Reasons to Move Into a Co-Living Space with Your Partner Before Marriage

31 May 2023

Reasons to Move Into a Co-Living Space with Your Partner Before Marriage

The decision to get married to your significant other is a pivotal milestone in any relationship, signalling a deeper commitment and the union of two individuals. Traditionally, most people only start experiencing living together after marriage, but in the modern landscape, cohabitation before marriage is increasingly being encouraged. In this article, we learn more about the benefits of moving in together before getting married, and how co-living spaces are excellent housing options for couples.

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1. Emotional Preparation

Marriage involves a level of commitment unlike other relationships, and even the most loving couple can experience cold feet or face issues with the most basic change of being married—moving in together. It gives you a glimpse into what living together will be like, allows you to experience the daily ups and downs of living with your partner, and pushes you to learn how to navigate through challenges as a couple.

2. Deepen Bonds

Living together in a co-living space provides a nurturing environment that facilitates personal growth, mutual understanding, and increased emotional intimacy.

The increased amount of time you spend together gives both of you the chance to communicate more, rely on each other for daily chores, and cultivate a stronger emotional bond. 

The communal spaces also increase opportunities for you and your partner to interact with other individuals daily, as well as during events organised by the management team. These new experiences help you learn more about your partner while creating new memories.

Through these opportunities, you’re also developing effective communication skills, learning conflict resolution techniques, and establishing a solid foundation of trust and teamwork, which are important for a successful and lasting marriage.

3. Compatibility Testing

Lastly, moving in together before marriage allows you to see how compatible you are with your partner. If you think that sleeping over as dating partners is sufficient, think again. It does not expose you to a full range of your partner’s living habits (e.g. leaving the toilet seats down after each use, method of squeezing toothpaste, etc.,) which may only show after both of you have settled down into your new home. While couples can be fun and loving on most days, living together is an entirely different experience, and even the most compatible couple can quarrel and fight daily when things at home don’t go their way.

Compatibility Testing-co-living space

Living together in a co-living space allows you and your partner to experience the realities of sharing a living space and managing household responsibilities. For example, their personal habits and routines, attitudes towards cleanliness, organisation, and personal space. 

By learning all about your partner, you minimise the number of post-marriage surprises by identifying and addressing potential issues or incompatibilities early on. This will lead to a smoother transition into married life.

Co-living spaces offer a good mix of privacy for each couple to learn more about each other exclusively and also opportunities for social interaction with other residents, which creates a supportive community environment and allows you to meet different people from all walks of life. Engaging with other individuals or couples in the co-living space exposes you to different perspectives and relationship dynamics to help you learn new ways to nurture your own relationship.

While cohabitation before marriage is encouraged, it is important to note that it does not guarantee a perfect relationship or a successful marriage. But if you’d like to give it a try, Coliwoo offers a range of short term serviced apartments in Singapore for rent. Experience co-living with your partner today to strengthen your relationship.