Caring For Your Mental Health Whilst Living Independently

20 June 2022

The opinion on living independently in Singapore spans from two sides of the spectrum – some people see this as a fun and exciting opportunity to learn more about themselves and become the person that they want to in their own terms, free from expectations from other people. Others beg to differ, seeing the entire ordeal as scary and intimidating because you have a lot on your plate; taking care of yourself, paying the monthly dues for rent or electricity, and more on top of your existing responsibilities from work. Given Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s so easy to get lost in the noise and compromise your mental health. To avoid that, we came up with some tips to help you live an independent lifestyle and get the most out of it!

1. Keep A Planner For Your Everyday Tasks

We consume a massive amount of information over the course of a day. That, alongside the daily responsibilities and activities needed to be done, you may find yourself drowning in your to-do list and stress if you’re not careful.

This is where a planner can help! Developing a habit of planning your day and jotting down your tasks will not only help you organise your day, but it also helps to keep the overwhelming anxiety and stress at bay. Most of the time, you get overwhelmed because you’re intimidated by the number of unfinished responsibilities that you have. But once you write all of them down, it not only provides you with a visual context, but also lessens your mental load. Moreover, by keeping things organise, you will enjoy increased productivity, which will add to the sense of fulfilment once you have accomplished what you had to do for that day.

2. Start Journaling Your Thoughts

One of the many ways that you can compromise your mental health is by stifling your emotions. We get it, maybe you’re not a people-person; sharing your deepest thoughts makes you uncomfortable and you would very much rather keep it all to yourself – but it doesn’t mean that you can’t write it all down! Journaling your deepest emotions helps you express your dreams and ambitions, fears and worries, free from any judgment you could get if you share them with another person. Moreover, you can keep track of your emotions throughout the day, and pinpoint certain areas that may hint at trigger points that have led to your spiralling negative thoughts. By identifying these key areas, you can make further adjustments in your life to either avoid those situations or come up with countermeasures. So, pro-tip? Start journaling.

3. Always Find Time For Yourself

Despite all of the responsibilities that you have to attend to, you have to find time and attend to your personal needs as well! This means securing a full 8-hour sleep every night, drinking 8 glasses of plain water, eating a well-balanced meal and more. This form of basic care will ensure that your body is well taken care of – after all, mental health starts with physical health.

On top of basic care, ensure that you clock in some me-time as well. Me-time entails doing recreational things that you enjoy, giving you that much-needed respite from a busy day. Me-time is essential for your sanity, so try to make it a habit to find time to relax by reading a chapter off that book that you’ve been laying off for months on end, or lighting a scented candle to wind down after a day’s work. Being independent has its own stresses, but at least you have complete freedom on how you want to spend your alone time.

4. If You Can, Socialise!

As the famous line goes, “no man is an island”. Regardless if you are an extrovert or an introvert, you are going to need some amount of socialising to get you through life! You can’t totally isolate yourself; that’s why, if at all possible, connect with your friends and family back home to catch up on the things that you missed. But if you wish to get immediate endorphins and dopamine, get to know your neighbours! If you are in residing in a co-living spaces in Singapore , all the better! Not only are they living in the same vicinity, but such coliving spaces also boast shared living spaces like the kitchen, the gym, backyard, where you can socialise and interact with your newfound friends. Don’t go nuts trying to take the word ‘independent’ too seriously – when you can, engage in friendly chats with those around you!

5. Reward Yourself Every Once In A While

Congratulations! You made it through a tough and demanding week by yourself. Go ahead and treat yourself to the things that make you feel good. Whether it’d be indulging in your favorite ice cream or binging on an entire Netflix series. You don’t have to deprive yourself of good things!

Embarking on a new chapter in life all alone is no doubt daunting, and without anybody to guide or support you, such changes can easily affect your mental health – for the worse. As such, be sure to equip yourself with avenues that will allow you to take a breather and better your mental health.

At Coliwoo, we strive to offer you a pleasant coliving experience, going beyond the primary physical needs. We take pride in building a community that uplifts our members. Apart from our amenities, we also organise activities that help to boost our member’s mental wellbeing. If you wish to enjoy an independent living that prioritises physical and mental health, Coliwoo is here to help!