Why You Will Fall in Love with Co-Living at Coliwoo

13 June 2022

Many have quickly embraced the co-living trend across the island as they look forward to staying in communal living to form connections. The co-living concept appeals to digital nomads, expats, and working professionals who wish to travel without worrying about a mortgage. It is also appealing to locals who are affected by their Build-To-Order (BTO) or house renovation delays.

Co-living has completely transformed the way individuals live away from their homes and has added a whole new dimension to living. So, if you are looking for a single room for rent in Singapore, Coliwoo has all you need for your stay and much more.

Co-living at Coliwoo

Coliwoo has more than 800 co-living keys across Singapore. Coliwoo offers flexibility in lease terms, convenience, location and service. Below we present some compelling reasons why you will love Coliwoo’s co-living spaces.

coliwoo co living apartment building

Price Efficiency

Co-living is an extremely attractive concept for value-conscious consumers as they can enjoy greater savings with more flexibility while leading the same lifestyle. Furthermore, with the rising rental prices in Singapore, co-living can also be a more cost-effective option. For example, renting a co-living space in Singapore’s CBD, which is a prime location, can be more affordable in comparison to renting an apartment of a similar size and location.

In addition, co-living membership fees are all-inclusive – taking into account aesthetically designed interior, furniture, internet connectivity, utilities, housekeeping, and shared facilities such as gyms and lounges. With this, members need not worry about having to bear other miscellaneous costs and simply enjoy their co-living experience.

Flexible Leases

With co-living at Coliwoo, you have the freedom to plan the duration of your stay with flexible memberships. Flexibility in lease terms in today’s volatile environment allows members the opportunity to test-run the co-living experience.

coliwoo co living space bed

At Coliwoo, they can sign a short-term lease and see if co-living is suitable for their day-to-day needs. The flexibility also allows members the option to extend or renew their contracts if they are affected by any unforeseen delays, such as change in BTO completion and house renovation timelines, and changes in travel plans among expats.

People looking for studio rent to rent so that they can move out of their family homes for privacy or independence and more space for work-from-home arrangements also finds the flexible leases convenient.

Tastefully Furnished Apartments

coliwoo co living space work desk

Choosing the right co-living place is crucial to your peace of mind. Coliwoo rooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities for everyday use, including beds, ensuite bathroom, wardrobe cum personal storage area, smart television and a workstation that cater to the new norm of hybrid workplace arrangements. Some properties also provide a kitchenette and a washer cum dryer in the room.


Co-living also offers a nice balance of personal space and interactions with other members within the community. Members can also get a chance to socialise in the communal lounges or get some exercise in an in-house gym, if the co-living unit provides the facility. It nurtures the sense of community through community bonding events such as workshops, urban farming, group exercises and more.

Strategic Location

With the growing demand for mixed-use developments, people have shown more interest in the ‘live-work-play’ concept. They now happily choose a neighbourhood that provides the most amenities, and enjoy the ease of living near their workplaces and recreational spots. Coliwoo co-living spaces are conveniently located to nearby amenities, so members can spend less time commuting around places where they work and live.

Resident Perks

What’s more, Coliwoo has also collaborated with shops and restaurants around the properties to offer perks to the residents. For example, you can get a 20% discount on Taikoo Lane Hotpot, or 50% off the first subscription to Hook Coffee.

There are discounts available on various restaurants, floral subscriptions, and various bakery products. You can check here for more information about member benefits.

Make the most of your co-living experience with Coliwoo.

Co-living at Coliwoo makes your life much more convenient, with various amenities and facilities available for daily living. At the same time, you get the much-needed privacy and peace of mind to focus on your work and flourish creatively. All of these listed factors serve to provide our members with a hassle-free co-living experience, all while allowing them to meet people from all walks of life through the close-knit community.

So, book your apartment today at Coliwoo. Contact now for more details.

You can send a WhatsApp message at +65 9790 8585 or an email at enquiry@coliwoo.com .