4 Reasons Why Young Singaporeans are Moving out

1 September 2022

4 Reasons Why Young Singaporeans are Moving out

It’s no secret that more young Singaporeans today are leaning towards moving out of their parents’ home and into a space of their own. This represents a departure from the more traditional mindset of only leaving the nest after one gets married or reaches 35, the minimum age to get a BTO flat. What are some of the factors behind this recent phenomenon? In this article, we’ll explore different reasons why young people are bucking the trend and seeking out a room to rent in Singapore.

A Greater Need for Privacy

Short-term serviced apartment Singapore A Greater Need for Privacy

Privacy is a precious commodity for young Singaporeans, especially when they’re born into a culture where many parents prefer knowing every detail about their children’s lives, albeit out of care and concern. Nevertheless, more young Singaporeans are beginning to value the ability to shape their own lives without being constantly scrutinised, and so choose to venture out and seek a room for rent in Singapore where they can have their personal space to live on their own terms.

In other instances, it could simply be that an individual finds themselves living in a crowded family where they have been sharing a room with their siblings for the longest time. As people age, this becomes less and less convenient, and moving out presents an opportunity for them to enjoy the solitude that they could scarcely experience growing up. Even a stint at a short-term serviced apartment in Singapore could be the break they sorely need.

Taking Responsibility for their Lives

Short-term serviced apartment Singapore Taking Responsibility for their Lives

Growing up in Singapore, we are more often than not sheltered from many circumstances in life, and our parents present a safety net on which we can always fall back in an emergency. Living with parents often means that bills, chores, and household issues are left to either our parents, older siblings, or in some cases, a domestic helper. At some point, young Singaporeans recognise the importance of taking responsibility for every aspect of their lives, from the choices they make, to their own livelihood. Moving into a room for rent in Singapore forces them to think about finances more carefully, as they now have to set aside money to pay their bills. It also challenges them to make the most out of their time, as they are finally on their own with no one waiting for them back home to take care of them. Although this is a steep learning curve, more young people see this as an opportunity to toughen up and be more mature and independent individuals.

Convenience in Relation to Work & Leisure

Short-term serviced apartment Singapore Convenience in Relation to Work & Leisure

In many instances, coliving spaces in Singapore are centrally located or are at least situated in accessible areas and districts where public transportation is easily accessible. For some young Singaporeans, their parents’ homes could be situated in inaccessible neighbourhoods where there’s a constant rush to catch a feeder bus service to even get to the train station that will take them to work. Moreover, with a room for rent in Singapore in properties like Coliwoo Hotel Amber, which sits in the heart of Joo Chiat, residents have easy access to popular amenities such as East Coast Park, if they wish to pick up hobbies like jogging and cycling. Additionally, with hybrid work arrangements being the norm today, our rooms are thoughtfully designed to cater to their needs.  Our workspaces are generously sized and are complemented with ergonomic furniture to maximise comfort and productivity whilst you’re working.

Emergence of Affordable Spaces

Short-term serviced apartment Singapore Emergence of Affordable Spaces

While young Singaporeans have always been more inclined to move out, they are often put off by the typically high rental costs in Singapore compared to other countries. It doesn’t necessarily make sense to be spending about $3,500 a month just for a little more convenience by moving closer to the city. However, in recent years, more affordable housing options have been made available thanks to coliving agencies like Coliwoo. One can now rent a short-term serviced apartment in Singapore at a reasonable price just to test the waters and assess the viability of living independently. With lower costs and no long-term leases, moving out is now a much easier and more flexible endeavour.

Here at Coliwoo, we offer residents the opportunity to stay in attractive and comfortable coliving spaces at reasonable prices, and our membership fees are all-inclusive, giving residents full access to a wide range of amenities without worrying about additional costs. We also offer services not unlike a hotel’s, such as housekeeping. Above all, our rooms are also fully furnished, ensuring a seamless transition. What’s more, we’re constantly expanding — stay tuned for upcoming launches at Lavender Road.