Post-Covid Times: Could Coliving Be Right For You?

20 June 2022

In the past, coliving fell under the category of high-end accommodation, reserved only for the wealthier people or expatriates who could afford it. But with more affordable coliving spaces sprouting in Singapore, this lifestyle has become increasingly popular amongst the masses – and rightfully so! Unlike many other living arrangements, what makes coliving stands out is its emphasis on community building. Moreover, their flexible and short-term lease terms have attracted many young professionals looking for a temporary home that doesn’t require them to pay out the nose.

In recent years, more and more people are taking steps to move into such communities. Whether it’s to grab hold of their personal freedom or simply the desire to try something new, communal living has started to become one of the viable living arrangements – even despite the pandemic!

Coliving spaces have become isolated homes for students and working adults to live both safely and productively. If you’re not quite sure if coliving is truly for you, here’s an essential checklist to help you make an informed decision!

1. Comfort that comes with convenience

The outbreak of COVID19 has taken us out of our comfort zone, forcing us to change and adjust our consumption and lifestyle habits accordingly. Often times, this pushed us to constantly put our guards up and tiptoe along the lines, lest we put our health at risk. Fortunately, here in Singapore, with proper safety measures, our economy and way of life have been gradually reverting to pre-COVID. We can revel in comfort and familiarity in certain areas of our lives, all whilst safeguarding our health.

Amidst these chaotic times, if you seek comfort and convenience in your living environment, coliving might be perfect for you. Living in coliving spaces means that your apartment is move-in ready. Not only are your rooms fully-furnished with all the furniture needed for a pleasant stay, you’ll also have to access to a strong and stable Internet connection. Moreover, you can enjoy weekly tidy ups as well! You’ll definitely feel at home starting on moving-in day.

2. Highly productive environment

In these chaotic times, finding or creating a productive environment has become more challenging. Although it has been great to spend more time with family at home, an overcrowded living environment can pose an obstacle to productivity. If you are a working adult who has to attend various Zoom meetings daily, a noisy home environment is not ideal.

Coliving accommodations easily address this concern. Coliving spaces are designed with communal living spaces curated not just for socialisation, but also productivity. Facilities such as study areas will give you the ideal environment to get some work done. Moreover, such spaces allow you to interact and brainstorm with like-minded individuals who may dabble in the same area of study.

If such communal areas are not to your fancy, you can simply head over to your room for some privacy.

3. Communal Living

Coliving is never complete without a few communal amenities. At Coliwoo, our communal facilities include a social kitchen, private backyard, well-equipped gym and even a yoga studio! Not only do these areas serve their respective functional purposes, but they also offer a space for residents to meet and forge new friendships. Moreover, residents can access social events, weeknight gatherings and group activities frequently facilitated by community managers.

In order to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, the precautionary measures implemented by the government places heavy emphasis on social distancing and limiting of outdoor and group activities. Unfortunately, this limited mobility and lack of interaction have taken a toll on a lot of people’s mental and physical health. Fortunately, we’ve reached the stage where it’s safe to hold group activities – so long as they are within the COVID19 regulations. With access to such communal facilities and activities, you can take the first step to improve your overall health.


No longer an exclusive option, coliving has evolved to be an affordable lifestyle. If you are looking at maximising comfort, convenience and productivity amidst the pandemic – all in a communal space – coliving is the way for you.

If you are looking for the right home for yourself or you and your partner, consider the different amenities and locations of coliving in Singapore. Here at Coliwoo, we offer over 566 rooms with well-equipped amenities and spacious communal spaces that accommodate cosmopolitan communities! If you wish to find out more about our coliving accommodations, or some of our COVID19 safety measures, simply drop us a message, and our team will assist in creating your best coliving experience.