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Recreating The Genuine Sense of Community

Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have lived in close-knit communities. Unfortunately, this aspect of civilisation has waned as individuals have shifted to independent living in boxed apartments. In hopes to recreate the genuine sense of community that was disappearing, Coliwoo, one of the leading co-living operators in Singapore, has brought back the communal living concept to the heart of the city-state.

Coliwoo aims to develop a co-living community for young professionals from various backgrounds to live, work and mingle in harmony. The goal is to revolutionize community living and rental accommodation in Singapore!

Coupled with trendy design and spacious communal areas such as social kitchens, social gyms and a reading lounge, Coliwoo creates a perfect environment for members to forge new relationships and make unforgettable memories together. These communal areas are also the hub of numerous in-house fun and enriching programs, which offer members great opportunities to socialise, learn new things and expand their experiential horizon.

Within a distraction-free environment and equipped with high-speed internet broadband, each of our fully-furnished units can easily double as a home office – a must for both expatriates and international students looking to work at home on a regular basis. Safe and secure, it is also the ideal student accommodation for those new in the city.

Because of flexible terms and not involving landlords, moving into Coliwoo is as easy as pie. So, free yourself from all the hassles of traditional apartment search and start on your coliving experience with us today!

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