Frequently Asked Questions

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About Coliwoo’s Co-Living Space

Why Should I Choose Coliwoo?
Coliwoo provides aesthetically designed co-living space located in peaceful and convenient locations in Singapore. Each unit is fully furnished with all the amenities to cater to your needs. You can work at your workstation in your room without disturbance. Also, mingle with like-minded people, cook your favorite meals, or de-stress yourself in our spacious communal space, such as the reading lounge, social kitchen, and gym.
What Is Co-Living?
Co-Living is a modern housing solution in which residents have their ensuite rooms and shared communal spaces where they can connect with other members and build their network. We have seen a surge in the demand for Co-living spaces in Singapore.
Is living in Co-Living Space Safe?
Co-living spaces are much safer than you think. In Coliwoo, there are 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security guards are available.
Will My Privacy Get Disturbed While Living in A Communal Living?
No, not at all! You will be having your room with no interference from other residents. We have communal spaces like a study, lounge, social kitchen, and gym where the tenants connect with one another.
Where Are Your Properties Located?
Coliwoo has over 800 co-living units islandwide, close to CBD and other attractions. You can click on the "Find Your Home" tab to view details and images of our properties.

About Booking and Renting Co-Living Space

How Can I Book?
After you have selected the best co-living unit option for yourself, you can fill the form on the Contact Us page. Our representative will connect with you at the earliest possible and guide you through the process.
What Is The Length of Stay?
We offer both short-term and long-term stays. The minimum duration of stay depends on each location, ranging from 6 nights to 3 months.
Are There Any Agent Fees to Be Paid?
No, you are not required to pay any agent fees as no agent is involved in the process of taking room for rent.
How Do I Book a Viewing?
Please fill up the form on Contact Us page and our representatives will reach out to you to schedule a viewing appointment. In this post-pandemic world, we also have a virtual viewing option.
Are Your Rooms for Rent Fully Furnished?
Yes, each co-living unit is fully furnished with a bed (single, queen, king as per your room selection), an ensuite bathroom, air conditioner, workstation, high-speed internet connectivity, wardrobe, mini-fridge, and TV.