Coliving Etiquette: A Guide to Creating a Joyful Community

20 June 2022

The coliving community comprises of members belonging to different backgrounds. Individuals come from different cultures, lifestyles, habits, and thinking patterns. Here are some coliving etiquettes to follow for a harmonious and pleasant environment.

Rule 1: Make Efforts to Be a Part of The Community

Members of the coliving spaces are encouraged to make efforts to connect with each other. Any living arrangement works better when members try to interact and help one another. The co-living space provides a platform for its members to form meaningful and long-lasting relations with other members.

Rule 2: Keep Your Room Clean

It is the member’s responsibility to keep his or her room neat, tidy, and organised. Alternatively, you may opt for coliving accommodations that provide housekeeping services. For instance, if you are searching a room for rent in CBD and require extra help, you may consider Coliwoo @ Keppel that provides housekeeping services twice a week.

Rule 3: Appropriate Utilization of Communal Space

Let us do our part in keeping the communal space neat and clean by placing the equipment back to where they belong and in the same condition. For instance, a simple gesture such as wiping down the dining table after use gives the next user a more pleasant meal.

Smoking in the co-living premises is not allowed, except for the designated smoking corners located in the building.

Rule 4: Adopt a Responsible Lifestyle

Leading a sustainable lifestyle is essential for saving the environment and even the smallest of actions add up. Switch off appliances, lights, and air conditioning systems when not in use. Over time, these efforts accumulates and reduces wastage.

Rule 5: Maintain Noise Level in The Common Space

Common areas are designed for members to enjoy and interact with one another. Avoid screaming or blasting music in the common area, especially during the night.

Each individual has a different thinking outlook. These rules enable the members to live together peacefully. Co-living spaces provide members with the best environment to get along and create great memories together.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]