Tailoring The Coliving Lifestyle To Your Millennial Needs

20 6 月 2022

If there was one sentence to sum up these chaotic, post-pandemic times, it’d be this: ‘It has become the new normal.’ In the past year, you’ve had to reimagine your lifestyle from the way you work, eat and even what you wear (yes, those unbreathable masks).

Even then, there are some things you won’t want to relinquish – that being freedom and independence. Luckily for you, the coliving lifestyle allows you to make changes to accommodate the pandemic restrictions, but still retain the sense of freedom and independence that almost every millenials crave for.

If you’re wondering how best to do it, we’ve come up with tips and tricks to customise your coliving accommodations and facilities to the demands of your millennial lifestyle.

Trait 1: You desire to innovate in the work sphere

Do office cubicles and tons of paperwork bore you? Are you on your way to start a new business as an aspiring entrepreneur?

If you’ve said yes to both, you’re living out one of the many ambitious millennial traits: the desire to innovate in your work sphere. It’s no longer about placing all your eggs in one basket (in an established company), but to uproot and pack your bags once you’ve honed skills to build your legacy.

Don’t fret over where you’re going to kick start your business – do it right in your coliving home, with well-furnished communal working areas coupled with high-speed internet connection. If you need a second opinion on your business from an equally aspiring millennial, do a quick chat with other coliving mates who would see eye to eye with you.

Trait 2: You’re open to new experiences and relationships

As millennials, you’re always looking for the next adventure. It’s not appealing to you if you don’t sense the thrill of the experience! After all, you opting for the coliving lifestyle is a testament to that fact.

Embrace the beautifully design social kitchen at Coliwoo: build a cooking schedule with your newly founded friends, taking turns to try each other’s cultural dishes. There will never be a dull time in the kitchen, which is just what you’re looking for as a millennial.

On top of that, grab a couple of friends and head down to the array of social events organised by Coliwoo’s community managers. When you interact and get to know more people from various cultures, you’re setting yourself up for refreshing experiences.

Trait 3: You’d want to lead health-conscious lifestyles

It’s no longer a question of whether there’s work-life balance for you as a millennial. With so many experiences and accomplishments you’re chasing after, you actively seek pockets of time to cultivate healthy habits. And for the many health-conscious millennials out there, this means setting aside time to hit the gym to stay in shape.

Coliving is perfect because with a spacious gym right on the home compound, you’re just a couple of steps away from attaining a new health goal. Make it a religious routine to go every morning before you begin your day.

But being human, there are days when you lack the motivation to work out. With like-minded (health-conscious) coliving mates, they’ll drag you along to the gym or yoga studio and before you know it, you’re done with your daily workout!


Coliving accommodations are crafted to meet the demands of any lifestyle, especially that of an ambitious millennial! Here at Coliwoo, our team believes in creating aesthetic yet comfortable homes while at the same time, letting you customise and lead the lifestyle as your own. With great locations at affordable prices, your desired millennial lifestyle is not out of your reach.