The Wait For BTO: Why Couples Should Opt For Coliving

20 June 2022

The pandemic has put a significant pause in almost every aspect of our lives. For those who have been looking forward to getting a home for themselves, this pause meant a prolonged delay. As of April 2021, The Straits Times has revealed that a whopping total of 43,000 households will get their keys to their Build-To-Order (BTO) flats late, with 85 per cent of the ongoing BTO projects being behind schedule.

This then comes the contention: how do you have a space of your own when your home is not even ready yet? In comes coliving!

For those who wish to revel in independent living as a couple all whilst waiting for your next home to be ready, coliving apartments are just the ones for you. If you’re wondering whether this modern living lifestyle is suitable for couples, not to worry! We’ll list out all the couple-friendly features of coliving apartments for you.

A Flexible And Cheaper Alternative

Let’s face it, homeownership in Singapore is an expensive investment. The cost for most of these BTO flats will lead up to a 6-digit figure, which is an exorbitant amount for any average Singaporean. If one is spending that much on their home, surely the next course of action is to find a temporary abode that won’t lead to a bigger hole in their wallet.

This is where coliving comes in. Coliving spaces often boast flexible and short-term leases where people are free to arrive and leave whenever they please.  You no longer need to be bothered with long lock-in periods, and you and your partner can pack up and leave whenever the both of you want to.

Moreover, these coliving accommodations also fully furnished with all the basic appliances and amenities, including WiFi, furniture and the like. You no longer need to scamper and scour to put together a home for your short stay. And the best part?  They also offer weekly housekeeping, so you don’t need to worry about dedicating your weekends to keep your space clean – somebody will do it for you! All of these perks come under a single monthly payment. Without the other variables, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a fixed price to stick to.

Revel In Opportunities To Socialise

You and your partner will be embarking on a new chapter as living partners. Instead of celebrating the fact just between the two of you, why don’t you extend the invitation and celebrate it with newfound friends!

Coliving spaces welcome people from different backgrounds, offering them a temporary home away from home. You can expect to meet people from other countries, different cultures and the like. They bring different perspectives and takeaways with them, insights that may just help you strengthen and navigate through your relationships, the ups and downs, better. Besides, who doesn’t love the simple joy of making new friends?

Communal living spaces make such social interactions easier. These common areas allow you to partake in simple activities either with your partner or with other members. For instance, the shared kitchen can be where you, your partner and your newfound friends congregate, exchange recipes and learn new cuisines. Coliving managers will also organise events such as barbecue nights, yoga sessions and the like to help forge new friendships and meaningful connections.

Enjoy Privacy Whenever You Want

Privacy is integral in every relationship. Sharing a world in which only the two of you share allows you and your partner to be your most vulnerable selves without being subjected to prying eyes. Such a thing may sound impossible when you’re living in a community-centric apartment. However, not to worry! You and your partner can choose to participate in activities whenever you wish to. If your social battery is dead, you and your partner can simply retract to your bedroom, your shared sanctuary.


Your dream home may be put on hold, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to put off cohabitation with your partner! Now that the idea of home and homeownership is evolving, finding a space that allows you to live together with your partner will no longer be a challenge. If you think that the coliving lifestyle has ticked several of your and your partner’s boxes, perhaps it’s time to give it a try.

At Coliwoo, we strive to provide you with the realities of staying in a pleasant coliving environment for couples who wish to enjoy a temporary stay in sunny Singapore. Embark on a coliving journey as a couple with us today!