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4 Ways To Maximise Communal Spaces With Your Coliving-Mates

March 3, 2021
You would have probably heard of coworking, but have you heard of coliving? Coliving is essentially flat-sharing with others but with communal spaces that are designed to cultivate social interactions. If you are considering coliving in Singapore and are looking at various affordable options, examining the communal living space and amenities should be part of your checklist. Since these spaces and facilities primarily shape the coliving community and culture, choosing a coliving space that aligns with your idea of a community should be one of your top priorities! After all, the sense of community is what makes co-living so different from most living arrangements. Here at Coliwoo, we cultivate a genuine sense of community, where our residents can live, work and play comfortably. As such, we share our rationale for how we have structured communities in our homes. 1. Spacious social kitchen: connect with other cultures Upon entry into the coliving space, one of the areas that will grab your attention is our spacious kitchen. Our kitchen is large enough to contain and allow several guests to cook at the same time. In most homes in Singapore, the kitchen space is often small, relegating what is supposed to be a group activity into an individual one. However, with our spacious social kitchen, that no longer has to be the case! Guests from all walks of life can congregate at the kitchen to whip up something together. Moreover, since we house a cosmopolitan community of people from across the world, residents can perhaps even share different cooking techniques and cultural recipes. The sharing of food has brought people together since the beginning of time – and this time, it’s no different! With our social kitchen, you can tap into opportunities to encounter and connect with others from various cultures. 2. Well-equipped gym: form a health-conscious community Another spacious communal space we have is the gym. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important, but maintaining such a lifestyle is not always easy. Let’s face it; after a long day, exercising isn’t always on your mind. You’re most likely going to kick up your legs and sit back with Netflix on your screen. If the lack of motivation is stopping you from exercising, then perhaps surrounding yourself with like-minded health-conscious individuals can help! With a spacious and well-equipped gym right at your disposal, finding a community of gym or exercise enthusiasts will help you spur the drive to keep fit. This community can co-develop a routine to ensure every person follows through with it. Not only does a health-conscious community will push you to maintain your healthy lifestyle, but it also encourages you to hold yourself accountable for your own health. With a fitness community, your health and fitness journey no longer needs to be a boring and lonely one. 3. Luxurious yoga studio: pick up a relaxing hobby For those who prefer a relatively more slow-paced sport, there is also a luxurious yoga studio available. Looking to unwind after a hectic day of work? Attend a yoga class and let the yoga do its magic. Yoga has been proven to improve general wellness by relieving stress, improving both mental and emotional health, sleep and more. Besides, dipping your toes in a new hobby also brings forth the opportunity to meet new people and forge new friendships! One way to maximise your time and this luxurious space, is to create mini-goals for your yoga progress. Some possible daily targets are: learning a new yoga pose or positioning your body in a particular pose for five seconds longer. 4. Outdoor BBQ pits: take a breather from work  With so much time spent indoors, either studying or working, you most definitely would need a breather. At Coliwoo, you won’t need to step out of the residential compound to enjoy the outdoors. With BBQ pits located in the compound, you can head down with your newly-founded friends and enjoy an evening together. Moreover, a BBQ session has been observed to promote social bonding. The whole activity becomes a communal effort when you prepare the ingredients, cook the food, and finally, feast together under the night sky. Conclusion  In Singapore, communal living has evolved to include more amenities, more intimate ways to connect within the coliving community. With these tips, you are now equipped to maximise these facilities and build your community at the same time! At Coliwoo, we have spacious communal areas that are specially curated for socialising among our residents. Yet, this does not mean that our options are not budget-friendly. We keep affordability in mind when designing comfortable coliving accommodations. Interested in reaping the social benefits of coliving? Get in touch with us and we will do our best to tailor to your needs, for your better coliving.

