Parental Peace of Mind: Why Serviced Apartments are Ideal for Students

8 February 2024

Coliwoo Apartment

As the world becomes more accessible, students now have more opportunities to study abroad for several months, or even years. As parents, you’re inclined to be as supportive as you can, but one of the biggest concerns you will have is your child’s safety, especially in terms of student accommodation. Is it in a good neighbourhood? Is the accommodation itself secure enough? These are certainly legitimate causes for worry. However, one solution that is gaining popularity is co-living serviced apartments. Comfortable, secure, and in no shortage of amenities, find out why these apartments could help allay your fears.  

Enhanced Security

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One of the most reassuring features that co-living serviced apartments come with is their enhanced security. Coliwoo’s coliving spaces in Singapore, for instance, utilise modern control systems, CCTV surveillance, and on-site staff to monitor and manage security. 

For additional peace of mind, our properties also enforce access control via access keycard so that only authorised individuals may enter the premises, adding an extra layer of protection. Moreover, the presence of on-site staff further contributes to a safe and secure living environment by deterring potential threats. This ensures that your child is living in a well-protected space.

Quality Amenities

Quality Amenities

Students who go abroad to study are often on a tight budget, having already forked out a great deal of money on school fees and student accommodation. Unlike conventional, unfurnished apartments, serviced apartments offer a wide range of quality amenities that cater to students’ needs. Here at Coliwoo, we provide several kinds of accommodation, such as fully furnished studio apartments for rent in Singapore. They come equipped with workstations, kitchenettes, beds, and more—everything that your child may need to lead a comfortable and fuss-free life in a new environment.

Most of our properties also come with high-speed Internet access, laundry facilities, and well-designed communal areas that are both gorgeous and functional. This allows students to focus on their studies without having to worry about a lack of necessary resources. 

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Location Convenience

Public Transportation in Singapore

Another significant advantage that serviced apartments have is their strategic locations. Most of Coliwoo’s apartments for rent are situated in close proximity to educational institutions, public transportation stations, shopping centres, and more. This trifecta of convenience allows students to commute to their schools easily, explore the rest of the country during their downtime, and enjoy ample options for food and entertainment, all a stone’s throw away from the safety of their apartments. 

This not only saves time, but also provides an added layer of security as students do not have to navigate unfamiliar or potentially risky areas. They also do not have to embark on a long odyssey for food and basic necessities.

Studying abroad can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for students and parents alike, but there are certainly solutions to minimise these fears and concerns so that everyone can enjoy this season of life together. If you’re looking to rent a room in Singapore, look no further than Coliwoo’s coliving spaces. Our co-living serviced apartments have everything your child needs to enjoy their time in the country and keep you reassured.

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