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Communal Living Made Easy

Imagine taking a step out of your cosy bedroom into a community of similar-minded people, ensconced in a tastefully designed living space. Finding the right balance of privacy and socialising, communal living is the new sharing accommodation movement that is here to stay.

As a homegrown venture, Coliwoo takes pride in being one of the leading youth hostel operators in Singapore. With aims to foster an enriching communal living experience with adequate privacy, each of our properties is curated to help you live, work and play comfortably.

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With over 566 rooms across Singapore for you to pick and choose from, you’re bound to be spoilt for choice. To ensure that your stay with us is a pleasant one, each of our rooms is not only beautifully renovated, but are also equipped with all the functional and tech-driven amenities to meet your everyday needs. Furthermore, both of our properties also come with shared spacious communal spaces, such as the reading lounge and social kitchen, spend time with your friends.

Get access to a cosmopolitan communities with a shared ethos with Coliwoo! We cater to both locals and expatriates, building a global community of professionals in each of our properties. Take this chance to link up with link-minded peers from various backgrounds and start mingling. Forge new relationships and make unforgettable memories with newfound friends!

Redefining the coliving experience with beautiful environment and a lovely community to boot – all just for you! Start on your sharing accommodation adventure with Coliwoo!

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