daily lives that made us smile even amid these challenging times. It could be a joke that your housemate told you while filling up in the social kitchen or just a random moment during the day. You could even choose to meditate or find peace in these thoughts. Being grateful and surrounding ourselves with positivity could be the greatest barrier that protects us and our minds from falling into the depressive cycle created by confinement and the pandemic. Overexposure To News And Media Another way to keep ourselves updated and stay positive at the same time could be to limit our exposure to the news each day by choosing specific times during the day to get news updates. We should also ensure that the sources from which we get reports should be reputable and trustworthy. This means steering clear from news from social media as many tend to contain false information, or identifying its credibility by checking the source it’s taken from. Conclusion While being indoors during the pandemic could keep us safe, we need to practice good lifestyle habits to support our health and well-being. This is when maintaining and enhancing our lifestyle habits and removing ourselves away from negativity helps keep our mind and bodies fit during the quarantine period. At Coliwoo, we uphold strict hygiene standards in all we do. In compliance with the latest COVID19 restrictions, some of our amenities, such as the gym or the BBQ area, may not be accessible. Still, while dine-in is not allowed for now – cooking still is at our Social Kitchen, provided that social distancing measures and the number of pax is adhered to. Furthermore, we also have our members fill up a screening questionnaire once every week, as well as register their temperature reading twice a day. So, if you are looking to quarantine in a co-living accommodation in Singapore, do reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you create an environment that best suits your needs during this COVID season.     Read More
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Coliving Accommodation: Sustainable Living Made Possible

May 19, 2021
The metropolitan dream offers the exhilaration and buzz that only vibrant city centres possess, and whilst these may charm city lovers alike, these attributes may not be beneficial to the planet that we reside in. In fact, according to a United Nation’s report, cities consume a whopping 78 per cent of the world’s energy and produce more than 60 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions – this coming from cities that only account for 2 per cent of the Earth’s surface! Unfortunately, Singapore being a sovereign city-state means that the country, and by extension, her inhabitants, are contributing to these numbers. But that doesn’t mean that there’s little we can do to lessen our contribution to climate change and mitigate its effects. This time, let’s dive into ways coliving can be part of the green solution. Sustainable Living Through Efficient Utilisation of Space Touted as a hot millennial trend, coliving is a modern form of communal living for like-minded people to live, work and play together in one housing area. An increased housing density ultimately means that these coliving accommodations are taking up less land area, which would have otherwise been cleared for many individual houses, effectively causing deforestation and land degradation. Sustainable Living Through Communal Sharing The bedrock of sustainable coliving is the sharing of assets. The central concept that drives the coliving movement is the building of an ecosystem that promotes community building, support and connection. With such an ecosystem, all sorts of resources are shared, borrowed and swapped. Apart from reducing energy consumption, this communal support system encourages guests to create and incorporate more sustainable routines in their daily lifestyles, such as carpooling, buying bulk foods and the like. Over time, these efforts will accumulate and will effectively reduce waste and consumption. Sustainable Living Meets Affordability Of course, intersectional environmentalism and sustainable efforts need to include other sectors so that they can truly bring about a significant impact. Most of the time, to partake in environmentalism means to practise habits that cover other aspects such as humanitarian rights, animal rights and more. With those taken into consideration, supporting all these areas can quickly become an expensive venture. Those who have been in the environmental and sustainable game would know how costly it can to be green. Simply look at eco-friendly clothing and compare its cost with fast fashion.  