How Your Choice of a Co-living Place Affects Your Daily Life

13 June 2022


The co-living trend has caught the attention of more and more city dwellers, working professionals, and expats. Commonly recognised as flexible accommodation designed for multiple individuals with available facilities such as work and cooking spaces, co-living has seen a massive increase over the last decade. It provides the most significant benefit of having your own private space and, at the same time, having the opportunity to socialise with like-minded in-house tenants.

With co-living premises, you get a new living experience with more flexible options and many benefits. The co-living culture has gained popularity and transformed the residential real estate sector. The facility and services you choose for co-living profoundly impact your daily life. Let us see how.

Easy Accessibility

The location of your co-living space in Singapore makes a significant difference to your daily life. Do you work in the city and love the buzz of the environment? Some of the best co-living spaces are centrally located in some of the best locations in Singapore. You can rent a room just a few minutes’ walk from MRT stations or bus stops. In addition, some facilities are just a short ride to malls, making it possible to connect to the rest of the city quickly and easily.

Being easily accessible from different parts of the city makes it easier for you to commute to and from work. This provides a hassle-free daily life with lesser time in traffic and mental peace.

Strategic Location

Coliwoo offers co-living facilities in various strategic locations all across Singapore. There are over 900 rooms across Singapore, so you will be spoilt for choice. Coliwoo Hotel Amber is a 10-minute drive from the City Centre and Orchard Road and offers ideal accommodation in the East. It is also just 5 minutes walk to East Coast Park, Parkway Parade, Joo Chiat Food Street, Geylang Serai and Katong and within walking distance to NTUC FairPriceFairPrice for your grocery needs.

Coliwoo Balestier 320 offers transitional and convenient residential options close to the central district of Singapore. It is also a 5 to 10 minutes drive to CBD and Velocity @ Novena Square and close to convenience stores like 7/11 and NTUC Supermarket. Orchard Road and Little India are just a 10 minutes drive away.

You can find other Coliwoo locations close to your workplace, public transport hubs, and markets, which will help you stay put in the well-known areas of the city.


coliwoo co living apartment building 2

Amenities for Stress-Free Living

Some of us may find living away from home hard enough. On the other hand, who would not like to spend their time prioritising their life and work and not running around for housekeeping?

Well, co-living at Coliwoo provides well-furnished and tastefully designed rooms with an en-suite bathroom, cabinets, and a working table. You will get secure access to unlimited high-speed internet and personal closet space in all rooms, making your daily living much more manageable. There are well-designed common areas and lounges that make life more comfortable too.

You can find in-house housekeeping teams at most of the Coliwoo facilities. You may also find a kitchenette and a washer-cum-dryer in these en-suite rooms for rent. Enjoy the convenience and be free from the demands of running and maintaining a household with co-living.


On a final note

Co-living spaces at Coliwoo are designed with attention to detail. The utmost care has been taken to make them compatible for work. So, whether you like to work in the comfort of your room or take advantage of the common spaces to work, you won’t have to worry about finding a befitting spot to work uninterrupted. Aesthetic and comfortable spaces inspire you to feel more focused on your priorities and motivate you to find more mental peace in your daily life.