5 Tips for Staying Organised to Make the Most Out of Your Co-Living Space

14 6月 2023

5 Tips for Staying Organised to Make the Most Out of Your Co-Living Space

Co living is an experience unlike any other. Not only do you get to unlock a world of fun, communal living, you’ll also learn how to live and grow independently. A key takeaway from living on your own is learning how to maintain your environment and clean up after yourself. Whether you’re a student or a young professional, keeping your living space tidy and harmonious is crucial to you and your housemates’ quality of life. We share with you some tips for staying organised to help you optimise your living area and make the most out of your co living adventure.

1. Adopt a Minimalist Approach

Adopt a Minimalist Approach-co living space

Minimalism encourages you to reevaluate your material possessions and let go of the unnecessary to allow your co living space to breathe. Clutter is not beneficial to living experiences, and you’ll want to keep your personal belongings to a minimum in order to keep your daily life calm and peaceful. Scrutinise every item you own and ask yourself whether it brings value to your life and if you’ve used it in the past year. If the answer is no, dump it. When it comes to clothing, shrink your collection down to the essentials and versatile timeless classics that can be paired effortlessly to create different looks. Adopting this “less is more” philosophy will not only clear up your living space, but also your mind.

2. Practice Regular Cleaning Routines

Keeping your living spaces organised involves regular cleaning. Sanitary and neat environments promote a positive atmosphere, establish healthy habits and maximise space utilisation. Whether it’s a weekly deep clean or daily tidying sessions, make sure to allocate time to clean. Create a schedule that outlines the tasks and responsibilities you have daily and set clear expectations regarding cleanliness and hygiene standards. Adhering to this routine ensures that you’re not making excuses to slack off or allowing mess or dirt to accumulate.

Coliwoo offers housekeeping services to help you maintain cleanliness within your units. If you’re too busy to tidy up your space, these housekeeping services can be very helpful.

 3. Respect Boundaries

Sharing a communal space for Coliving

In a space where people from diverse backgrounds converge under one roof, respecting one another’s boundaries becomes an essential ingredient for maintaining a pleasant living environment. Sharing communal spaces in a co living space encourages clear communication, mutual respect, and consideration for others. Maintain open and respectful communication with other residents and be mindful of others by being considerate of noise levels and respecting their personal space and privacy. Additionally, be open to different lifestyles and schedules and clean up after yourself every time to foster a pleasant communal living environment.

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4. Set Up Clear Storage Solutions

Set Up Clear Storage Solutions-co living space

When every item finds its rightful place, chaos is tamed. With thoughtful storage, you not only declutter your co living space, but also create an environment that promotes efficiency and accessibility.

Opt for storage bins and baskets to keep items neatly categorised. Choose stackable options to optimise vertical space. Be sure to label each container to ensure easy identification and retrieval of belongings. Consider purchasing shelving cabinets to display decorative ornaments and store frequently used items, as well as closet organisers to maximise your wardrobe space.

5. Rent a Self Storage Unit

Self storage rental to organise items

Renting a self-storage unit is a valuable strategy for staying organised and maximising the potential of your co living space. Seasonal items, rarely-used possessions, and bulk items can go into these self-storage spaces. This way of organisation frees up precious square footage within your apartment to allow the storage of other more important and frequently used belongings.

Coliwoo members can rent self storage units from as low as $190 per month at Work+Store to store your personal items.

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