Living Big in Co-living Units

13 June 2022

Co-living has become popular among working professionals who prefer independent living with a social network. Co-living propositions in the market target a different demographic that desires significantly more inclusive living space than that provided by regular rental accommodations. It is a curated offering with beautiful spaces, incredible amenities, and a strong sense of community.

Co-living appeals most to young entrepreneurs, expats, and digital nomads who want to be able to travel without worrying about a mortgage or lease. This type of lifestyle lays heavy emphasis on agility so that you can move worldwide without being tied down to a single place. Below we take a peek into how people can live well in co-living units with a range of fully furnished rental options. Also, situations like BTO flat delay and work from home constraints have further promoted co-living as feasible living options even for the locals as well. Here, you don’t just live together and share space – you are a part of something larger.

Rental Savings

Co-living has been known to ease affordable housing market woes that come with a room for rent. It is appealing for its upscale amenities and finishes without the corresponding heavy rents, plus flexible leases and move-in facilities. Serviced co-living comes with well-thought-out design for the en-suite rooms suited for working professionals. You get the perks of an already built-in work station and Wi-Fi, all inclusive in the rental.

Moreover, the rentals are flexible and can be short- or long-term, as per the tenants’ needs. That’s why it’s increasingly popular among younger professionals and travellers who seek more interconnected yet meaningful lifestyles when moving to a new city or culture.

This can be especially attractive to nomadic individuals and are even suitable for off-site or remote workers. Such working professionals can work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection and enjoy the perks of shared living.

New Age Aesthetics

We all know home is where the art is. Co-living spaces provide comfortable accommodations supplemented with more extensive shared amenities. If you are looking for accommodation in Singapore, these co-living spaces are typically furnished for flexible living. The building designers ensure attention to detail with every design element in the room bespoke. The result is the creation of beautiful, highly functional spaces combined with minimalist concrete aesthetics for the project interiors.

Contemporary co-living units provide you with fully furnished units with incredible amenities. Modern furniture and minimalist finishes bring a cutting-edge perspective to the design from the inside.

Co-living communities typically offer good-quality amenities and unit furnishings. For example, bedrooms are furnished with beds, beddings, wardrobes, workstations, and other accessories. Focused on a hotel-like experience, these co-living units offer aesthetically pleasing and higher quality furnishings in on-trend bedrooms along with well-equipped kitchenette, bar fridge and ensuite bathroom.

Connected Convenience

Co-living units are also popular for providing consumers with bundling living amenities like utilities and WiFi. Most co-living spaces for accommodation in Singapore offer everything from the basic necessities to furniture, kitchen appliances, washer, and dryer. These buildings have well-furnished private as well as shared spaces within these communities.

Residents looking for a room to rent can enjoy a flexible lease with readily furnished spaces. In turn, it also reduces the living cost for young individuals who don’t wish to procure furniture or other daily use stuff. Additionally, moving into a fully furnished community frees up the time and money of the inhabitants for a variety of other things.

Interactive Connections

Co-living units also attract people who desire additional space and privacy and have just moved to a new city. It fulfills the sense of community for these people with opportunities to connect with like-minded people living in such units.

These spaces become conduits for friendly encounters and friendships. They encourage people to come together and foster a sense of connectivity and at the same time maintain individual lifestyles.

Final thoughts

Flexible lifestyles are leading people to seek new ways of living. Today, co-living units offer a multitude of possibilities, ranging from people who live solo to couples and working professionals or friends. They share not only the physical space but also the interests, values, and a philosophy of life.