The Essential Guide to Benefits of Corporate Stay

20 June 2022

The success of every company depends on its employees. Do you know that you can increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees by providing them with a comfortable corporate stay?

Corporate housing options create a positive and serene environment for employees due to their proximity to the business and comfortable stay, which increases their productivity and saves money spent on extended stays in hotels or traditional apartments. Business trips can also be unpredictable at times. If your stay needs to be extended for a few more months owing to business obligations, you can easily find of corporate housing for a longer period of time.

Here are the benefits of corporate housing that a business owner must know so that he or she can take advantage of it.

Cost-effective living

The decision of making your employees stay at a corporate accommodation can be a cost-effective decision. Most of these accommodations offer flexible short term room rentals in Singapore at very affordable prices. Also, staying in a corporate housing facility can save more money as no agent fees need to be paid.

Temporary accommodation

Corporate housing is a better option for contractual workers and interns than other rental houses. It is provided by the company and can be used by the employees as temporary residence till the completion of their work tenure. There is no stress of buying a house, or paying rent for the whole apartment for your stay. Although the arrangement is temporary, but the stay can be extended for a couple of years, or so.

Well-equipped rooms

Corporate accommodation is provided with several basic amenities, furnishings, and facilities like AC, furniture, bathroom, laundry, etc. many other things which make you feel at home. These flexible rentals spaces are not restricted to one bed per room. You can rent a room with 2 to 5 beds according to your requirement. With furnished rooms at reasonable prices, you have a good space for yourself.  Some of these housing facilities even provide community areas where residents can connect with each other. The occupants will be more comfortable and relaxed as a result of the amenities provided by the corporate lodgings

Good connectivity

Corporate stay is much in demand as the places are well-connected to the nearby places. If commuting is required for work, one usually prefers to stay in areas that are close to their workplace, or well-connected to their offices. Most of the corporate housing facilities are in such locations that are convenient for people to take public transportation facilities. This makes it easy for the employees to commute. Also, there are grocery shops, eateries, gyms, restaurants, malls, and recreational parks nearby for the convenience of the employees.

Easy availability of accommodation

Since many companies rent corporate housing for their employees. This keeps the employees away from the worries of searching for accommodation for themselves. The employees can expect a comfortable stay. It is like a home away from home, where they could relax at the end of the tiring workday. This results in increased productivity of the employees.

Safe and secured

The corporate accommodations are much safer and secured than the simple rental apartment in singapore. There is 24*7 CCTV surveillance and security available.

Boon Leat Terrace in Alexandra is an industrial district of Singapore which houses many techno parks and commercial centres. The new Coliwoo @ Boon Leat is a corporate housing facility that offers high-quality corporate rental solutions to companies looking for accommodation for its employees. All the rooms are well equipped with amenities.  It has been designed with the needs of working people in mind. The residents would enjoy access to a communal space that includes the open roof terrace. This corporate housing boasts of its strategic location- situated on the fringe of the CBD, good connectivity via bus route, and easy access to the lively commercial centres of Singapore like Alexandra Technopark, Mapletree Business City is advantageous.

On the whole, a service apartment provides options for an economically reasonable and convenient stay in many big cities. Discovering the convenience brought to the employees, companies do prefer leasing out such fully-furnished residential units to them. Taking account of all the benefits mentioned here, the provision of corporate housing accommodation is definitely cost-effective for both the company and its employees.