Pursuing sustainable living when you don’t have the financial means and accessibility can be very challenging. Fortunately, this is where coliving excels. One of its many tangible benefits is how it encourages the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle through affordable costs. Instead of haggling with your roommate over bills and shared expenses, coliving facilities empower you to pay an affordable, fixed rate with all the key amenities being factored in the monthly rent. Transparency through billings and invoices helps maintain visibility on facilities and amenities being charged for and utilised as well. Not only will you be able to save more for your individual environmental efforts, but the transparent billing also helps you to develop a stronger environmental consciousness, further empowering your environmental efforts. Conclusion With all the aforementioned benefits, it’s no wonder why communal living has been touted as a solution for several global issues, including environmental ones! Apart from immersing in communities where you can socialise, connect, learn and flourish, you’ll also inadvertently be doing your part for the environment simply by subscribing to the coliving movement. If you wish to engage in an eco-friendly coliving venture, we can help! Here at Coliwoo, we offer over 566 rooms with well-equipped amenities and spacious, shared living spaces that accommodate cosmopolitan communities. If you’re interested in finding out more, simply drop us a message!     Read More
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Satiate Your Hunger With 3 Eateries Near Coliwoo @ Lutheran

May 14, 2021
Searching for a new home can easily be taxing on the mind and body. Figuring how much to set aside for rent, choosing the right location to finding the right roommates take a lot of time and energy. The absence of this cumbersome procedure is why the coliving trend has surged and become a popular alternative to traditional housing. At Coliwoo, we offer a home away from home – and more. Strategically located in key districts all over Singapore, our coliving spaces are designed to make move-in as painless as possible. From the physical move, miscellaneous tasks such as cleaning down to food – we take pride in making every single aspect as convenient and comfortable as possible! And for that, let’s dive into some of the popular food choices near one of our properties, Coliwoo @ Lutheran. Suzuki Gourmet Coffee Are you a coffee connoisseur? If you fancy yourself a cup of coffee goodness, Suzuki Gourmet Coffee can deliver! Established in 1979, Suzuki Gourmet Coffee prides itself for being Singapore’s oldest coffee roastery with a reputation that prioritises quality over anything else. Their art of coffee making is one that has been honed to perfection – from the procurement of the coffee beans, grinding to roasting. Revel in an experience like no other and enjoy all that gourmet coffee can offer – down to the very last drop. Bok’s Kitchen A cosy little café tucked in a quaint Boon Lay residential area, Bok’s Kitchen has been cooking up honest-to-goodness that’s a mix of contemporary European and Asian cuisines. The best part? It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get a satisfying, scrumptious meal. Aside from its signature rice bowls, you can also try their mouthwatering mains and pasta dishes! Bok’s Kitchen also offers a brunch menu for those who can never get enough of their eggs and bacon. That said, this menu is only available during the weekends and public holidays. Bok’s Kitchen can get a tad crowded, but good thing they’re available for delivery! Have these scrumptious delicacies delivered to your doorstep and enjoy them with your mates at the communal living spaces! Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak What is an authentic Singaporean experience if you have never tried the most talked Nasi Lemak in the country? Started in 1971, Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak has perfected their recipe to offer the famed Nasi Lemak that every local knows and loves. Using only the highest quality coconut oil and the freshest ingredients every single day, it’s no wonder why customers keep coming back for more. You can never go wrong with their customers’ favourite: their signature Chicken Set, which comes with a chicken wing, anchovies, sambal and a fried egg. A whiff of the fragrant rice and a taste of their sambal that’s rich in spiciness, succulence and umami are enough to have you wanting seconds! Head down with your coliving mates and indulge in a group set fit for kings! Conclusion When finding the ideal coliving accommodation, location plays a crucial part in the hunting process. No doubt, you’d want to have a living accommodation that is a stone’s throw away from your basic amenities and MRT stations, but accessibility to grub hubs should also be taken into consideration! After all, a pleasant stay is never complete without good food. At Coliwoo, we always have your comfort and convenience in mind. We strive to meet all your meets met, so that you can revel in a home away from home. Aside from Coliwoo @ Lutheran, we have other Coliwoo properties that are surrounded by excellent food establishments and more! Give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect coliving stay.     Read More
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3 Popular Restaurants To Try Near Coliwoo@1A Lutheran Road

May 5, 2021
