Renting a Co-living Space for the First Time? Here is What You Should Know

23 7月 2022

coliwoo co living space bedroom

The co-living concept is only getting popular and better by the day. With a significant percentage of the population leaving their hometowns on account of work, there is an increasing demand among working professionals, international students, and locals to seek accommodation away from home.

Co-living has become the most popular and flexible home option today for working professionals, expats, and international students. If you are searching for a room to rent in a co-living space for the first time, here is what you need to know.

What should you look for in an apartment you will be staying in for the first time?

Gone are the days when hostels and guest houses were the only options for people leaving their homes for work or education. Individuals, working professionals, and students today are looking for a stay that offers maximum facilities without burning a hole in their pocket and compromising on their privacy. This is precisely what you get with co-living spaces, which is why they are widely accepted as a preferred choice of living.

Here are some points you need to consider if you are looking for a studio unit for rent.

1. Budget

One of the biggest advantages of opting for co-living is cost-effectiveness. Individuals, whether working professionals, students, expats, or locals, have to manage multiple expenses when moving to a new place.

Unlike the usual rental model, co-living spaces offer flexibility in lease term and several room types that fit our members’ needs and budgets. With the incorporation of kitchenettes, washer-cum-dryer, workstation and mini-fridge in our rooms, we have recreated a self-sufficient studio environment for our members.

In addition, co-living membership fees are all-inclusive – internet connectivity, utilities, housekeeping, and shared facilities such as gyms and lounges. With this, members need not worry about having to bear other miscellaneous costs and simply enjoy their co-living experience.

2. Furniture and Furnishings

Living in a fully furnished co-living home gives you the benefit of living light. If you don’t want to be bothered by the up-front costs of furnishing a new home, co-living at Coliwoo offers you the best of both worlds.

Shifting to a Coliwoo co-living space eliminates the need to buy a ton of household items. On top of the aesthetically designed interior, you will find cosy beds, clean furnishings, smart TVs, cabinets, and even a workstation if you plan to work from home. So, if you support a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle, co-living at Coliwoo will suit your needs perfectly.

3. Flexible Leases

What’s more, the flexibility of leases also allows members to extend or renew their contracts if they are affected by any unforeseen delays. This may happen in case of delays in BTO completion and extension of house renovation timelines or changes in travel plans among expats in today’s volatile climate.

4. Amenities

Enjoy peace of mind with all the necessary amenities taken care of when co-living at Coliwoo. We offer well-furnished and aesthetically designed rooms with beds, ensuite bathrooms, a kitchenette, and even a washer-cum-dryer. In addition, some of the Coliwoo co-living units provide modern e-windows where members can adjust the brightness level according to the time of day or their preferences.

Get access to Coliwoo’s shared facilities, which include a cosy communal lounge, a spacious gym and a social kitchen. If you are looking for meaningful interactions, you are welcome to join the members to gather over and more. These communal spaces are aimed at facilitating the coming together of like-minded individuals and will also host Coliwoo-organized events, further fostering a sense of community and belonging among members.

5. Neighbourhood

A significant concern for most people shifting to a new place is finding the right neighbourhood with essential amenities like restaurants and markets, food joints, MRT and bus stops, and shopping malls in the vicinity. Running around to gather daily essentials at far-off stores can become frustrating after a long day at work

The best part about all Coliwoo facilities is that they are located in places with all the amenities you need close by. You can drop by these places either for a short walk or a drive for shopping or a quick meal at a restaurant.

6. Accessibility

Another important aspect to consider when moving into a new place is the accessibility of your workplace or college.

For instance, located in the central district, you’ll find the newly refurbished Coliwoo Hotel Balestier offering modern convenience and amenities. Situated on the edge of downtown Singapore and surrounded by international schools and universities, Coliwoo Hotel Balestier puts you right in the heart of the action. With Novena MRT station a mere 10-minutes’ walk away, whether you are studying or working nearby, Coliwoo Hotel Balestier has just about everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a co-living facility for the first time comes with its inhibitions. Coliwoo has more than 900 co-living keys islandwide offering you a convenient stay. You not only get a comfortable room and bed but a safe and secure environment, a working space inside the unit, and a supportive community with social and networking events.