Coliwoo Residences vs Coliwoo Hotels: Where Should You Stay?

2 February 2023

Coliwoo Residences vs Coliwoo Hotels Where Should You Stay

In order to meet the different requirements of travellers and locals alike, Coliwoo offers two main types of accommodation —Co-Living Hotels and Co-Living Residences. Whether you’re living in Singapore or arriving from abroad, there are many different reasons behind seeking temporary accommodation, however long or short. Here are some common scenarios that may correspond to your current circumstances and therefore, help you identify which accommodation type suits you best.

If You’re an International Student/Expat

If You are an International Student-Co-living Singapore

Are you a university student coming from abroad to study in Singapore, or an expat waiting to start your new job? Chances are, you’ll be here for the long haul, and would therefore prefer a place with more permanence that will allow you to settle down and adapt to life in Singapore and mingle with a community of fellow residents and co-workers from all walks of life, both local and international. If this is speaking to you, consider co-living in Singapore with Coliwoo’s Co-Living Residences. 

The difference between Coliwoo’s apartments and most co-living rentals in Singapore is that we offer total privacy without compromising on the communal characteristics of co-living that has endeared itself around the world. While a typical co-living property is characterised by facilities that are completely communal, Coliwoo’s co-living apartments offer privacy in the form of en-suite bathrooms and personal workstations. If you have an important exam or assignment to complete and do not wish to interact with anyone else during that period, you don’t have to. 

At the same time, Coliwoo’s co-living rentals in Singapore come with a wide variety of communal facilities, from lounges to gyms, to social kitchens, so if you’re ever feeling lonely being on your own, there’s a whole community to immerse yourself in.

A Women making a sunny side up-Co-living Singapore

If You’re a Local

If You Wish to Experience Living Alone-Rooms for rent Singapore

Renovation works are a pain in the neck, and before there were adequate co-living options, this often meant that entire families had to uproot and stay put at hotels with exorbitant rates or crammed into their relatives’ homes, an inconvenience that is further exacerbated if you have children. Coliwoo’s rooms for rent in Singapore are both spacious and fully furnished, giving you and your family enough space without feeling claustrophobic, whilst saving you the trouble of unpacking and repacking your furniture and appliances. The abundance of space and amenities will also help families cope better with this transitional period without feeling like they’re forced to put the brakes on their lives whilst waiting for their home to be ready.

Moreover, more young Singaporeans are moving out of their parents’ homes in a bid to lead more independent lives and have a place of their own. Regardless of their motivations, moving out for the first time can be a daunting experience for those who aren’t familiar with the challenges that come with living independently. While most traditional rental leases restrict tenants to a minimum of 3 months (for private properties) and 6 months (for HDB flats), Coliwoo’s co-living rentals in Singapore offer highly flexible weekly and monthly leases for those who wish to ease their way into a new chapter of their lives without being forced to see out a lengthy contract should they eventually realise that they’re not ready to move out just yet.

If You’re a Tourist Looking to Get More out of Your Trip to Singapore

 If You are a Tourist Looking to Get More out of Your Trip to Singapore-Co-living Singapore

As is the case with most hotels, they’re much more fleeting and temporary than co-living in Singapore, but unlike conventional options, Coliwoo’s hotels offer more than just a generic vacation in the country. For instance, Coliwoo Hotel Gay World is situated in Geylang, one of Singapore’s most historic districts. Experience more than just the usual touristy hotspots by getting a glimpse into Singapore’s kampung communities dating back to the 1840s, or soak in the neighbourhood’s rich Malay heritage by taking a stroll down Geylang Serai market. 

The other property, Coliwoo Hotel Amber, is located along Amber Road, a stone’s throw away from East Coast Park, the largest of its kind in Singapore. There, you’ll find a plethora of local eateries, sandy beaches aplenty, and a wide variety of activities, from wakeboarding to cycling. If you’re more persistent, you can even cycle your way down to Changi Airport. Experience a side to Singapore you’ve never seen before.

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