Coliving: The Perfect Home Away From Home For Digital Nomads

February 24, 2021
As digital nomads who travel for work, the idea of committing to a dwelling place is simply not feasible. Not only will the house and its utility be obsolete with your constant travelling, but it’s also a pricey investment (especially if you’re not utilising it on a regular). Luckily, there are several types of housings that cater to different housing needs, and there’s one that aims to cater directly to young professionals, independent workers and digital nomads. Enter: Coliving. What started as a niche real estate trend, coliving has quickly entered mainstream culture where people would forego the traditional route of living with family to instead reside with strangers in shared communal spaces. If you’re wondering why a coliving arrangement is great for your nomadic lifestyle, here are 3 reasons why. 1. Affordable The cost of living in Singapore is undeniably high, and it doesn’t seem like it will abate anytime soon. As opposed to the expensive traditional housing options, coliving offers a more affordable alternative for those who don’t wish to pay out the nose for a temporary home. On top of a one fixed-rate payment, the rates are all-encompassing of all the basic necessities, amenities and even periodic cleaning services. You no longer need to worry about furnishing your room with furniture since it’s all have been provided for you. You no longer need to do monthly budgeting to make space for utility bills since it’s been covered for. With coliving, you’d be able to save on variable expenses that you typically need to pay separately. Beyond standard utilities such as high-speed Internet broadband, gas and electricity, coliving accommodations also offer shared living spaces such as dining room, gyms, private backyard and more. Since they’re designed to support remote workers and digital nomads, they also offer high-quality and reliable communal workspaces where you can work on your projects without having to fork out money for a separate working space. 2. Flexible arrangements With coliving arrangements, you can bid goodbye to traditional leases. Without a lease, you’re given the flexibility to stay and leave whenever you want. With most coliving arrangements, you’re allowed to rent these places on a monthly basis and have the option to extend your stay if you wish to. Otherwise, you can simply pack your bags and move along on your next adventure! 3. Tight-knit community For digital nomads, loneliness is, unfortunately, a universal experience – after all, you’d be travelling all by yourself for long swathes of time. Naturally, forming new connections, bonds and friendships can be a challenge. Fortunately, coliving arrangements have a solution for that: a built-in community. At its very core, coliving is a living concept designed to bring like-minded strangers together. Community building is not simply attained from just living under one roof either. Apart from the communal living areas where you can mingle with your newfound friends, community managers would often host activities and events to bring all the residents together. Over time, these forged bonds will lead to fantastic friendships, making your overall co-living experience even better. On the same tangent, opportunities to connect and collaborate also means that you’d be able to learn a new skill or two simply by working alongside somebody who has more experience in a particular subject than you do. With so many digital nomads opting for coliving arrangements, you’re bound to find a pool of talented people from whom you can learn from. Of course, the other way also applies. Whilst the concept itself isn’t new, coliving has become the number one choice for those who wish for an affordable, flexible and community-oriented living space. For digital nomads who are always travelling, coliving is indeed the solution to all their worries. If you’re looking for the perfect temporary home, look no further! Here at Coliwoo, our passionate team strives to make your co-living experience the best one, catering to all your needs. Wait no longer and start your co-living journey with us today!

