Understanding More about Service Apartments in Singapore

27 April 2023

Understanding More about Service Apartments in Singapore

Moving out of your parents’ home in Singapore isn’t a common occurrence due to the high rental costs and limited options. In recent years, service apartments in Singapore have been gaining popularity as an ideal alternative to more conventional housing types. While high-range service apartments remain out of reach, providers like Coliwoo are offering flexible and more affordable rental plans, making independence more than just merely a pipe dream. If this is something you’re considering, here’s a helpful guide on what service apartments are exactly, and the various benefits you can expect when renting one.

What is a Service Apartment?

What is a Service Apartment in Singapore

Traditionally, service apartments in Singapore are homes away from home designed for expats who can afford to splurge on what are essentially apartments with hotel services and amenities. They mostly come fully furnished and have sufficient space and privacy for spouses and even children to live in comfort. Depending on the property, you’ll also have access to various services like housekeeping, round-the-clock resident support, and so on. 

Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Benefits of Serviced Apartments in SingaporeSource: Wisata

Having hotel or condominium-like amenities and services is a huge plus for prospective tenants, but arguably the biggest advantage that service apartments for rent in Singapore have over conventional housing is flexible lease terms — whether you’re looking for a short-term service apartment in Singapore, or a long-term service apartment in Singapore, you’re most likely able to set up a lease that matches the duration of your stay instead of being tied down to long contracts with hefty penalties. Additionally, most service apartments in Singapore are located in prime areas, or at the very least, near public transportation, allowing for easy commuting around the country. For instance, Coliwoo Orchard is a stone’s throw away from bus stops and Orchard MRT station, giving residents easy access to the rest of the country.

Coliwoo’s Service Apartments

Coliwoo Service Apartments in Singapore

For all the perks service apartments in Singapore have to offer, they are often significantly more expensive than renting conventional housing, which is why locals and foreign students tend to avoid the former. However, in recent years, more affordable service apartment providers have emerged in the market, targeting the aforementioned demographic with affordable service apartments for rent in Singapore

Here at Coliwoo, we offer a concept that slightly deviates from conventional service apartments in Singapore, in that we’ve incorporated a co-living element to our properties through shared amenities like lounges and gyms. At the same time, residents also get to stay in fully furnished private apartments within the property, complete with state-of-the-art amenities for everyday use, such as an ensuite bathroom, a workstation, and in some instances, a kitchenette, alongside weekly housekeeping. Our hybrid concept encourages a sense of community in our properties without compromising our members’ need for space and privacy. What’s more, it also enables us to offer more affordable leases to prospective tenants with equal or greater flexibility, so even if you’re looking for a short-term service apartment in Singapore, we’ll be able to work out a lease plan that works best for you.

We also host community-wide events regularly and hook our residents up with attractive discounts with partnering brands, enabling them to accrue even more savings during their time here.

Much has changed in how service apartments are perceived in recent years, and with innovative and affordable providers like Coliwoo coming to the fore, service apartments could just be the solution to rigid leases and soaring rental prices in Singapore. For more information about our properties and services, please visit our website.