10 Benefits of Co-Living In Singapore

20 June 2022

Co-living is a relatively new concept of shared living spaces with each member having their personal room and access to communal areas. They can enjoy the opportunity to interact and connect with like-minded people while having their own room for privacy. It offers excellent short-term accommodation in Singapore for expats, students, and working professionals looking for affordable residential apartments near their academic institutions and offices. Co-living offers better and higher living standards. These living areas are tastefully constructed, with all of its residents’ conveniences and requirements in consideration.

Let’s discuss the benefits of co-living in Singapore:

Cost-effective Living Solutions

Co-living provides cost-effective and temporary accommodation solutions for students, young professionals, and small families. Purchasing or taking a separate studio apartment on rent can be very expensive. When you live in an apartment, you have to pay extra for essential amenities and services, but in a coliving space, these amenities are included in the membership fees. As a result, these communal living spaces are far more cost-effective than the regular apartment rentals in Singapore.

Respite from Additional Expenses

The co-living spaces are well equipped with amenities and facilities like bed, ensuite bathroom, high-speed internet, air conditioner, TV, fridge, and others. The cost of all these amenities and other additional expenses such as maintenance charges and other expenditures are included in the membership fee.

Fully Furnished Rooms

Co-living is increasingly becoming an attractive solution for younger individuals who are studying and/or working. These spaces are fully furnished and have contemporary aesthetics, shared amenities – including kitchens, social areas, and gym. You do not have to take stress about purchasing or selling the furniture for living here. The rooms are designed to make members feel as if they are in a home away from home. Thus, the ready to move in coliving solutions reduces the worries of its members in particular younger people who cannot afford quality living due to budget constraints.

Proximity to Workplace

Most of the co-living spaces are located close to offices and academic institutions. The nearby MRT stations and bus stops makes travelling easy for the members. Thus, it is an added advantage for working professionals and students as it saves commuting time.

Building a Community

Communal living is an excellent way to build a community and feel a sense of belonging. Many co-living facilities offer communal areas where members can interact and build their networks. Communal areas include a shared lounge, shared kitchen, gym, and others. From time to time, co-living facilities hold activities for their members, such as virtual airplant greenwall workshop. People living in a co-living space need not be lonely and are able to enjoy the feeling of a being part of a family while being away from home.

Provision of Housekeeping Services

While living in a co-living space, you can enjoy the benefits of housekeeping services. This service is typically not available in regular apartments. The cost of house-keeping services is included in the membership fees. You can book your co-living space with Coliwoo @keppel, if you want to experience the amazing housekeeping services.

Comfortable Work Arrangement

During the pandemic, many professionals have to work from home. As the co-living space is fully furnished, the workstation in each room for rent in Jurong is designed in a way so that the members can work for long hours. This is coupled with a peaceful and positive atmosphere that makes them feel more energetic and productive. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is also available so that you can work without any problem. Need a change of environment? You have the option to work or study in the lounge.

Serene and Positive Environment

The communal living apartments have the added advantage of well-kept gardens and open parks. The walkways and gardens within the community also give members ample open space and a sense of serenity. What’s more, the interiors are well-designed to create homely and positive vibes that adds comfort to their living experience.

Flexible Monthly Fees

You can rent the co-living spaces on monthly basis. You are not required to enter into long-term rental contracts and can easily extend your membership period if required. Also, there are no agent fees to be paid. This makes co-living in Singapore an even more economical housing option for students and young professionals.

Guaranteed Safety

With 24/7 CCTV surveillance and high-level security, this ensures the safety and security of co-living members. The public cannot enter the premises without permission, promising members an exclusive space.

Co-living is one of the trending forms of accommodations in Singapore where people can live together while having their own privacy. It can be called the best choice for young professionals and students in the present time due to a myriad of reasons, and an opportunity that one should experience. Co-living is suitable for small families and couples looking for temporary accommodation while they are relocating or renovating their home. With that, not only is co-living a great choice for accommodation, but it also has a positive impact on one’s overall personal development.