Perks of Work-friendly Co-living Spaces

13 June 2022

You could have moved to another city for a new job and looking for accommodation options, like shared apartments, or studio apartments. For all of you who have had to transition to Work-from-Home, this sudden real need could become challenging. The space you choose to work and live in now impacts your work in a big way.

When you are looking for a great living space that doubles up as a working space, co-living is an excellent option. Singapore’s growing working population is now embracing co-living spaces happily. This is mainly due to the quality of accommodation that supports a work-from-home lifestyle and working in a place full of enthusiasm and energy.

Move to a Co-living Accommodation is Strategic

For most people who come to a different city for work, living in a shared or studio apartment may be a challenging experience. These places are not necessarily equipped adequately to provide a typical work pod that can maintain productivity levels and provide the desired output. Getting a stable high-speed internet, arrangement of a workstation, etc., pose serious problems for those working from home.

Similarly, others staying with families in the cities were faced with a different set of problems. Challenges like a lack of adequate workspace and noisy surroundings. These problems can easily be eliminated with a co-living setup that offers easily accessible amenities and a congenial work-from-home environment.

Convenient Amenities

To ensure hassle-free living and improve the productivity of working professionals, you need more than just an office desk and a chair in the room. The rooms should be well-equipped with a high-speed Wi-Fi network, comfortably suitable furniture for work-from-home, and housekeeping staff. With most of the amenities already provided to the co-living occupants, they get sufficient time to relax and socialise without worrying about these responsibilities.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are also essential and can drastically impact your working life in a co-living facility. You can find them at higher standards in co-living spaces compared to rented accommodations. This gives you more personal space to focus on your work. Coliwoo facilities also have an easily accessible and friendly operations staff who make living there a wholesome experience.

Well-furnished Spaces

Co-living facilities offer comfortable and furnished ensuite rooms, kitchenettes, cabinets, with ample lighting and clean drapes. All pieces of furniture stationed in your co-living room will draw your attention to detail and functionality. These co-living accommodations also have common areas or lounges to chill out when free from work.

So, if you are looking for a room for rent in East Singapore, Coliwoo Hotel Amber provides just the right ambience for your home office with wider workstations along with drawers and shelving. Similarly, the best choice for a room for rent in Balestier will be at Coliwoo Balestier 320 in the Central district of Singapore, which presents you with the utmost convenience for modern living.

Greater Flexibility

When you opt for a co-living space, you will be relieved that they do not demand long term rentals and other monthly payments like Wi-Fi that are included in your membership fee. You can stay here on flexible leases for as long as you desire. This level of flexibility in the leasing terms is not present in other rented accommodations.

Enthusiastic Environment

The co-living spaces are designed aesthetically to provide you with an embracing living environment. As a result, you get to meet more like-minded individuals and professionals who can become part of meaningful interactions. Moreover, with these co-living spaces, you get the opportunity to socialize and mingle with people to extend your network further.

Some of these co-living spaces also engage in various online and offline events to bring people together. For example, Coliwoo Keppel provides an outdoor garden where you can connect with nature. Coliwoo Boon Lay has come up with an Urban Farming project as a step towards sustainable organic farming. Here tenants can join the team and harvest the produce.

Such activities foster a thriving community. These social interactions allow people to exchange ideas, opinions, and thoughts. It is the best way to develop valuable friendships and helps people stay away from loneliness. All this makes the atmosphere of co-living spaces very alive and happening.

Concluding Thoughts

You can expect to be a part of a comfortable and memorable living and working experience in a co-living space with Coliwoo’s ready-to-move-in rooms. In addition, Coliwoo offers flexible accommodation options where you can be a part of a warm and thriving community that encourages you to fraternize and enjoy along with working hard.