Have you decided to take the plunge and try out the trending coliving movement? If so, you are not alone! Coliving is now quickly becoming the go-to option for those who wish to have a temporary, comfy abode to be called home. These coliving spaces have everything you need and wish for – from an affordable rental, communal and private spaces and even a community! At Coliwoo, we always strive to make your coliving experience a pleasant one.  Strategically located in key districts all over the island, Coliwoo’s contemporary residential options ensure your stay is comfortable and convenient in every aspect – including the gastronomic aspect! If you’re the newest member to grace Coliwoo’s branch at 1A Lutheran Road, we’re here to help you quickly get your gastronomic bearings. If you’re ever up for some grub outside, try out these popular food choices near the vicinity. Botanico at The Garage A garden restaurant and bar nestled in Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Botanico at The Garage offers contemporary European cuisine with Asian inflexions. Truly a delight on the tongue, they take pride in using natural, seasonal ingredients to create their mouthwatering, gourmet cuisine. Their dishes and cocktails are crafted to tell stories, evoke emotions and ignite the imagination – the ingredients needed for a gastronomic adventure. A couple of interesting dishes you’ll want to consider trying are their Foie Gras Latte and Hae Bi Hiam Conchiglie. All things good needs to be shared, which is why you’ll be excited to find out that they also offer a weekend 4-Course Set Brunch for SGD60++. Have a go with your coliving mates and experience art together. LeWu Cafe Just a stone’s throw away from the Botanic Gardens, there nestled a hidden gem that is LeWu Café. With a decade of experience serving authentic Thai food, they made it their mission to bring you the perfect balance of hot, spicy and sour to tingle your tastebuds. For starters, you may want to try out the fundamentals: Pad Thai, Tom Yam and Basil dishes. If you wish to go for something fancy, order their signature LeWu Thai Style Seabass! The best part? They offer these Thai delicacies with no GST or service charge either! Food R Us If you’re craving for something more familiar, or in this case, across-the-border-familiar, Food R Us is here to give you what you want! Experience exquisitely prepared and mouthwatering delicacies infused with authentic Malaysian Cantonese heritage. Make your first visit a memorable one by ordering their heavenly Char Siew to start off your meal. Its nice, tender texture, excellent flavour, and sweet side that melts in your mouth are sure to hit the spot in your hungry stomach. If you want something that packs a punch, you can go for their Salted Egg Baked Crab or Marmite Crab. You’re sure to lick your plate clean once you’re done! Conclusion Ultimately, location plays a significant part in narrowing down your options to a single coliving space. Not only must they be accessible to major hot spots, but the coliving accommodation of your choice also needs to be near grub hubs to keep those hunger pangs away! As one of our fundamental goals, Coliwoo aims to provide comfort and convenience to our members by offering easy access to get their meets met. Coliwoo@1A Lutheran Road isn’t the only one to be surrounded by exceptional food establishments either! If you wish to learn more about what we have to offer, simply give us a call and we’ll set you up for a pleasant coliving stay.     Read More
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Caring For Your Mental Health Whilst Living Independently

April 21, 2021
The opinion on living independently in Singapore spans from two sides of the spectrum – some people see this as a fun and exciting opportunity to learn more about themselves and become the person that they want to in their own terms, free from expectations from other people. Others beg to differ, seeing the entire ordeal as scary and intimidating because you have a lot on your plate; taking care of yourself, paying the monthly dues for rent or electricity, and more on top of your existing responsibilities from work. Given Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s so easy to get lost in the noise and compromise your mental health. To avoid that, we came up with some tips to help you live an independent lifestyle and get the most out of it! 1. Keep A Planner For Your Everyday Tasks We consume a massive amount of information over the course of a day. That, alongside the daily responsibilities and activities needed to be done, you may find yourself drowning in your to-do list and stress if you’re not careful. This is where a planner can help! Developing a habit of planning your day and jotting down your tasks will not only help you organise your day, but it also helps to keep the overwhelming anxiety and stress at bay. Most of the time, you get overwhelmed because you’re intimidated by the number of unfinished responsibilities that you have. But once you write all of them down, it not only provides you with a visual context, but also lessens your mental load. Moreover, by keeping things organise, you will enjoy increased productivity, which will add to the sense of fulfilment once you have accomplished what you had to do for that day. 2. Start Journaling Your Thoughts One of the many ways that you can compromise your mental health is by stifling your emotions. We get it, maybe you’re not a people-person; sharing your deepest thoughts makes you uncomfortable and you would very much rather keep it all to yourself – but it doesn’t mean that you can’t write it all down! Journaling your deepest emotions helps you express your dreams and ambitions, fears and worries, free from any judgment you could get if you share them with another person. Moreover, you can keep track of your emotions throughout the day, and pinpoint certain areas that may hint at trigger points that have led to your spiralling negative thoughts. By identifying these key areas, you can make further adjustments in your life to either avoid those situations or come up with countermeasures. So, pro-tip? Start journaling. 