Coliving: The Perfect Home Away From Home For Digital Nomads

20 June 2022

As digital nomads who travel for work, the idea of committing to a dwelling place is simply not feasible. Not only will the house and its utility be obsolete with your constant travelling, but it’s also a pricey investment (especially if you’re not utilising it on a regular). Luckily, there are several types of housings that cater to different housing needs, and there’s one that aims to cater directly to young professionals, independent workers and digital nomads. Enter: Coliving.

What started as a niche real estate trend, coliving has quickly entered mainstream culture where people would forego the traditional route of living with family to instead reside with strangers in shared communal spaces. If you’re wondering why a coliving arrangement is great for your nomadic lifestyle, here are 3 reasons why.

1. Affordable

The cost of living in Singapore is undeniably high, and it doesn’t seem like it will abate anytime soon. As opposed to the expensive traditional housing options, coliving offers a more affordable alternative for those who don’t wish to pay out the nose for a temporary home.

On top of a one fixed-rate payment, the rates are all-encompassing of all the basic necessities, amenities and even periodic cleaning services. You no longer need to worry about furnishing your room with furniture since it’s all have been provided for you. You no longer need to do monthly budgeting to make space for utility bills since it’s been covered for. With coliving, you’d be able to save on variable expenses that you typically need to pay separately.

Beyond standard utilities such as high-speed Internet broadband, gas and electricity, coliving accommodations also offer shared living spaces such as dining room, gyms, private backyard and more. Since they’re designed to support remote workers and digital nomads, they also offer high-quality and reliable communal workspaces where you can work on your projects without having to fork out money for a separate working space.

2. Flexible arrangements

With coliving arrangements, you can bid goodbye to traditional leases. Without a lease, you’re given the flexibility to stay and leave whenever you want. With most coliving arrangements, you’re allowed to rent these places on a monthly basis and have the option to extend your stay if you wish to. Otherwise, you can simply pack your bags and move along on your next adventure!

3. Tight-knit community

For digital nomads, loneliness is, unfortunately, a universal experience – after all, you’d be travelling all by yourself for long swathes of time. Naturally, forming new connections, bonds and friendships can be a challenge.

Fortunately, coliving arrangements have a solution for that: a built-in community. At its very core, coliving is a living concept designed to bring like-minded strangers together. Community building is not simply attained from just living under one roof either. Apart from the communal living areas where you can mingle with your newfound friends, community managers would often host activities and events to bring all the residents together. Over time, these forged bonds will lead to fantastic friendships, making your overall co-living experience even better.

On the same tangent, opportunities to connect and collaborate also means that you’d be able to learn a new skill or two simply by working alongside somebody who has more experience in a particular subject than you do. With so many digital nomads opting for coliving arrangements, you’re bound to find a pool of talented people from whom you can learn from. Of course, the other way also applies.

Whilst the concept itself isn’t new, coliving has become the number one choice for those who wish for an affordable, flexible and community-oriented living space. For digital nomads who are always travelling, coliving is indeed the solution to all their worries.

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