4 Benefits of Renting in Orchard

15 February 2023

4 Benefits of Renting in Orchard

The notion of living in a service apartment in Orchard Road might seem like a far-fetched dream to many of us, as we tend to perceive the area as expensive, and for those of us who prefer the quiet of the heartlands, a little too noisy. However, with the advent of coliving spaces in Singapore, there are ways to set up residence in the heart of Orchard, tucked away from the bustling main traffic arteries, without having to spend a fortune. If you’re considering Orchard as a potential future place of residence, here are some benefits you stand to enjoy from doing so.

The Mecca of Singapore Retail

The Mecca of Singapore Retail-Room for rent in Orchard

Singapore’s Orchard Road is known around the world as the country’s biggest and liveliest retail district, with endless rows of shopping malls lined up one after another. These malls cater to a wide spectrum of budgets — the likes of ION, Paragon, and Mandarin Gallery cater to those looking for high-end, luxury goods, while Lucky Plaza and Far East Plaza are more suited for budget-friendly shoppers. In between, there are many other malls that have a little bit of everything, as well as flagship stores for some of your favourite brands, like Uniqlo and Apple. In other words, you’ll have no shortage of retail options residing in a room for rent in Orchard — you only need to ensure that you have enough room to store all your purchases.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Food

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Food-Coliving

How does Orchard Road keep its shoppers going all day? Simple — by feeding them with delicious food. Orchard isn’t just known for its shopping, there is an abundance of food — both prominent and obscure — waiting to be discovered around virtually every corner. There’s something for everyone regardless of one’s budget, from Michelin-star restaurants like Crystal Jade Golden Palace, to food courts both indoors and outdoors. Keeping in line with recent trends, you can also find a wide range of cafes and bistros with reasonably priced meals. Beyond Singaporean flavours, you’ll also get to enjoy cuisines from all over the world, from Japanese to German, to Turkish. Coliving in Orchard places you in close proximity to all these flavours, ensuring that your gastronomic journey in Orchard remains varied and exciting.

Stay Well Connected

Stay Well Connected-Service Apartment in Orchard

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One of the biggest advantages of living in a service apartment in Orchard is the sheer accessibility it offers to the rest of the country. The three main MRT stations in the vicinity, Orchard, Somerset, and Dhoby Ghaut, alongside many easily accessible bus services, work together to connect commuters to every corner of the country. Many universities and offices are also located around Orchard Road, so if you’re working or studying in the area, you don’t have to beat the morning rush hour to get to your destination. Additionally, there are plenty of underground pedestrian walkways leading to malls and other streets in the area, allowing you to move around Orchard without having to brave the perpetually heavy traffic. 

Endless Entertainment Options

Endless Entertainment Options-Room for Rent in Orchard

Besides shopping, getting a room for rent in Orchard Road also gives you access to a bevy of entertainment options, both old school and modern. Enjoy a game of pool and billiards, relive the nostalgic arcade heydays of the 90s and early noughties, and relieve the stress of everyday life by belting out your favourite songs with friends at a karaoke bar. If you’re looking for more novel options, there are also card and video game cafes, VR gaming booths, and even laser tag. If you prefer something more outdoorsy, check out SCAPE’s skate park, as well as other sweat-inducing establishments like an indoor trampoline playground and an indoor rock-climbing pit. Looking to wind down instead? Visit one of the many spas dotted along Orchard Road, or visit sprawling museums and libraries. 

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