3. Always Find Time For Yourself Despite all of the responsibilities that you have to attend to, you have to find time and attend to your personal needs as well! This means securing a full 8-hour sleep every night, drinking 8 glasses of plain water, eating a well-balanced meal and more. This form of basic care will ensure that your body is well taken care of – after all, mental health starts with physical health. On top of basic care, ensure that you clock in some me-time as well. Me-time entails doing recreational things that you enjoy, giving you that much-needed respite from a busy day. Me-time is essential for your sanity, so try to make it a habit to find time to relax by reading a chapter off that book that you’ve been laying off for months on end, or lighting a scented candle to wind down after a day’s work. Being independent has its own stresses, but at least you have complete freedom on how you want to spend your alone time. 4. If You Can, Socialise!  As the famous line goes, “no man is an island”. Regardless if you are an extrovert or an introvert, you are going to need some amount of socialising to get you through life! You can’t totally isolate yourself; that’s why, if at all possible, connect with your friends and family back home to catch up on the things that you missed. But if you wish to get immediate endorphins and dopamine, get to know your neighbours! If you are in residing in a co-living spaces in Singapore , all the better! Not only are they living in the same vicinity, but such coliving spaces also boast shared living spaces like the kitchen, the gym, backyard, where you can socialise and interact with your newfound friends. Don’t go nuts trying to take the word ‘independent’ too seriously – when you can, engage in friendly chats with those around you! 5. Reward Yourself Every Once In A While Congratulations! You made it through a tough and demanding week by yourself. Go ahead and treat yourself to the things that make you feel good. Whether it’d be indulging in your favorite ice cream or binging on an entire Netflix series. You don’t have to deprive yourself of good things! Embarking on a new chapter in life all alone is no doubt daunting, and without anybody to guide or support you, such changes can easily affect your mental health – for the worse. As such, be sure to equip yourself with avenues that will allow you to take a breather and better your mental health. At Coliwoo, we strive to offer you a pleasant coliving experience, going beyond the primary physical needs. We take pride in building a community that uplifts our members. Apart from our amenities, we also organise activities that help to boost our member’s mental wellbeing. If you wish to enjoy an independent living that prioritises physical and mental health, Coliwoo is here to help!     Read More
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Coliving Murphy Beds: Turning Your Quarters Into A Workspace

April 7, 2021
Coliving has now become the ideal living arrangement for a broad audience: millennials, digital nomads, and freelancers, to name a few. Thanks to a lack of long-term commitments, coliving allows such individuals to drop in at any time with relative ease and leave at a moment’s notice. Typically, establishments that offer such spaces provide a living area comprised of two parts: communal spaces and private rooms. Working in one’s living quarters may prove difficult to some because such spaces generally don’t fully encourage productivity. Cluttered and unkept tight spaces only serve as a distraction. And while coliving agencies do provide coworking spaces as an amenity, some may prefer or need to work in solitude. If you’re interested in coliving but also want a private space to work in, you’ll be glad to know that there’s now a solution: coliving spaces with Murphy beds. Read on down below to understand how these beds can transform your coliving quarters into a fully functional workspace. Murphy Beds Save a Ton of Space Coliving accommodations in Singapore are designed for optimal space utilisation, which means they only have space for what is necessary. This limits how you interact with your living quarters, especially if your room comes with regular fixed furniture. As such, you may not be able to set up a suitable workspace within your preferences. Recently becoming aware of this issue, coliving agencies have now begun offering units that house Murphy beds. With the ability to unfold and disappear and blend into the room at will, these beds are unrivalled when it