Preparing For Coliving? Meet Your Next Housemates Here

20 June 2022

It’s always wise to know what (home) you’re getting into. And for coliving, that means getting to know your potential housemates. Most coliving communities are made up of students, working professionals, digital nomads and the like – but these generic labels can’t give you an exact idea of whether you’ll fit into the culture of coliving in Singapore.

At Coliwoo, we’ve attracted a diverse yet welcoming bunch of coliving mates. Although a potentially enriching experience, coliving is a new lifestyle concept that you’d need to know if you’re ready to experiment with. So check out some common traits of our coliving residents and ask yourself, would you connect with this profile?

1. Friends from a multitude of cultures

As you would have guessed, expats make a huge portion of the coliving community. Coliving accommodations are a popular choice among those who have come to study or work in Singapore. If you’re an expat yourself, rest assured that our comfortable built-in amenities mean you won’t need to fuss over the tiniest matters like housekeeping, furnishings and more!

And if it excites you to forge friendships in this cosmopolitan community, you’re definitely at the right home. Typically, international students or working professionals will be residing here for at least a couple of years – sufficient time for you to get to know them personally. As you build relationships with your newly found friends, you’ll also build your knowledge of various cultures.

2. Friends with diverse working occupations

The beauty of this diverse bunch is that they share one primary goal – holding a profession in Singapore. These professions range from veterinarians to chocolate-manufacturing experts – you’re bound to meet friends with a variety of occupations.

As such, apart from cultural knowledge, be prepared to meet people with different skills and experiences. With so many work stories, there won’t be a dull time in the social kitchen. Every new housemate you meet brings new stories to the table. Besides, diverse working occupations also means an opportunity to learn and collaborate! You can share ideas and knowledge amongst each other and who knows, perhaps you can even ask them for help for one of your projects?

Also, as an expat in an unfamiliar country, you’d want to have your home located near the office – cutting away the unnecessary travel time. With the same mindset, it’s highly likely to gain some travel buddies. You’ll have to agree that it’s pleasant to commute and start your morning right with friends.

3. Friends open to socialising

As much as you’re excited to meet this bunch, they are probably just as thrilled. This community holds like-minded and sociable individuals. With so many communal spaces such as a yoga studio or reading lounge, you are never short of communal areas for you to congregate with your new-found friends and share a few joys and laughter. What’s more, community managers will set up social events that allow coliving mates to get to partake in activities together.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a social butterfly to fit into this lifestyle. Coliving arrangements offer you the best of both worlds: socialisation and solitude. So when it’s time for your much-needed ‘me-time’ to rejuvenate, you can easily retreat to your private room.

4. Friends looking for personal growth

Last but definitely not least, as long as you’re brave enough to hop on the coliving path, then you and your housemates are looking for personal growth! As an international student or expat professional, coliving is a home away from home – independent living. You’ll revel in the freedom to venture not just into a new city or occupation, but also to dive deep into yourself. It offers you a comfortable space for self-reflection and awareness; growth that comes with living in a foreign place.

At Coliwoo, we also believe in maximising your productivity. The bedroom of your choice doubles up as a working space coupled with a high-speed internet broadband connection. With that, coliving at Coliwoo is more than just communal living, but functional living as well.


Did most, if not all of the traits, resonate with you? Then look no further and be a part of this sustainable lifestyle concept. Though commonly known for building communities, coliving also provides opportunities for individual development.

With over 500 units located at convenient yet tranquil locations, Coliwoo is the one-stop for you to find the right co living room in Singapore. Bask in our spacious communal spaces that are sure to connect you with like-minded coliving mates. With a priority in cultivating a genuine sense of community, be assured you’ll integrate well into this home away from home!