Boost Productivity With Coliwoo: Switch Up WFH Arrangements

20 June 2022

Many changes that have transpired in the preceding year have been mostly inconvenient at best. However, despite being a not-so-pleasant year for some, 2020 has its silver linings, with WFH being one of the primary ones on the list. Freed from the need to commute in and out of the city, the WFH arrangement has allowed many workers to take back a significant amount of time in their day, and it has saved them from the usual travel fees.

But as with everything else, WFH comes with its downsides, too. Long periods of isolation and a lack of community can negatively impact one’s productivity.

To change that pace while staying safe, switching to co-living accommodation in Singapore is arguably the best option you can try! Let’s dive into why this is so and why you should move in as soon as possible.

Co-living suites make for highly conducive work environments

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is creating a suitable work area for your needs. Although a makeshift one is better than none, it still pales in comparison to something that’s specifically created for such purposes. As an answer to that need, Coliwoo’s co-living private suites provide dedicated workstations right from the get-go that enable you to work without distractions. In addition, one of our communal spaces, namely the study lounge – is an excellent spot for individuals to work conducively too.

And speaking of distractions, such focus-breaking occurrences are also another hindrance when working from home. Your neighbour’s pets, outside traffic, and personal chores nagging you at the back of your head are only a few of the many things that can break your concentration. Co-living temporarily frees you from all these and more thanks to its inherently distraction-free environs, making them extremely conducive for getting work done.

Centrally strategic locations provide enhanced accessibility

If you’re worried about the reduced accessibility to your preferred stores and shopping centres, you can put those concerns to rest. Coliwoo’s branches were strategically chosen to be conveniently close to the establishments and services you need so that your move will be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Food centres and restaurants, supermarkets, and MRT stations can be accessed in just a few minutes by foot or car.

Greater privacy is included right from the get-go

As much as we love them, family members can often be another source of distraction during working hours. Doing your work at nearby communal living spaces in Singapore ensures your productivity streak never gets broken thanks to the utmost privacy they offer. No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a room solely reserved for you and your work. In combination with privacy, always online CCTV systems also ensure your safety is uncompromised whilst you’re within the premises.

Lease terms offer excellent flexibility

Co-living at Coliwoo doesn’t require you to commit to a long-term lease contract. One of the well-known advantages of co-living is its inherently unfettered flexibility in terms of your stay. This means that no matter how long you want to board in a suite, you’re guaranteed to get the leasing arrangement you need.


Working from home for months on end can severely affect your productivity if you don’t shake things up every now and then. Switching your working environment to one of Coliwoo’s co-living suites not only grants you a dedicated private space to work in, but it also has a community of professionals you can bond with after working hours!