Protecting Your Privacy in a Co-Living Space

9 February 2023

Protecting Your Privacy in a Co-Living Space

More often than not, the concept of coliving in Singapore conjures an image of a tight-knit community of fellow residents from all over the world mingling and sharing their lives with each other. Admittedly, the opportunity to interact with people outside your comfort zone is a huge draw for prospective tenants. Yet, every human being values their privacy, and when it comes to living in a coliving space in Singapore, there are ways to maintain and protect one’s privacy without appearing standoffish or isolated. If you’re looking for ways to find the middle ground between privacy and opening up, here are some helpful suggestions.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Get to Know Your Neighbours-Studio apartment rental Singapore

It might sound counterintuitive if you’re someone who values your own privacy, but there’s definitely value and a correlation between knowing your neighbours better, and safeguarding your privacy. When you stay at a Coliwoo studio apartment rental in Singapore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with them at each respective property’s range of communal facilities, from lounges, to gyms, to shared kitchens. Have a meal, work out, or study with them to build rapport and mutual trust amongst one another, as communities rely on mutual respect for open communication and this is certainly the case when it comes to coliving in Singapore.

Establishing Boundaries

Establishing Boundaries-Coliving space Singapore

One of the upsides of getting to know your neighbours better is that it makes it easier for you to establish boundaries and communicate them to said neighbours. Of course, you should always stand firm regardless of familiarity, but establishing mutual respect helps. Ultimately, staying at a coliving space in Singapore exposes you to different people with different perspectives and interpretations of what constitutes acceptable social behaviour. For instance, borrowing things or entering one’s private space might seem perfectly normal to some, but not to others; if those actions make you uncomfortable, you have the right to let your neighbours know where you stand.

Observe Basic Safety Protocols

Observe Basic Safety Protocols-Studio apartment rental

Living with your parents and living on your own can result in vastly different experiences, especially when it comes to safety. With the former, you can usually count on your parents to respect your privacy, and you don’t have to worry about belongings being stolen and so on. With the latter, you’re on your own, and personal safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. For instance, you might have someone else, such as your helper or homemaking parent, locking the door behind you as you leave, and it’s easy to forget to do so once you’re on your own. Additionally, if you’re living in a studio apartment rental on the ground floor, you should also remember to lock your windows to deter a would-be thief from entering your apartment through them. 

You may also want to consider getting large suitcases or a lockable cupboard to safely stow away valuables and keep them away from prying eyes. Coliwoo apartments also offer secure safe boxes for tenants for their peace of mind.

Get Greater Privacy with Coliwoo

Get Greater Privacy with Coliwoo-Coliving Singapore

One of the more common gripes about coliving in Singapore is that there isn’t much privacy outside the confines of your own room, and that often includes the bathroom. If you’re someone who just isn’t comfortable sharing a bathroom with others, you’ll be pleased to know that Coliwoo’s coliving studio apartment rentals in Singapore offer a greater degree of privacy than most coliving providers in the market today. All of our rooms come equipped with an ensuite bathroom, workspaces, and in some instances, your very own kitchenette — more than enough to do the daily essentials without having to interact with anyone if you’re not feeling it and simply want to be left alone. 

Get the best of both worlds today with Coliwoo. For more information about our apartments and services, please visit our website.