Networking and Community Building: Expat Life in Serviced Apartment Communities

6 June 2024

group picture coliwoo community day

Living abroad as an expat can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to building a sense of community and connection in a new environment. Fortunately, serviced apartment communities provide a conducive environment for expats to mingle, socialise, and form lasting friendships. If you’re new to Singapore and looking to find your place and make the most out of your stay, here are some ways you can network and build a community at Coliwoo’s serviced apartments.

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1. Community Events

group activities

Community-organised events and gatherings play a vital role in fostering social interaction among expats in coliving communities. Here at Coliwoo, we regularly host a wide range of events across the year that provide opportunities for residents to meet and connect with one another whilst discovering more about Singapore. From cycling tours to food truck stops, we ensure that our community building activities are engaging and interesting.

Participating in community events allows you to share experiences, exchange tips, and forge meaningful relationships with fellow residents. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking to integrate into the community or a long-term resident looking to expand your social circle, these gatherings offer a welcoming environment for networking and building connections.


2. Shared Amenities

apartment sharing

Shared amenities in a co-living space, such as communal lounges, kitchens, and recreational facilities play a significant role in promoting interaction and community building amongst expats. These spaces serve as hubs where residents can come together to relax, socialise, and engage in various activities.

Imagine gathering with your neighbours for a barbecue in the communal garden or hosting a movie night in the shared lounge. These shared spaces foster a sense of camaraderie and provide opportunities for spontaneous interactions, strengthening the bonds within the serviced apartment community.


3. Online Platforms

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In addition to face-to-face interactions, expats can also connect and exchange information through its exclusive mobile app that allows members to communicate, share resources, and stay informed about upcoming events.

The mobile app serves as virtual communities where you can seek advice, ask questions, and engage in discussions with fellow members. Whether it is finding recommendations for local services, organising group outings, or sharing cultural insights, these digital channels facilitate communication and collaboration amongst members of the serviced apartment community.


4. Cultural Exchange

diverse community

One of the most enriching aspects of living in a house for rent in Singapore as an expat is the opportunity for cultural exchange and learning from fellow residents. Serviced apartments attract a diverse mix of expats from different countries and backgrounds, creating a vibrant multicultural environment.

Interacting with residents from diverse cultural backgrounds allows you to broaden your horizons, gain new perspectives, and learn about customs and traditions from around the world. Whether this is through sharing a traditional meal from your home country, attending cultural events, or participating in language exchanges, these interactions foster mutual understanding and appreciation, enriching the expat experience.

Here at Coliwoo, we are constantly refreshing our community events to keep them relevant and novel. We strive for these events to build our expat community in a way that enables them to network comfortably and learn more about the world around them. If this is something you wish to experience too, then check out our service apartments to get started!

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