Revel In A Wonderful Coliving Experience With These 6 Rules

February 17, 2021
If you’re taking that first scary step to venture out and revel in the communal living experience, you’ll have to confront the somewhat terrifying concept of living with strangers. Indeed, living with a bunch of strangers isn’t something that comes naturally to anybody. Unless you’ve had your fair share of living with roommates, the entire concept of coliving might come off as intimidating and frightening. Before you over.whelm yourself with the what-ifs, we’ve compiled a list of 6 general etiquette guidelines you’ll want to follow to start off on the right foot. 1. Step out of your comfort zone The key to an excellent coliving experience is always going in with an open mind and being mentally prepared to step out of your comfort zone. After all, you’ll be meeting and staying with people from all walks of life – and this extends to having to live with their individual quirks and idiosyncrasies as well. Whilst it may come off as natural to you, certain lifestyle habits may not be in-tuned with others’. For instance, you may have a habit of leaving the dishes in the sink for an hour or two, but others like to wash their used dishes straight after their meals. This may cause tension that can very well develop into verbal disagreements. As such, you’ll need to adopt a flexible mindset and adaptability so that you can navigate through such situations with relative ease. Living with other people will no doubt test your comfort zone, so you’ll need to be ready to take up the challenge. 2. Be friendly Since you’ll be staying with your new neighbours for quite some time, it’s imperative that you be friendly and cordial throughout your stay. Take the initiative to introduce yourself to everyone and acknowledge your neighbours whenever you run into them. Don’t be afraid to start conversations and offer your help whenever you think they need it. A simple hello can go a long way. 3. Be neat You’ll be sharing a house with other people, so it’s crucial to be considerate. Be mindful of the messes you make and always make an effort to clean up after yourself. Whilst most coliving accommodations come with regular cleaning services, you’ll still want to make sure you do your part as a resident. It can be as simple as putting away supplies after you’re done with them or clearing away food crumbs off the table. Whatever the case, you’ll want to ensure that you leave the area just as how it was prior. 4. Communicate when problems arise Let’s face it; conflicts and disagreements are part and parcel of communal living. You might come across someone with lifestyle habits that may irk you or shares differing views. In such situations, you’ll want to communicate your grievances in a composed and tactful manner rather than sweeping it under the rug. Not addressing the issue properly won’t get you to the root of the problem to resolve issues, so don’t be afraid to speak up and let your neighbours know how you feel. 5. Know what’s shared and what isn’t Don’t assume that someone is fine with sharing certain items, or you may just be inciting a misunderstanding. Each individual has their own boundaries; some are fine with sharing whilst others aren’t. The safest approach is simply respecting your neighbours’ belongings the way you want them to respect yours, and make sure to always ask before you take what are theirs. You can also pay attention to labels in the fridge or pantry to know which products are for communal use and otherwise. 6. Be part of the community There are numerous ways to be an active participant of the community, and you can do so by attending events like movie nights or barbeque weekends as this allows you to connect with your neighbours, leading to an enriching coliving experience. The small talks you have with your neighbours can blossom into extraordinary friendships that will stay with you even when you no longer live with them. If you’re on the hunt for a coliving residence which has all your needs, you can always count on Coliwoo. We understand how intimidating and scary coliving might be, especially if you’re entirely new to the idea. As such, our passionate staff are here to ease you through your journey, ensuring that your stay offers an experience so memorable, you’d want to always hold it close to your heart. Give us a call and we’ll help you get started!

