Coliwoo Lavender Collection: What it’s Like Co-Living in a Shophouse

16 March 2023

Coliwoo Lavender Collection What it is Like Co-Living in a Shophouse

Lavender is a small subzone under Singapore’s Kallang district, tucked away inconspicuously amidst the country’s sprawling city centre. Here, you’ll find remnants of Singapore’s historic shophouses along older neighbourhoods like Jalan Besar, Serangoon, and Balestier. It is in this very area that you’ll also find one of Coliwoo’s more iconic co living spaces in Singapore — Coliwoo Lavender Collection, designed to pay homage to the endearing shophouses that the local community have grown up with over the years. If you’re looking for a co living space that is situated in rich heritage and culture, here’s why Coliwoo Lavender Collection could be your ideal home.

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Lavender’s Nostalgic Charm

Lavenders Nostalgic Charm-Communal living Singapore

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As Singapore’s city centre continues to develop at a rapid pace, one wonders if there’d be any semblance of the country’s history left in pockets between brand new skyscrapers. Yet, Lavender seems to balance out the modernisation that is going on around its walls by retaining much of the nation’s rich heritage. As someone once aptly quipped, entering Singapore is like stepping into the late 1980s, an era dominated by shophouses, caught between the lull of its kampung years and the start of Singapore’s urbanisation. Here, you’ll get to walk down memory lane along one of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhoods in Jalan Besar, sample Singapore’s fabled multiculturalism in Little India; but at the same time, not be too isolated from modern civilisation with nearby refurbished malls like City Square Mall. With Coliwoo Lavender Collection, you’ll get to experience communal living in Singapore that offers the best of both worlds.

Coliwoo’s Tribute to Lavender’s Shophouses

Coliwoo Tribute to Lavender Shophouses-Co living space Singapore

Singapore’s shophouses are an essential part of its history that is deeply valued by many Singaporeans both young and old. Preserving its architectural integrity has therefore been a priority for many businesses keen to make vacant shophouses their new base of operations. The same can be said for Coliwoo Lavender Collection, where residents will be greeted by the unmistakable shophouse facade in all its nostalgic glory; all our rooms feature the typical high-ceiling design synonymous with shophouses, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience of living in one. That being said, the entire stretch of shophouses has also been given a modern, art-deco update without being overtly extravagant — coupled with a curated selection of retail shops, cafes, and restaurants, members can also expect to enjoy exclusive deals from some of these commercial tenants, this co living space is now a popular spot for professionals and expats to live, work, and unwind.

More than a Co-Living Space

More than a Co-Living Space-Co living space Singapore

A typical co living space in Singapore, like many of its counterparts around the world, feature generous communal amenities but threadbare individual rooms, which can be quite restrictive if a resident wishes to live privately. Here at Coliwoo Lavender Collection, we recognise the need to strike a balance between communal living and having an adequate private space for our residents. This is why each room is furnished with everything you need to enjoy your solitude in comfort, such as an en-suite bathroom, a spacious workstation, and a smart TV; housekeeping is also available. On the other hand, the property also boasts a well-equipped lounge and social kitchen area so residents can network and build new friendships through everyone’s favourite language — food.

Why Coliwoo Lavender Collection?

Why Coliwoo Lavender Collection-Co living space Singapore

Besides being able to experience Singapore’s unique heritage, Coliwoo Lavender Collection is also situated near Singapore’s city centre, which, if you’re working in the vicinity, is much easier to commute to whilst avoiding the worst of the morning rush hour. Bus services and train stations — Bendemeer, Farrer Park, and Boon Keng — are also a stone’s throw away from the property, allowing you to take full advantage of Singapore’s efficient public transportation system. Lavender is also home to many notable cafes, restaurants, as well as modern shopping centres like ARC 380 and City Square Mall, in line with the nation’s reputation as a gastronomic and retail haven. Yet, there is also a peaceful end to the hustle and bustle around you, as Lavender remains a tranquil neighbourhood that, unlike its busier neighbouring districts, does wind down along with the evening sun, giving you a restful sleep until a new day dawns.

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