Co-Living for Corporate Stays: Why Choose Coliwoo for your Employees’ Accommodation

6 July 2023

Co-Living for Corporate Stays Why Choose Coliwoo for your Employees Accommodation

Singapore is a thriving business hub that attracts numerous global corporations, with many opting to establish their Asia Pacific headquarters here or enter the local market to sell their products or services. If your company is among them, it’s likely that you’ll need to relocate some of your overseas employees to Singapore. Whether it’s for a short-term project or a long-term position, providing your employees with comfortable and convenient accommodation is crucial to their well-being and overall performance. Among the leading accommodation providers in Singapore, Coliwoo stands out as an exceptional choice. Find out why Coliwoo is the perfect corporate stay option for your business.

Conveniently Located Near Transport Hubs

Conveniently Located Near Transport Hubs

Strategic locations are a noteworthy aspect of Coliwoo’s properties. No matter which area you opt for, you’ll find their co-living spaces nestled in interesting districts, conveniently close to transportation hubs, as well as various food and beverage outlets.

There are a total of nine Coliwoo residences spread across the island. They’re located in River Valley, Orchard, Serangoon, Lavender, Beach Road, Balestier, Keppel and Boon Lay. Businesses situated in the Central Business District can choose to house their employees in the River Valley, Orchard, or Keppel properties. These spots offer the advantage of shorter commute times and a smoother start to their mornings.

In addition to facilitating easier commutes to work, choosing the right location can significantly impact the quality of life for your employees. Certain neighbourhoods provide a vibrant nightlife for those with an adventurous spirit, while others offer tranquillity, which is ideal for employees who appreciate a more relaxed pace of living. By offering corporate accommodations that align with their personal preferences, you can enhance their overall morale and foster improved performance at work.

Excellent Amenities and Facilities for Your Comfort

Excellent Amenities And Facilities For Your Comfort-Co-Living Spaces

Coliwoo’s serviced apartments are fully-equipped with all the amenities one will need for better living comfort. For example, a queen-sized bed, a washer-cum-dryer, a kitchenette, an en-suite bathroom, and a wardrobe. All units even include unlimited broadband and a dedicated workstation that allow your employees the flexibility to work from home should they require. Safety and security features such as digital door locks are also installed onto the door of each room to protect residents’ private spaces.

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The co-living spaces also offer inviting communal living areas. Some properties, such as Coliwoo’s serviced apartment in Orchard, features a swimming pool, barbecue pits, a gym, and a social lounge.

These fully-furnished apartments reduce the hassle associated with moving to another country and can help businesses quickly get their employees settled in.

Vibrant Community of Fun and Passionate Individuals

Vibrant Community Of Fun And Passionate Individuals-Co-Living Spaces

Apart from the amazing amenities Coliwoo has to offer, the vibrant community within its co-living spaces brings together different people from all walks of life. The environment encourages networking, socialising and knowledge sharing, as well as serves as a way for employees to integrate into a new country and society. These are opportunities for employees to connect and build valuable professional relationships with others. The shared experiences and the exposure to new perspectives will then facilitate growth and development.

Lease Flexibility to Adapt and Accommodate Changing Circumstances

Flexibility and scalability are essential factors to consider when selecting accommodation for corporate stays, and Coliwoo can address this effectively. Coliwoo’s residences require a general minimum stay of six nights to three months, while Coliwoo hotels only have a minimum stay of one night. Businesses can choose to extend or shorten their lease according to business needs and circumstances, which eliminates the risk of having to source for new accommodation at the last minute. The streamlined booking process also ensures a hassle-free and personalised experience.

Lease Flexibility to Adapt and Accommodate Changing Circumstances

Housing all your overseas employees in a co-living space in Singapore allows them to interact and forge strong relationships that can be beneficial to your business. A pleasant environment can also contribute to greater morale and lower stress levels that will directly affect work performance.

If you’re looking for reliable, safe, and comfortable accommodation for your employees, Coliwoo is the place for you. We offer a variety of rooms for rent across multiple co-living spaces to help you provide the best living environment for your employees. Contact us today to find out more about our corporate solutions.