Why Coliwoo’s Co-Living Space is Your Perfect Home away from Home

21 December 2022

Why Coliwoo's Co-Living Space is Your Perfect Home away from Home

Moving out of your home temporarily can be a stressful period, especially when renovation works are involved, or if you’re waiting for your BTO to be completed. Just like that, the life and routines you’ve been accustomed to will be changed; to some, this takes some getting used to. To minimise the transitional discomfort, it is vital to have a comfortable temporary abode to ease you and your family into an unfamiliar territory and make the most out of your time whilst waiting to return home. Read on to find out why Coliwoo’s co-living space could be that home away from home.

“I chose to stay with Coliwoo because of the quiet and serene environment as well as the cleanliness of the area.” – Jody Do, Coliwoo Boon Lay Resident

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Fully Furnished Rooms

Fully Furnished Rooms-short-term apartment rental in Singapore

One of the biggest gripes about moving into a new space is the hassle that comes with having to source for furniture and appliances. This isn’t something you’d want to do if your renovation works last a couple of months at most, and you’re only moving into a short-term apartment rental in Singapore. Fortunately, Coliwoo’s rooms all come fully furnished with everything you need to get by comfortably, from a fully equipped kitchenette to work desk, beds, and so on. This allows you to leave your own furniture untouched in your storage unit without having to unpack and pack them at the end of your stay. It saves you a significant amount of money, time, and headache during this stressful period.

Plentiful Amenities

Plentiful Amenities-short-term serviced apartment in Singapore

Waiting for your home to be completed is undoubtedly worrisome, so why not take advantage of the myriad amenities available at Coliwoo’s properties to unwind and take a load off? Depending on which property you’re staying in, you stand to enjoy superior amenities like a reading lounge, gyms, BBQ pits, and more. One thing’s for sure — you’ll never be short of things to do here at Coliwoo to keep yourself occupied and pleasantly distracted from the rigours of everyday life. And, if you’re only renting our short-term serviced apartment in Singapore, we definitely recommend making the most of these amenities while you still can; they’re in many ways, one-of-a-kind after all!

Generously Spacious Rooms

Generously Spacious Rooms-co-living space

Typically, the image that comes to mind when you think about temporary accommodation is one that is a little cramped and uncomfortable, not unlike a makeshift space to be tolerated until your home is ready. This doesn’t have to be the case, and staying in one of Coliwoo’s serviced apartments is as close to home comfort as you’ll get, with large, spacious rooms that offer maximum privacy — an absolute luxury if your family is in tow. 

Even if you’re by yourself and only need a co-living space-style single room, it doesn’t have to be cramped either; Coliwoo’s co-living space is much more than a spartan bedroom; it also comes with an en-suite bathroom, a kitchenette (for most properties), and even a decently sized workstation when you’re telecommuting. 

“Rooms are very clean and the Coliwoo staffs are very friendly and helpful. The modern layout and design of the dining room, kitchen, reading room, and gym is excellent and I really feel like Coliwoo is a big and warm house.” — Jody Do, Coliwoo Boon Lay Resident

Great Location(s)

Great Location-co-living space

Source: https://carro.sg/blog/driving-vs-public-transport-singapore/

Despite being in a temporary situation, life still goes on for you and your family; work and school beckon and chores and errands need to be run. Being situated near public transportation systems will go a long way in helping you adjust to your new commute, and that is something Coliwoo’s properties have in common — location, location, location. Regardless of which  co-living space you’re staying at, you’re only a stone’s throw away from train stations and bus stops that will effortlessly connect you to your destination. Additionally, you’ll also be situated near malls and other retail establishments, giving you a plethora of dining and shopping options. 

“My initial criteria whilst checking out temporary accommodation was convenience and affordability, and Coliwoo ticked those boxes.” — Judy Do, Coliwoo Boon Lay Resident

Make Coliwoo your idyllic home away from home today; check out our website for more information about our properties and lease options.