Boost Health & Welfare: Habits To Maintain, Enhance & Remove

20 June 2022

The COVID19 pandemic has brought about significant changes to our lives, the most notable being quarantined as part of safe distance measures. However, even though many of us might rejoice that we can now cut down on commuting, it is hard to shake off the feeling of restlessness that comes with being confined indoors for many days, only stepping out when necessary.

As we protect our health from the COVID19 virus, it is also vital to protect our mind and body from the weary effects brought about by being cooped up indoors with nothing but our pantry and smart devices. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at  some ways we can maintain, enhance and remove: to help us care for ourselves during this pandemic


Healthy Eating Habits

Maintaining a healthy diet is critical to keeping our immunity strong. Many do not know that a diet rich in whole foods and fibres can also promote mental well-being. For instance, one effective way is to turn away delivery food and go with home-cooked meals to keep track of your diet and add more fruits and vegetables into your meals. So, prepare to have screen-free meals together with family or friends in communal living spaces is a great way to destress and connect with your loved ones as well.

Excellent Fitness

A good workout does not necessarily call for us to hit the gyms or even go to the park for a walk. With a suitable virtual instructor from the free resources provided on the internet, most of us will be able to break a sweat in no time. If you still feel unmotivated to work out, you can always call on your housemates to join you during your workout. Do remember to still adhere to safe distancing rules while you do so!

A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule helps to keep your bodily rhythms in balance. Having a sleep schedule with fixed timings in which you wake and go to bed also results in deeper and more restful sleep over time, with improvements in our mood and appetite during the day.


Daily Hygiene Routines

Practising proper hygiene habits enhances our barrier against the virus. These would include using a tissue when you cough or sneeze and frequent handwashing habits. Moreover, do not skip the soap if you want your handwashing to be effective; each time you wash should take at least 20-30 seconds for thorough cleansing.

Relationships With Loved Ones

Confinement may cause us to drift apart from our loved ones and isolate ourselves due to the lack of social activity. As such, it is even more important that we connect with them, whether it is through zoom calls or social media. Simply chatting with your friends about your day or what you ate, or even connecting with long lost friends through Instagram can strengthen your sense of community and increase overall psychological well-being.


Any Signs Of Negativity

The news we see or hear these days constantly feeds us with the re-emergence of the effects of the COVID19 virus. Though we are unable to change that, we can change how we think. Hoping for better, brighter days to come could be an option. Another way would be to focus on the small things and areas in our daily lives that made us smile even amid these challenging times. It could be a joke that your housemate told you while filling up in the social kitchen or just a random moment during the day. You could even choose to meditate or find peace in these thoughts. Being grateful and surrounding ourselves with positivity could be the greatest barrier that protects us and our minds from falling into the depressive cycle created by confinement and the pandemic.

Overexposure To News And Media

Another way to keep ourselves updated and stay positive at the same time could be to limit our exposure to the news each day by choosing specific times during the day to get news updates. We should also ensure that the sources from which we get reports should be reputable and trustworthy. This means steering clear from news from social media as many tend to contain false information, or identifying its credibility by checking the source it’s taken from.


While being indoors during the pandemic could keep us safe, we need to practice good lifestyle habits to support our health and well-being. This is when maintaining and enhancing our lifestyle habits and removing ourselves away from negativity helps keep our mind and bodies fit during the quarantine period.

At Coliwoo, we uphold strict hygiene standards in all we do. In compliance with the latest COVID19 restrictions, some of our amenities, such as the gym or the BBQ area, may not be accessible. Still, while dine-in is not allowed for now – cooking still is at our Social Kitchen, provided that social distancing measures and the number of pax is adhered to.

Furthermore, we also have our members fill up a screening questionnaire once every week, as well as register their temperature reading twice a day. So, if you are looking to quarantine in a co-living accommodation in Singaporedo reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you create an environment that best suits your needs during this COVID season.