Immersing Yourself In City Dwelling: 3 Perks To Consider

February 10, 2021
Rural and urban living have always held varying levels of appeal for different types of people. Despite Singapore being a tiny island, one cannot deny the difference in lifestyles and pace of life when comparing living in the heartland neighbourhoods and living amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Unlike the serenity and peaceful lifestyle heartland neighbourhoods offer, living in the Central Business District (CBD) is the direct antithesis. Complex with the constant motion and large population that supports a rich culture and social interactions, the city is a great place to be if you’re all about having convenience and availability right at your fingertips. Before you commit to a significant and pivotal change, it’s worth thinking about some of the factors that will influence your stay. To ensure that city living is truly for you, we’ve gathered emblematic characteristics of urban living for you to consider. 1. Timesaving Being a small country, travelling from one end to another of Singapore is not a problem. Of course, this is another story if you need to travel in the wee hours of the morning and late in the evening. Undoubtedly, the less time spent sandwiched in the train cabins, the better. Living in the CBD allows you to shorten travelling time significantly – time you can divert to other activities that may require your attention. This also means that you can wake up later and reach home earlier. 2. Save Physical And Mental Energy On a similar tangent, living close to your office means that you can clock in more shuteye. You can revel in the extra hours of much-needed rest that would have otherwise been wasted on travelling. Whilst you can sneak in a short nap in the train or bus, it’s not quite the same as lying on your bed, cosied up to your blanket. Upon reaching home from a busy day at work, you’ll also need an hour or two to mentally wind down and relax your exhausted body. By the time you’ve enough rest, it would be too late to do anything else. Skip the dreary time spent travelling and reach home sooner to give your mind and body their much-needed break. Besides, living near your workplace also means you wouldn’t need to worry about potential train breakdowns or traffic jams any longer! 3. Convenience And Accessibility Let’s face it, nothing matches up to living in the CBD when it comes to convenience and accessibility. You’re nestled in a location that’s a few kilometres away from commercial establishments, eating hubs, parks and tourist spots. Now that you’re living in the central region, you no longer need to partake in the laborious and time-consuming task of travelling from one end of the island to another for work, errands or a gathering with friends. Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel: The Ultimate CBD Living If all of these perks to coliving have piqued your interest, the next step you’ll want to take is to look for a residence that meets your needs. If so, look no further than Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel! This coliving residence boasts a total of 47 fully furnished studio units, equipped with all the basic necessities such as a smart TV, unlimited wireless internet access, a kitchenette, laundry area and more. Moreover, this coliving accommodation also offers living spaces specially designed for social interaction and collaboration amongst guests, such as a backyard garden. The best part? Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel is only a stone’s throw away from Outram Park, Tanjong Pagar and the upcoming Cantonment MRT stations. All the aforementioned perks are possible with Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel. Take a dip into communal living and be part of a community of likeminded people! Launching in the first week of March 2021, don’t miss on an opportunity to seize a safe haven in the city! Reach out to us to find out more about our coliving residences.

Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel: The Home With All The Right Qualities

February 3, 2021
  What makes a house a home? Whilst it may seem like a simple question, the answer is anything but. Our homes are an embodiment of the way we live, an extension of ourselves. Little by little, this space evolves to adopt a personality that reflects our idiosyncrasies. Before it reaches that stage, one needs to find a home that first meets one’s needs. A home is never complete without the fundamental qualities. If you’re looking for a new home to reside in, here are 3 crucial aspects you’ll want to tick off your checklist. 1. Comfort Arguably one of the most important characteristics of a home, your next accommodation needs to be able to provide you with a much-needed reprieve from the stress of everyday responsibilities. You’ll want to live in a home that offers you a safe and comfortable space where you can rest and simply be yourself. This may sound abstract – after all, comfort is largely subjective – but there are a few ways you can ensure that your home is not another stress-box. Some of these tips include good ventilation and adequate natural light. 2. Hygiene A home needs to be a safe haven – that includes from germs and viruses too! The next place you’d be spending the majority of your time, outside of your workplace, would be your home. It’s thus crucial that you safeguard yourself from germs, bacteria and the like by practising regular cleaning. Apart from preventing potential health problems, engaging in good hygiene can promote comfort, improve mobility and boost one’s mental health. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you clean your home thoroughly once a week for optimal results. 3. Safety As the space wherein you’ll reside and sleep in, you’ll want your home to be a safe space. After all, you wouldn’t want to wake up to a surprise visit from absolute strangers. Singapore may boast a low crime rate, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. As such, you’ll want to ensure that your place is fully equipped with the necessary home security systems to protect your home and yourself. Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel: The Coliving Accommodation That Possesses All Three If you have a hard time trying to find a home that possesses all three qualities, Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel has all of them – and more! Determined to be the home away from home, we place a heavy emphasis on fuss-free living. Not only are our 47 studio units fully furnished with all that you need, but our friendly staff will also take care of cleaning and maintenance so that you don’t have to! For an enhanced stay, we also offer several amenities and communal living spaces where you can spend time bonding with your newfound friends. You wouldn’t have to fret over security or the lack thereof, as this coliving accommodation is equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance for both your safety and peace of mind. Situated near Outram Park, Tanjong Pagar and the upcoming Cantonment MRT stations, you can throw convenience and accessibility into the mix! With Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel, you can revel in all the qualities that are required for you to build a home. If you wish to embark on a coliving experience, contact us to figure out how you can take the first step to move into your new home.

Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel: Best Way Of Coliving In The Central Business District (CBD)

January 27, 2021
It comes as absolutely no surprise to learn that many have taken a liking to coliving as a lifestyle alternative to the traditional route. With its myriad of benefits, coliving has quickly become the preferred choice of living for many independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote corporate employees. Offering independence alongside with an inclusive community of like-minded people, coliving provides you with the best of both worlds. Whilst coliving as a concept offers multiple benefits, you’ll still need to be particular when it comes to choosing your apartment of choice; after all, not all coliving spaces are made equal. To revel in a smooth and fuss-free coliving experience, you’ll want to ensure that your coliving accommodation meets all your needs. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of factors that you would want to take into consideration. 1. Location When choosing the ideal coliving accommodations, the first requirement you’ll want to tick off is its location. For those who don’t want the typical 9-5 commuter lifestyle, choosing a residence near your workplace will save you a lot of time and money. This is especially important for career-driven individuals wherein striking a balance between work and rest is extremely vital. With a home that’s closer to your workplace, you can now use such resources for other activities that you would otherwise not have the time to indulge. 2. Amenities And Facilities Amenities and facilities are undoubtedly one of the more critical prerequisites you’ll want to look out for when hunting for the right living space. After all, coliving concept offers a space where you can live, work, play and learn whilst you travel and as such, your coliving space will need to be able to keep up. For instance, you’ll want to ensure that your coliving space is equipped with high-speed WIFI internet to support you work. 3. Safety Regardless of wherever you are, your safety should never be compromised. When you choose coliving, you’re choosing a home that also brings a high security level – from the screening of both staff and guests to the 24-hour CCTV surveillance. As your next safe haven, it’s important to head back to a place you feel secure and safe. 4. Price Let’s face it, buying a house in today’s market is almost impossible for most people. The rising cost of mortgages has pushed people to seek out for more affordable alternatives. Coliving offers you more than just a living space – and all for a single and affordable monthly rental rate, inclusive of the electricity and water bills as well as the cost of house maintenance and regular cleaning. You won’t have to deal with any hidden extra costs, and you can find comfort in the fact that you won’t be hit with an unexpected cost. 5. Communal Living Coliving is never complete without a community. You’d be living and working under the same roof alongside with other like-minded people. It offers a space where you can focus and be productive, as well as forge friendships with fun and laughter. Besides, the Community Manager will also set up a variety of activities you can partake with your new-found friends. Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel: The Coliving Space For Office Workers If you’ve been scouring for an ideal coliving residences, perhaps our coliving residence at 1557 Keppel can tickle your fancy! With a total of 47 fully furnished studio units, it has just what you need for the perfect stay. From a smart TV and unlimited wireless internet access, to a laundry area and mini-fridge, our studio units have everything you need for your desired stay. For an enhanced stay, we also offer several shared living spaces, such as a backyard garden to host your gathering with friends and a member-only gym, amongst many others! Here at Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel, we’re conveniently located in proximity to Outram Park, Tanjong Pagar and the upcoming Cantonment MRT stations, so travelling won’t be an issue. Nestled in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) area, it also means that you’re a stone’s throw away from your workplace! Launching in the first week of March 2021, Coliwoo @ 1557 Keppel has all that it takes to make you feel at home away from home. For an optimal coliving experience, reach out to us and find out more about our coliving residences.

