How Coliwoo Helps You Kickstart Your New Life in Singapore

23 February 2023

How Coliwoo Helps You Kickstart Your New Life in Singapore

The many challenges that come with starting a new life abroad are well documented. Many initially struggle with new surroundings, routines, as well as making friends and assimilating into the local way of life. Choosing the right accommodation could also affect how quickly you settle down — an isolated apartment could restrict your chances of meeting new people, and your access to local communities, while a vibrant and inclusive residence could make it much easier for you to acclimatise. The latter is an experience that will be offered to you when you get a room for rent in Singapore with Coliwoo’s co-living properties. In this article, we interview Solomzi, a painter and Master’s student hailing from South Africa, and a Coliwoo resident. 

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Please tell us more about yourself and how long you’ve been living in Coliwoo’s co-living residences

Hello! I’m Solomzi Henry Moleketi, a painter and Master’s student from South Africa and I’ve been living in Coliwoo Balestier 320 for a little over a year.

Why did you choose co-living instead of renting a room or apartment elsewhere?

Getting a [co-living] room for rent in Singapore through Coliwoo made sense to me because of the convenience it presented, as most of their properties are located close to public transportation like MRT and bus stations. There is also no shortage of shopping centres, shophouses, cafes, and community spaces in the vicinity. Co-living is also a community-centric way of living that has really helped me meet new people and get out of my comfort zone. As a bonus, the place I’m living in has a brilliant artistic style to it that, as a painter myself, I can appreciate greatly.

What do you love most about co-living & Coliwoo in particular?

What do you love most about co-living and Coliwoo in particular-Service apartment in Singapore

When you think about most co-living service apartments in Singapore, they often lack the kind of privacy that I’m looking for. For instance, most bathrooms and kitchens are shared, and there’s hardly any space in your private room. With Coliwoo, I am afforded a greater degree of privacy with amenities like an ensuite bathroom, my own kitchenette, as well as a workstation to study uninterrupted. During my downtime, I also get to watch my favourite TV programmes — to that end, my apartment is pretty much my sanctuary. However, I find that I am not isolated from the rest of the community either, and I’ve been able to be an active part of that for the past year. Coliwoo has helped me adjust to life in Singapore, including the right balance between communal amenities, and enough private space for each resident to unwind on my own. Additionally, I also really love the fact that the Coliwoo buildings all have beautiful murals.

Tell us more about your daily life and how living in Coliwoo has enhanced it

One of the things I love about your rooms to rent in Singapore is that I have access to a wide variety of communal amenities. For instance, there’s a gym where I’m living and I enjoy getting a full workout there early in the morning. After that, I usually spend most of the day in my university’s on-site studio making art. The fact that the rooms come fully furnished has helped in the initial adjustment period as I didn’t have to go around looking for furniture. Also, as I’ve said earlier, the beautiful murals often leave me inspired to create my own art as well.

Tell us more about the neighbourhood you live in and what you like about it

Balestier is a vibrant heartland space with so much good food, in line with Singapore’s reputation as a foodie’s haven. The service apartment in Singapore that I’m living in is close to quite a few reputable chicken rice stalls in the area, such as Loy Kee and Boon Tong Kee, both of which are within walking distance. Of course, I’ve also come to love other notable Singaporean dishes, but chicken rice remains my staple.

Did you make any friends in the community?

Did you make any friends in the community-Room for rent Singapore

Co-living has enabled me to be a part of the Coliwoo community, so yes, I have made a few friends; fellow students that I would sometimes have breakfast with. We also share tips on how to study more effectively away from home. I’m actually also friends with Chris Chai, the mural artist who turned the building into a work of art. It’s always nice to be able to connect with a fellow artist and be inspired by each other.

All in all, would you recommend Coliwoo to your family or friends? 

All things considered, I would highly recommend Coliwoo to anyone looking for a room for rent in Singapore. Not only is the co-living community inclusive and diverse, there are also many events that are regularly organised by Coliwoo to keep things interesting. I’m also impressed by the services rendered, like housekeeping, as it frees up so much time for me to study and make more art.

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