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A Digital World: Can Coliving Solve Urban Loneliness?

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In this increasingly digitalised world, you’re now working or schooling from the comfort of your home. Compounded with the complexities of the pandemic, remote working and schooling have become a reality for many of us. The wonders of technology have allowed us to share our ideas just as clearly over Zoom or Webex. But this level of comfort also brings with it another unnoticed condition – urban loneliness.

What is urban loneliness?

Despite containing the ingredients for a more integrated social landscape, urban centres may be the culprit for urban loneliness. Urban loneliness occurs when you’re surrounded by a vast number of people, and yet, you feel entirely and indescribably alone. And whilst this may be hard to believe, but the urban environment, with its high-rise buildings and seemingly never-ending hustle and bustle, is built for loneliness. With little to no time for social interaction and get-togethers, urban living can easily be a lonely place.

In Singapore, the population has shot up by almost 2 million in the last 20 years! Currently at an estimated 5.8 million, this tiny island is over the halfway-mark to be a megacity (above 10 million population). As the scale of urban living increases, your risk of urban loneliness also rises.

But in coliving, you’re not just surrounded but embraced by a group of like-minded people. You’d hold the common goal of building a community together. But how exactly does coliving attempt to solve urban loneliness?

1. Facilitate human interactions

Think about a typical day where you’re working from home. Throughout the day, your only companion would be your computer screen. Because of that, the only human interaction you’d probably get is with your GrabFood delivery driver.

But if you’re working in the reading lounge of a coliving accommodation, you can meet other housemates and strike a conversation or two!  At Coliwoo,  there are a variety of commons spaces sure to bring you and your housemates together. Whether you’re cooking in the social kitchen or working out in the well-equipped gym, you can easily interact a fellow coliving-mate.

2. Create a sense of belonging

We’re always on the go in this fast-moving world. Even with the many local interest groups available, you’d have to agree that it’s not easy to develop a sense of belonging in them. Social interactions have become harder to go beyond an exchange of hellos and goodbyes. This is when you need more than an interest group but an actual community.

In coliving in Singapore, attaching you to a community is of top priority. Social events are crafted for mingling and getting to know your newly found family. Besides that, this lifestyle concept also encourages growth for the community. You’ll be able to partake in various activities facilitated by your community managers, and what better way to forge a sense of belonging if not by spending time with your newfound friends?

3. Always on the move?

With so many communal aspects, you might be questioning if you’re ready to share your private life with initial strangers. But here’s why sharing is more familiar to you than you might think. You’ve probably tried and even frequented ride-sharing options or co-working spaces. And if you’ve stayed in an Airbnb, then coliving with an international community wouldn’t be too far-fetched for you!

As urban people who are primarily on the move, this trend of sharing is ideal. If you’re a working professional that has to alternate between countries of residence, why not opt for coliving? You wouldn’t need to worry about re-creating comfortable environments because there’ll always be a community waiting for you in coliving.

4. Supporting each other as a collective

In the current face of a pandemic, it isn’t easy to stay optimistic. But with an empathetic coliving community, you’re assured that you’re not struggling alone. When living together, it’s natural to cultivate a ‘we’re all in this together’ mindset. More than having a positive outlook, this mindset helps you connects with others and develops your sense of empathy and compassion. Naturally, you’ll most likely try to find ways to better support each other – whether that’d be giving a listening ear or offering a practical solution.


You’re not alone if you start to feel a tinge of loneliness. And precisely because you’re not alone, many others can collectively get rid of this worry with you. And that’s why coliving accommodation in Singapore have been growing in demand.

Lead a lifestyle that ensures your social well-being. At Coliwoo, we see your desire for a genuine community and have curated communal spaces for your best coliving experience. But who says tackling urban loneliness comes at a high price? Your wish for an affordable lifestyle is found in our budget-friendly homes. Drop us a call and our passionate team will kick-start your coliving lifestyle!


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