How To Be A Better Coliving Neighbour With These 4 Tips

January 19, 2021
Let’s be frank, residing in an apartment with complete strangers isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. Whilst it’s true that coliving carries a multitude of benefits, the feelings of uncertainty and apprehension will still creep up as you wonder about the people you’ll be sharing the space with. Before you start your coliving journey, you should know of certain etiquette guidelines or particular rules in these shared living spaces in Singapore. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of things you should be mindful about to become a good neighbour everyone will appreciate. 1. Communication Communication is key. It’s important to forge and establish good relationships with the people you’ll be spending time with, and you can do so by communicating. Communication will help you better understand your neighbours, and in coliving spaces, it’s better to address everything in the beginning. You can talk about each other’s personal boundaries and common habits that both of you are strongly against so as to not step on each other’s toes and prevent potential squabbles in the future. As intimidating as it may sound, an easy start would be to take the first step and make an effort to introduce yourself. With a two-way communication channel, you’ll be able to build trust, and learn more about your new neighbour and who knows, this could lead to an amazing friendship! 2. Cleanliness Everyone’s hygiene standards might be different, but needless to say, basic cleanliness is a must-have for all individuals. You may be comfortable in your own mess, but remember that the space doesn’t just belong to you. No one’s fond of a dirty and messy neighbour that doesn’t clean up, so it’s vital to be conscious of your own cleanliness. Basic things like cleaning up the mess you’ve made or cleaning your dishes are a given. Talk to your neighbour and find out the things that irk both of you when it comes to one’s personal hygiene and cleanliness. 3. Respect Respect works both ways, and it’s a crucial aspect of shared living. Undoubtedly, you and your neighbours do not share the same views and perceptions, but this doesn’t equate to allowing you to treat them any different than how you’d like to be treated. Your fellow coliving neighbours may come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but it’s only respectful of you to treat them as equals. Always remember that the communal spaces and items you use have to be maintained properly as others use them too. If you show your coliving mates a little respect, they’ll also show you the respect you deserve. 4. Do something nice Going out of your way to make your coliving neighbour happy is an excellent way to build trust and get them to like you. It doesn’t require a lot of effort and time to do something nice, and doing this will show your neighbour how nice and generous you are. The gesture can be as simple as making a cup of morning coffee, cooking their share, or washing their dishes. These are acts that can make someone’s day and go a long way. With these 4 tips, you’ll definitely be the neighbour everyone wishes they had. If you’re looking for the perfect affordable yet fun-loving accommodation, look no further as Coliwoo has just what you need! As one of the most established coliving apartment providers in Singapore, our passionate and committed team is ready to serve you, tailoring whatever you need to meet your needs! Get in touch with us and find out more about our coliving spaces today.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Coliving Space

January 13, 2021
In this day and age, many are opting for communal living spaces, also known as coliving. They offer a myriad of benefits, including an alternative to the rising costs of living in certain cities, isolation from living alone and more. However, keep in mind that not all coliving spaces are created equal. As you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your new home, it’s pivotal to know exactly what to expect before taking the leap into the unknown. Before deciding to settle in a coliving area, you should ensure that the place you’ll be living in is ideal and that the space will best suit you. Without further ado, here are 5 things you should consider if you’re on the hunt for that perfect accommodation. 1. Location  Firstly, location is one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration. It’s wise to choose a place that is not too far from where you’ll be frequently going to, especially your school or workplace. On top of that, choose areas that can easily access your most frequently visited areas via public transport, including shopping districts, as it isn’t feasible to be taking the cab everywhere because of how pricey it can be. By choosing a location that’s conveniently situated, you wouldn’t have to spend a large amount of time commuting daily. Spending too much time commuting can be stressful in the long run, so ensure the location of your coliving area is ideal. 2. Price Being an equally vital aspect, price is something you should pay close attention to. Remember, a major benefit of coliving is the significant reduction in price, so avoid areas that are not within your budget. Overspending on your accommodation will definitely mess up your overall budget. In most cases, you’ll find an ideal location within your price point without any hassle, but if you’re not able to do so, look out for other options nearby. 3. Facilities One of the prominent advantages of coliving is the facilities that are offered. When you’re searching for a space, make sure to thoroughly filter through and select one which offers the finest facilities at the best price. Excellent coliving spaces often come with essential amenities such as shared kitchens and common living spaces where you can spend time with your newfound friends. Some spaces also come with gyms and BBQ pits for all your recreational needs! Apart from all the essential amenities, also ensure that they have strong network coverage by checking your phone while you’re there. You can be doubly sure of your decisions by cross-checking with those who are currently residing there. 4. Safety  Your safety should always be a priority. When residing in a coliving space, you should not compromise on your safety and instead allow yourself to feel safe and secure in your own living space. Check that your coliving area has the required security features, such as installed CCTV cameras as well as a proper place to store anything important while living in a shared living space. 5. Reliability  It’s indispensable to ensure that you’re staying under a brand which values its customers and strives to improve all the time. As you’ll be relying heavily on your coliving areas for your necessities, it’s vital to make sure that the brand is trustable and provides excellent customer service. This will play a notable role in making your coliving experience a memorable and amazing one. Factor in the 5 things above and you’ll have a great time while coliving. Here at Coliwoo, we’re equipped with everything you need for a wonderful stay, fulfilling all 5 factors above. Whether you’re looking for student accommodation in Singapore, or simply a place to reside, we are dedicated to meet all your needs, so count on us to provide you with the perfect coliving experience.

