Immersing Yourself In City Dwelling: 3 Perks To Consider

20 June 2022

Rural and urban living have always held varying levels of appeal for different types of people. Despite Singapore being a tiny island, one cannot deny the difference in lifestyles and pace of life when comparing living in the heartland neighbourhoods and living amongst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Unlike the serenity and peaceful lifestyle heartland neighbourhoods offer, living in the Central Business District (CBD) is the direct antithesis. Complex with the constant motion and large population that supports a rich culture and social interactions, the city is a great place to be if you’re all about having convenience and availability right at your fingertips.

Before you commit to a significant and pivotal change, it’s worth thinking about some of the factors that will influence your stay. To ensure that city living is truly for you, we’ve gathered emblematic characteristics of urban living for you to consider.

1. Timesaving

Being a small country, travelling from one end to another of Singapore is not a problem. Of course, this is another story if you need to travel in the wee hours of the morning and late in the evening. Undoubtedly, the less time spent sandwiched in the train cabins, the better.

Living in the CBD allows you to shorten travelling time significantly – time you can divert to other activities that may require your attention. This also means that you can wake up later and reach home earlier.

2. Save Physical And Mental Energy

On a similar tangent, living close to your office means that you can clock in more shuteye. You can revel in the extra hours of much-needed rest that would have otherwise been wasted on travelling. Whilst you can sneak in a short nap in the train or bus, it’s not quite the same as lying on your bed, cosied up to your blanket.

Upon reaching home from a busy day at work, you’ll also need an hour or two to mentally wind down and relax your exhausted body. By the time you’ve enough rest, it would be too late to do anything else. Skip the dreary time spent travelling and reach home sooner to give your mind and body their much-needed break.

Besides, living near your workplace also means you wouldn’t need to worry about potential train breakdowns or traffic jams any longer!

3. Convenience And Accessibility

Let’s face it, nothing matches up to living in the CBD when it comes to convenience and accessibility. You’re nestled in a location that’s a few kilometres away from commercial establishments, eating hubs, parks and tourist spots. Now that you’re living in the central region, you no longer need to partake in the laborious and time-consuming task of travelling from one end of the island to another for work, errands or a gathering with friends.

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