Multigenerational Living Is a New Trend in the Co-living World

20 June 2022

The pandemic has changed our way of living. It has also expedited the adaptation of numerous trends that were projected to become popular in the coming years. One such trend is multigenerational co-living.

Senior citizens to young generations all are finding an abode in co-living spaces due to various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why co-living is gaining popularity:

A Sense of Belonging to a Community:

Social isolation is one of the main causes that has fuelled the trend of communal living in recent years. The regular positive interactions with other members within the co-living spaces provide its members with the feeling of home away from home.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has been facing hardships such as increased loneliness, worries, financial problems, and increased health risks, as well as a lack of technological uptake. Multi-generational communal living is a win-win situation for all generations as co-living members get physical, emotional, and mental support from each other.

Room for Growth:

In the post-pandemic world, co-living spaces have a considerable advantage for different generations. Members of coliving spaces not only get an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds but they also acquire new skills from each other.  The younger generations get to learn from the experiences and knowledge of older generations while the latter gets love, affection, and company from the former. The elderly are also able to keep themselves up-to-date with the digital and technological changes, allowing members to learn and grow together in a communal living.

Co-living Is a Cost-Effective Option:

Renting or purchasing an apartment can be very expensive. The membership fees of co-living space cover all facilities as well as additional charges such as maintenance and other expenses. Also, no agent fees are required to be paid. Thus, renting a co-living space is the most cost-effective accommodation solution.

Co-living Spaces are Loaded with Amenities:

Another reason for the increase in demand for co-living spaces among different generations is the availability of amenities such as bed, ensuite bathroom, high-speed internet, air conditioning, TV, fridge, and others.

room for rent in Jurong, then Coliwoo @ Boon Lay would be a fantastic choice for you because of its social kitchen. Communal spaces also help families and other members to spend quality time together.

Fully-Furnished Rooms:

The co-living facilities have completely furnished rooms with modern aesthetics and dedicated spaces to work long hours from home. This makes members feel as comfortable as they are in their homes. Thus, the ready-to-move-in co-living spaces provides premium standard of living to all its members.

Ensured Safety and Security:

Safety and security are one of the primary concerns when searching for an accommodation especially for those living alone, family with children and elderly. 24-hour CCTV surveillance and high-level security ensure the safety of co-living members.

Calm and Positive Environment:

Members of the shared living units benefit from well-maintained gardens and other communal spaces. The shared living’s pathways and gardens provide an open space for members to walk and exercise. Furthermore, the interiors are tastefully decorated to provide a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere that enhances their living experience.

Previously, co-living spaces were mostly preferred by digital nomads, working professionals, and students. However, with so much to offer in terms of amenities, community, safety and positive environment, co-living is now becoming a favourite accommodation solution for everyone. Multi-generational living also helps to tighten familial bonds and connect with people of different backgrounds.