The Top 5 Growing Benefits Of Coliving You Should Know

January 6, 2021
Hot on the heels of the co-working movement comes coliving. Otherwise known as communal living, coliving is a growing accommodation trend wherein one moves into a residence with other free-spirited individuals. Not to be confused with the traditional roommate arrangements, these coliving spaces are designed to foster and nurture community bonding. From fun spaces for spending time with others to maintenance and housekeeping services, here are the top 5 benefits that coliving can offer. 1. A more affordable option Singapore always appears at the top of those cost-of-living surveys, with the most significant expense by housing. Traditional rental arrangements may require up to 45% of one’s income, attributing to the largest share of monthly expenditures. Costs can be easily hiked up when utility bills and purchasing of necessities are factored in. Compared to the exorbitant rentals that many of us are familiar with, coliving spaces offer not only shorter leases and cheaper options. Moreover, these spaces are fully furnished and equipped with additional amenities like gyms and BBQ pits; most of which are unavailable when renting a HDB flat. If you’re looking to save money and significantly cut down on your spending, living with others might be an ideal option. 2. Enhanced convenience Your work isn’t over upon signing the lease on a new home. If you’re going the traditional route, chances are, you’d need to set up and decorate the new space to make it feel like home. With a coliving space, you can skip the hassle and simply move in! Save on time and effort cleaning and maintaining the space, as household management and administration are all taken care of. Dedicate more time to do the things you love! 3. Built-in community Designed to foster a sense of community amongst strangers, coliving spaces not only offer common rooms fit for socialising, but the management may also organize activities and social events for you to get involved with the community. With a mix of private bedrooms and shared spaces, you will have the right balance of alone time and time spent on mingling. Coliving is truly an excellent choice for those who wish to have both. 4. Flexibility offered If committing to a long-term lease scares you, or if you’re not ready to buy home appliances and furniture just to keep them for a minimum of six months, coliving is the solution to your worries. Coliving is especially beneficial if you’re moving to a new city, or if you’d like to explore different neighbourhoods before finally settling down for the long term. 5. You can live light Another major benefit of living in a furnished coliving apartment is how you’re given the ability to live light. Instead of purchasing many home goods, you can simply bring only your essentials, since all that you need are already provided. Not only is this convenient, but it also allows you to save money for what is really pivotal. These 5 top advantages contribute to the increasing popularity of coliving. If you’re on the hunt for pocket-friendly accommodation that also instils a sense of community, coliving ticks all of the boxes. So don’t wait and start your coliving journey! As one of the best coliving apartment providers in Singapore, Coliwoo is determined to cater to all your needs. Get a taste of the ideal homely stay; send us a message to find out more about our coliving spaces
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