Living in a Significant Piece of Singapore’s History — Geylang

10 August 2022

Living in a Significant Piece of Singapore's History Geylang

Established during the early 1840s by the British colonial government, Geylang, or Geylang Kelapa as it was known then due to its abundance of coconut plantations, is one of Singapore’s oldest settlements. It housed a largely Malay community that congregated near the river, living on houses built on stilts. Of course, the Geylang we know today is vastly different, but scattered throughout are Malay influences that give us glimpses of yesteryears. Besides that, Geylang has had a storied past, and if you’re considering moving into a co-living space in Singapore around this quaint and fascinating neighbourhood, here are just some of the experiences you can have.

A Window to the Past

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Located near the eastern fringes of Singapore, Geylang is a stone’s throw away from Kallang MRT station and isn’t too far away from the city centre either. It is also near Kallang River, where the bulk of Geylang’s Malay community used to reside. Today, you can still find glimpses of traditional architecture, and Coliwoo Gay World’s service apartment in Singapore has thoughtfully retained the building’s original architecture as a tribute to what Geylang represents. Rich detailing like glazed porcelain tiles, intricate bas-relief mouldings, and stained glass windows are carefully preserved, giving residents a slice of history.

Coliwoo Gay World also presents a unique alternative to the modern, archetypical residential apartments that we’re so used to seeing. It is a great accommodation option for anyone, especially expats or foreigners studying here, looking to immerse themselves in the old-world charm of Singapore’s kampung history and spirit; not lacking in creature comforts, but certainly not overwhelmed with frills either.

Places of Interest — Influences from Different Cultures

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You don’t have to look far in Geylang to find relics alluding to its storied past. If you want to catch a glimpse of traditional Malay culture, head over to Geylang Serai, a full-scale exhibition of its olden-day Malay way of life featuring traditional Malay and Middle Eastern musical instruments, clothes, tools, and even dishes. If you’re interested in cultures stretching back centuries, consider moving into a service apartment for rent in Singapore right in the heart of Geylang. On the other hand, for something closer to nature, Kallang River is just a 5-minute walk from Coliwoo Gay World. Although traces of Malay settlements there have since disappeared, there are many activities that you can partake in beside or on the river itself, from enjoying a morning ride on dedicated cycling paths, to travelling to other neighbourhoods that the river cuts through, like Bishan and Bugis, the latter being another treasure trove of Singaporean history.

Juxtaposition of Old and New

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Geylang isn’t a hotbed of traditional cultures and cuisines. The neighbourhood is no stranger to radical evolutions and it continues to do so today. Take the nearby Kallang neighbourhood for instance. Not too long ago, it was an unassuming, quiet town with nothing much going on, but it has since been transformed into a modern metropolis. Just a stone’s throw away is the Singapore Indoor Stadium, OCBC Arena, and Kallang Wave Mall — a sprawling sports and leisure hub that is home to hundreds of retail shops, cafes and restaurants. Additionally, you can also engage in water activities in the adjoining Kallang Basin, such as kayaking and dragon boating.

If you’re feeling peckish at the end of an eventful day, simply meander into one of the lorongs to find popular local fare, from frog porridge to the district’s famous Bak Kut Teh stall. Closer to home, check out Chez Kai, located just below Coliwoo Gay World. It is a modern Chinese restaurant that seamlessly combines humble ingredients with French fine dining techniques. With a whole host of things to see and do, Geylang just doesn’t disappoint, and it is a great place to put up in a co-living space in Singapore, amidst a treasure trove of history and modern amenities alike.

Why Coliwoo Gay World?

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Here at Coliwoo, our Gay World service apartment in Singapore gives you easy access to the best that Geylang has to offer. Not only is it mere minutes from Kallang and Bugis MRT station, it is also near historical landmarks, a wide range of gastronomic options, and recreational spots. There are also no hidden agent fees, and no contractual obligations for a minimum stay period.

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Additionally, our rooms come fully furnished with essential appliances and furniture, along with amenities like a dedicated workstation, a modest kitchenette, and even an en-suite bathroom for extra privacy. Our tastefully designed rooms are ready for staying which gives all guests a fuss free move in experience. These rooms are ideal for expats here on business trips, singles looking to live independently, or even couples testing the waters on cohabitation. For more information about this chic and charming accommodation, please visit our website.