Tips to Be More Productive in Co-Living Spaces

13 June 2022

Modern co-living spaces have come a long way in disrupting traditional housing options. Technology advances have made it possible to work remotely, and the idea of staying and working within a like-minded community has made these places more popular.

You will find these space rentals in Singapore explicitly designed for digital nomads and remote workers with designated workstations inside. These spaces can provide the right work-life balance with a few tips and careful planning. As a result, you can free up time and achieve productivity levels at work from your living space.

Below are some tips to stay productive in a co-living environment:

Know Your Co-living Space

Co-living spaces are well designed for young professionals, expats, and digital nomads. Moving into co-living, you will find all aspects of living conducive to a healthy work-from-home environment without compromising quality and privacy.

Co-living spaces like Coliwoo offer many amenities in their space rentals in Singapore. You will find well-designed lounges and well-lit, furnished rooms fitted with workstations. You also get secure access to unlimited high-speed internet. Paying attention to detail and functionality, you can expect wider workstations, along with drawers and shelving in the newer properties like Coliwoo Hotel Amber and Coliwoo Balestier 320.

Make use of these facilities to keep your space neat, lean and free from clutter so that you can focus on your work.

Create a Work-life Balance

Creating a work and life balance is essential to staying energized for the long haul and preventing burnouts. It is easy to lose track of time while working from home, so set boundaries to avoid burnout. For instance, set specific work hours or implement time-management strategies to stay productive.

Make Exercise a Priority

As a remote worker or freelancer, you may spend hours sitting at your workstation. This can cause discomfort, muscle cramps, and even body pains. So, it is extremely important for you to move about. Set up a simple exercise schedule to stay fit and in shape or try a few light Yoga poses to eliminate neck and back pain.

Co-living places like Coliwoo Boon Lay have a gym facility where you can have your morning and afternoon exercises to enhance your brainpower and productivity. A power walk at lunchtime can also eliminate the mental fog and help you stay focused with fewer distractions and a more positive work experience.

Power of Frequent Breaks

To stay productive at work while working from home in a co-living unit, you need to create a schedule and stick to it. However, there may be chances to get carried away with your work. As a result, you may forget to take breaks or may not prioritize rest, resulting in burnout. Frequent breaks are necessary to stay inspired and motivated. Use these breaks to listen to some music or simply chill out with a book at the lounge.

Socialise with Like-minded People

With co-living, you get the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people that may share the same passions and philosophies. Working from home can get monotonous sometimes and you may hit a roadblock on your work project. A little bit of socializing always helps to lift up your mood and bring more energy to work.

Find Time To Look at Nature

Looking at natural environments lets us replenish our minds. For example, gazing at the greenery of nature through your window or taking a walk outside can help improve attention and performance in the workplace. Coliwoo Keppel provides an outdoor garden where you can connect with nature and increase mindfulness. Coliwoo Boon Lay has come up with an Urban Farming project where tenants can join the team and donate clean plastic bottles and unwanted plastic or carton egg containers. These are utilized for planting saplings as a step towards sustainable organic farming.

Summing Up

Co-living can be a wonderful experience. Identify your ideal work environment, master time management, be open to testing new working schedules, and stay aware of your limits. Don’t forget to award yourself when you meet your goals for the day! Get a cup of coffee, watch your favourite TV show, take a walk, or do anything that uplifts your mood.