comes to saving space. This translates to more room to play around with. Murphy Beds Can Blend Seamlessly Into Your Room  Due to their folding capabilities, Murphy beds can blend into a coliving private room with relative ease. This means no clutter is created from the custom arrangement and, additionally, no added hassle for the tenant as well. Most Murphy beds don’t simply serve as a bed, but it also comes together with a closet and storage unit. Such a camouflaging characteristic is often necessary if one needs a clean and uncrowded space to get some work done. Murphy Beds Offers Space Flexibility Suppose you need more than a mere desk to do your work. If that’s the case, rooms equipped with murphy beds are just the thing you need! Whenever required, you can simply raise your bed in order to enjoy and utilise more floor space. Moreover, these beds also come with an additional storage unit inside. These extra feature sets are not only a welcome addition but may also be a much-needed commodity for those individuals that need more storage. You no longer need additional furniture to store your things for you, which translates to more floor space as well. Conclusion Coliving has become the go-to for people looking to connect and live with others in a hassle-free arrangement. For the most part, it’s been able to cater to a wide audience thanks to its living arrangements and innate amenities. But now, with the addition of something as simple as Murphy beds, members can enjoy the option to choose between their private rooms and communal spaces for a productive workspace. Over at Coliwoo, we strive to offer a living space that inspires and complement your working environment and schedule. With over 868 rooms available islandwide, pick your affordable, inspiring and supportive coliving home today!     Read More

Tailoring The Coliving Lifestyle To Your Millennial Needs

March 31, 2021
If there was one sentence to sum up these chaotic, post-pandemic times, it’d be this: ‘It has become the new normal.’ In the past year, you’ve had to reimagine your lifestyle from the way you work, eat and even what you wear (yes, those unbreathable masks). Even then, there are some things you won’t want to relinquish – that being freedom and independence. Luckily for you, the coliving lifestyle allows you to make changes to accommodate the pandemic restrictions, but still retain the sense of freedom and independence that almost every millenials crave for. If you’re wondering how best to do it, we’ve come up with tips and tricks to customise your coliving accommodations and facilities to the demands of your millennial lifestyle. Trait 1: You desire to innovate in the work sphere Do office cubicles and tons of paperwork bore you? Are you on your way to start a new business as an aspiring entrepreneur? If you’ve said yes to both, you’re living out one of the many ambitious millennial traits: the desire to innovate in your work sphere. It’s no longer about placing all your eggs in one basket (in an established company), but to uproot and pack your bags once you’ve honed skills to build your legacy. Don’t fret over where you’re going to kick start your business – do it right in your coliving home, with well-furnished communal working areas coupled with high-speed internet connection. If you need a second opinion on your business from an equally aspiring millennial, do a quick chat with other coliving mates who would see eye to eye with you. Trait 2: You’re open to new experiences and relationships As millennials, you’re always looking for the next adventure. It’s not appealing to you if you don’t sense the thrill of the experience! After all, you opting for the coliving lifestyle is a testament to that fact. Embrace the beautifully design social kitchen at Coliwoo: build a cooking schedule with your newly founded friends, taking turns to try each other’s cultural dishes. There will never be a dull time in the kitchen, which is just what you’re looking for as a millennial. On top of that, grab a couple of friends and head down to the array of social events organised by Coliwoo’s community managers. When you interact and get to know more people from various cultures, you’re setting yourself up for refreshing experiences. Trait 3: You’d want to lead health-conscious lifestyles It’s no longer a question of whether there’s work-life balance for you as a millennial. With so many experiences and accomplishments you’re chasing after, you actively seek pockets of time to cultivate healthy habits. And for the many health-conscious millennials out there, this means setting aside time to hit the gym to stay in shape. Coliving is perfect because with a spacious gym right on the home compound, you’re just a couple of steps away from attaining a new health goal. Make it a religious routine to go every morning before you begin your day. But being human, there are days when you lack the motivation to work out. With like-minded (health-conscious) coliving mates, they’ll drag you along to the gym or yoga studio and before you know it, you’re done with your daily workout! Conclusion Coliving accommodations are crafted to meet the demands of any lifestyle, especially that of an ambitious millennial! Here at Coliwoo, our team believes in creating aesthetic yet comfortable homes while at the same time, letting you customise and lead the lifestyle as your own. With great locations at affordable prices, your desired millennial lifestyle is not out of your reach.     Read More
