Tips for Short-Term Rental in Co-Living Spaces

15 December 2022

Tips for Short-Term Rental in Co-Living Spaces

Accommodation is one of the most important parts of any trip, and sourcing for one that is convenient, affordable, and comfortable should be everyone’s top priority. An option that often comes to mind is hotels, however, they may be relatively expensive or lack proper facilities and/or clean amenities.

If you’re travelling to Singapore soon, you’ll be glad to know that co-living spaces are alternatives you can consider—they are cost-effective, allow you to meet new people, and live comfortably in a convenient location. Even for brief visits, these are establishments that offer short term rooms for rent so that you don’t have to commit to a long term lease contract or turn to hotels for your stay.

Besides sourcing for short-term accommodation for your trip, short-term rooms for rent in co-living spaces are useful for Singaporean couples waiting for their new home, or international students on exchange programmes. Find out more about short-term leases in co-living establishments and what you should look for when choosing a place to stay. 

Why Choose Co-Living for Short Term Stays?

Choosing co-living, whether on short trips to Singapore or awaiting the completion of your new BTO flat, gives you the opportunity to mingle with people from all walks of life—some of them Singaporeans and others of different nationalities and cultures studying or working here. Co-living is also a significantly cheaper short-term accommodation with flexible lease terms that offers a variety of amenities and fully-furnished rooms, making your trip much more comfortable and convenient. These are experiences that only co-living can provide.

What Should You Lookout For?

Flexible Leases

Firstly, flexible leases should be your priority if you are only looking to rent for a few days or months. At Coliwoo, we offer short term lease contracts, from a minimum of six nights stay at our upcoming Coliwoo Orchard apartments to three months in other Coliwoo buildings. These options are great if you do not wish to commit to a long-term tenure but would like to experience communal living with a community. You can also extend your stay if you plan on exploring the country for a couple more days or if you experience more delays with your new home.

Convenient Location-Co Living Space SingaporeSource:paragon

Convenient Location

Accommodation situated in prime locations should also be something to look for, especially on short trips. This is because you only have a few days to check out everything our sunny island has to offer, and every minute you save on travelling can be used for other more memorable activities. Co-living spaces in Singapore’s city centre or those next to an MRT station are excellent places to stay in—Coliwoo Orchard is located in Singapore’s shopping paradise and in close proximity to most of our other tourist attractions.

If you’re a local looking for a co-living space to rent while waiting for your new home,  an exchange student here for a few months, or a working professional seeking accommodation in Singapore, opting for a convenient location allows you to commute easily to your school or workplace and may even shorten your travel duration.

Amenities and Services

Amenities and Services-Co Living Space Singapore

Co-living spaces are known for the facilities they provide. Hence, make sure to select one that delivers plenty of amenities and services at the best price. From shared kitchens and communal areas where you can relax and spend time with your neighbours to housekeeping services, these can make your experience living in co-living apartments a lot more enjoyable. Most importantly, ensure that the co-living space offers strong WiFi so that you can stay connected all day.

If you’re interested in trying out co-living, Coliwoo offers flexible lease terms from as short as one night to three months. Discover a range of short term rooms for rent in Singapore and embark on your co-living journey with us—find out more information on our website.