Benefits of Having Communal Spaces in a Co-Living Space

23 March 2023

Benefits of Having Communal Spaces in a Co-Living Space

Communal living in Singapore represents an innovative alternative to conventional living arrangements in HDB flats and condominiums. In short, it is a co living space in Singapore where residents stay in individual private rooms, with shared access to communal spaces like kitchens, lounges, and more. These spaces are designed to encourage interaction between residents, in line with the spirit of communal living, which is essentially, a community coming together to create shared experiences and memories. There are numerous benefits that come with having communal spaces in co living apartments — here are a few examples.

Shared Responsibility of Maintenance & Upkeep

coliwoo shared space-Co living space Singapore

Communal living in Singapore is all about being community-centric; shared amenities are used by everyone in the building, a stark contrast to living and focusing on yourself and your own needs. Keeping communal spaces in good condition requires a collective effort from every resident — a shared kitchen, for instance, should be cleaned and organised by whoever is using it.. Gym equipment should also be kept clean, and users should observe basic hygiene practices, like placing a towel on parts that will come in contact with your body. Here at Coliwoo, properties like Coliwoo Orchard feature a wide range of shared spaces, from gyms, to swimming pools, to reading lounges; everyone has a part to play in maintaining the cleanliness of these amenities.

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A Shared Space for Fun & Camaraderie

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Communal spaces are chiefly designed to bring the community together for a time of bonding, networking, and fun. After all, a co living space in Singapore, as mentioned earlier, revolves around the concept of forging friendships with fellow residents from all walks of life. It could be through studying together, or working out together, or preparing meals together — there are many avenues for residents to interact and foster a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness. This is especially true for properties like Coliwoo Orchard, where there are numerous shared spaces for different types of activities; you’re more likely to find like-minded residents who you can connect and spend the day with. When it comes to communal living in Singapore, no image epitomises it more than a group of residents conversing around a BBQ pit over hearty grilled dishes lovingly prepared by fellow residents.

A Sense of Belonging

coliwoo park-Co living space Singapore

One of the biggest appeals of living in Coliwoo’s apartment for rent in Singapore is that residents feel like they belong to a community instead of merely living like individuals. There’s always bound to be a fellow resident that you’d inevitably bump into when you’re using the building’s communal spaces — over time, neighbours become familiar faces, and awkward encounters turn into warm, albeit shy smiles. When you start to familiarise yourself with the rest of your fellow residents, it’s much easier to start conversations and form friendships. What’s more impressive is that you’re not just forming a community comprising locals; Coliwoo’s residents come from all over the world, bringing with them different cultures, experiences, and stories into one miniscule melting pot. Here at Coliwoo Orchard, its location makes it an ideal choice for international students, expats, or even locals looking to experience life in the city. With so many vastly different cultures coming together, you’ll feel like you’re part of a global community, which is precisely the overarching goal of communal living in Singapore.

Coliwoo Orchard is arguably our largest co living project to date — with the second largest number of rooms (411), and the most number of communal spaces amongst all our properties. Coliwoo Orchard is also conveniently situated in the heart of Orchard Road for easy commuting to schools, workplaces, and more. It is also slated to fully open by mid March, so if you’re intrigued by the prospect of making Coliwoo Orchard your new home, check out our website for more information.