How Coliwoo Has Helped Create Sustainable Living Environments

19 April 2023

How to Live Sustainably in a Co-Living Arrangement


Sustainable living is a hot-button issue that more households are taking seriously, as the effects of our planet’s worsening climate become more severe each year. Staying at a co living space in Singapore, when done right, could help contribute significantly to sustainability as this article would later expound on. Additionally, find out how co living providers like Coliwoo are implementing their own sustainable living practices in their properties. If you’re in the midst of starting out in a co living space, here are some ways you can do your part towards that cause.

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Effective Utilisation of Space

Effective Utilisation of Space-Co living spaces in Singapore

Co living spaces in Singapore are often touted as multifunctional, with amenities for both work and play packed neatly into one residential area. Some properties, like Coliwoo Lavender Collection, repurpose old shophouses as an ode to Singapore’s traditional roots whilst refraining from taking up more land. This is essential for land-scarce countries like Singapore, where nature reserves are constantly at risk of being cleared for new buildings. With clever utilisation of space, Singapore is able to preserve its few precious nature reserves and better maintain the fragile ecosystems that dwell within. For many of us who are used to compartmentalised living, it may take some time getting used to the initial claustrophobia; thankfully, Coliwoo’s residents can enjoy fully furnished private rooms that will still allow them the privacy and space that they need.

Embracing Communal Sharing

Embracing Communal Sharing-communal living in Singapore

One of the hallmarks of communal living in Singapore is in its namesake — communal sharing. Co living spaces encourage residents to incorporate community into their daily lives, from sharing ingredients, to amenities, and in some cases, transportation. Sharing resources is an effective way to live sustainably, as energy usage is reduced and practices like purchasing ingredients in bulk and carpooling become more commonplace amongst residents. These lifestyle changes don’t reap immediate benefits but improvements, however minute, accumulate over time, and at a critical juncture where we’re putting out proverbial and literal fires caused by climate change, every effort goes a long way.

Do Away with Furniture Shopping

Do Away with Furniture Shopping-co living spaces

The correlation between shopping for furniture and sustainable living isn’t as apparent, but when you consider the entire process that includes not really knowing what you’re looking for, and discarding furniture when you move out — both of which contribute to an increase in waste — it starts to make sense. Here at Coliwoo, our co living spaces come fully furnished so you don’t have to worry about the logistics and potential wastage that come with furniture shopping. The best way to approach temporary living is to come and go with your bags, nothing more — no extra burdens, no environmental strain.

Participate in Creative Sustainable Living Activities

Participate in Creative Sustainable Living Activities-communal living in Singapore

Urban farming is something that Singapore is trying to expand in a bid to better utilise what limited land it has. While traditional farming requires vast amounts of land that we do not possess, urban farming is the potential solution to nurturing sustainable living in an urban jungle. One of the ways that Coliwoo champions this is through our urban farming initiative in Coliwoo Boon Lay. There, we regularly host urban farming workshops and events that are open to all residents, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to practise urban farming in their own creative ways, all whilst fostering the community spirit that epitomises communal living in Singapore. What’s more, residents can also harvest the produce for their own use — reaping very tangible rewards for their labour.

Looking to be part of a community whilst doing your bit for the environment? Go green and live green with Coliwoo today — for more information about our properties and services, please visit our website.