Coliving Murphy Beds: Turning Your Quarters Into A Workspace

20 June 2022

Coliving has now become the ideal living arrangement for a broad audience: millennials, digital nomads, and freelancers, to name a few. Thanks to a lack of long-term commitments, coliving allows such individuals to drop in at any time with relative ease and leave at a moment’s notice.

Typically, establishments that offer such spaces provide a living area comprised of two parts: communal spaces and private rooms. Working in one’s living quarters may prove difficult to some because such spaces generally don’t fully encourage productivity. Cluttered and unkept tight spaces only serve as a distraction. And while coliving agencies do provide coworking spaces as an amenity, some may prefer or need to work in solitude.

If you’re interested in coliving but also want a private space to work in, you’ll be glad to know that there’s now a solution: coliving spaces with Murphy beds. Read on down below to understand how these beds can transform your coliving quarters into a fully functional workspace.

Murphy Beds Save a Ton of Space

Coliving accommodations in Singapore are designed for optimal space utilisation, which means they only have space for what is necessary. This limits how you interact with your living quarters, especially if your room comes with regular fixed furniture. As such, you may not be able to set up a suitable workspace within your preferences.

Recently becoming aware of this issue, coliving agencies have now begun offering units that house Murphy beds. With the ability to unfold and disappear and blend into the room at will, these beds are unrivalled when it comes to saving space. This translates to more room to play around with.

Murphy Beds Can Blend Seamlessly Into Your Room

Due to their folding capabilities, Murphy beds can blend into a coliving private room with relative ease. This means no clutter is created from the custom arrangement and, additionally, no added hassle for the tenant as well.

Most Murphy beds don’t simply serve as a bed, but it also comes together with a closet and storage unit. Such a camouflaging characteristic is often necessary if one needs a clean and uncrowded space to get some work done.

Murphy Beds Offers Space Flexibility

Suppose you need more than a mere desk to do your work. If that’s the case, rooms equipped with murphy beds are just the thing you need!

Whenever required, you can simply raise your bed in order to enjoy and utilise more floor space. Moreover, these beds also come with an additional storage unit inside. These extra feature sets are not only a welcome addition but may also be a much-needed commodity for those individuals that need more storage. You no longer need additional furniture to store your things for you, which translates to more floor space as well.


Coliving has become the go-to for people looking to connect and live with others in a hassle-free arrangement. For the most part, it’s been able to cater to a wide audience thanks to its living arrangements and innate amenities. But now, with the addition of something as simple as Murphy beds, members can enjoy the option to choose between their private rooms and communal spaces for a productive workspace.

Over at Coliwoo, we strive to offer a living space that inspires and complement your working environment and schedule. With over 868 rooms available islandwide, pick your affordable, inspiring and supportive coliving home today!