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Preparing For Coliving? Meet Your Next Housemates Here

March 17, 2021
It’s always wise to know what (home) you’re getting into. And for coliving, that means getting to know your potential housemates. Most coliving communities are made up of students, working professionals, digital nomads and the like – but these generic labels can’t give you an exact idea of whether you’ll fit into the culture of coliving in Singapore. At Coliwoo, we’ve attracted a diverse yet welcoming bunch of coliving mates. Although a potentially enriching experience, coliving is a new lifestyle concept that you’d need to know if you’re ready to experiment with. So check out some common traits of our coliving residents and ask yourself, would you connect with this profile? 1. Friends from a multitude of cultures  As you would have guessed, expats make a huge portion of the coliving community. Coliving accommodations are a popular choice among those who have come to study or work in Singapore. If you’re an expat yourself, rest assured that our comfortable built-in amenities mean you won’t need to fuss over the tiniest matters like housekeeping, furnishings and more! And if it excites you to forge friendships in this cosmopolitan community, you’re definitely at the right home. Typically, international students or working professionals will be residing here for at least a couple of years – sufficient time for you to get to know them personally. As you build relationships with your newly found friends, you’ll also build your knowledge of various cultures. 2. Friends with diverse working occupations The beauty of this diverse bunch is that they share one primary goal – holding a profession in Singapore. These professions range from veterinarians to chocolate-manufacturing experts – you’re bound to meet friends with a variety of occupations. As such, apart from cultural knowledge, be prepared to meet people with different skills and experiences. With so many work stories, there won’t be a dull time in the social kitchen. Every new housemate you meet brings new stories to the table. Besides, diverse working occupations also means an opportunity to learn and collaborate! You can share ideas and knowledge amongst each other and who knows, perhaps you can even ask them for help for one of your projects? Also, as an expat in an unfamiliar country, you’d want to have your home located near the office – cutting away the unnecessary travel time. With the same mindset, it’s highly likely to gain some travel buddies. You’ll have to agree that it’s pleasant to commute and start your morning right with friends. 3. Friends open to socialising  As much as you’re excited to meet this bunch, they are probably just as thrilled. This community holds like-minded and sociable individuals. With so many communal spaces such as a yoga studio or reading lounge, you are never short of communal areas for you to congregate with your new-found friends and share a few joys and laughter. What’s more, community managers will set up social events that allow coliving mates to get to partake in activities together. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a social butterfly to fit into this lifestyle. Coliving arrangements offer you the best of both worlds: socialisation and solitude. So when it’s time for your much-needed ‘me-time’ to rejuvenate, you can easily retreat to your private room. 4. Friends looking for personal growth Last but definitely not least, as long as you’re brave enough to hop on the coliving path, then you and your housemates are looking for personal growth! As an international student or expat professional, coliving is a home away from home – independent living. You’ll revel in the freedom to venture not just into a new city or occupation, but also to dive deep into yourself. It offers you a comfortable space for self-reflection and awareness; growth that comes with living in a foreign place. At Coliwoo, we also believe in maximising your productivity. The bedroom of your choice doubles up as a working space coupled with a high-speed internet broadband connection. With that, coliving at Coliwoo is more than just communal living, but functional living as well. Conclusion  Did most, if not all of the traits, resonate with you? Then look no further and be a part of this sustainable lifestyle concept. Though commonly known for building communities, coliving also provides opportunities for individual development. With over 500 units located at convenient yet tranquil locations, Coliwoo is the one-stop for you to find the right co living room in Singapore. Bask in our spacious communal spaces that are sure to connect you with like-minded coliving mates. With a priority in cultivating a genuine sense of community, be assured you’ll integrate well into this home away from home!       Read More
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