7 Christmas Decoration Ideas to Spruce up Your Co-living Space

7 December 2022


7 Christmas Decoration Ideas to Spruce up Your Co-living Space

Christmas is quickly approaching, and many of us are starting to deck our homes with Christmas ornaments in preparation for the festivities. While decorating for the occasion can be simple for some, it gets complicated if you’re residing in a co-living space. Whether you fancy simple and contemporary Christmas decor or traditional and nostalgic vibes, creating a warm and merry ambience in a co-living establishment can be easy with our tips. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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1. Incorporate Christmas Colours

Incorporate Christmas Colours-Co-living rental Singapore

Red and green are classic Christmas shades, and simply filling your room with items in these colours can turn any ordinary space into a Christmas wonderland. Due to certain restrictions in co-living settings, your room and/or communal living space must be kept in its original state and decorations should be easy to remove. Hence, swapping your blankets, curtains, bedsheets, and/or personal belongings for one in a Christmas colour can be an effortless way to fill your interior with jolly Christmas energy without flouting rules and regulations. If you’d like to steer away from red and green, there are plenty of other colour combinations that produce the same effect. For example, burgundy and copper, blue and gold, cold whites, or black and gold. 

2. Hang Ornaments from the Ceiling

Hang Ornaments from the Ceiling-Co-living rental Singapore

Lacking floor space for your Christmas decorations? Spruce up your room by hanging ornaments or garlands from the ceiling. For example, snowflake prints, garlands around the walls, or “floating” table centrepieces take up vertical space and can easily enhance the visual appeal of your interior.  

3. Warm Lights

Warm lights that appear yellow or orange are perfect for creating a cosy and toasty atmosphere. Small light fixtures, such as fake or real candles, fairy lights, or table lamps, arranged around the room and paired with other Christmas decorations soften your space and make it Christmas-ready.

4. Make a Winter Floral Arrangement

Make a Winter Floral Arrangement-Co-living rental Singapore

Instead of struggling to make a Christmas tree work in your small space or risk damaging your co-living apartment’s interior, settle for a small winter floral arrangement. They can be placed in any corner of your room and still liven up the area for Christmas.

Here are some ideas:

  • Hypericum Berries and Branches of Pine
  • White Tulips and Dusty Miller
  • Alstroemeria and Galax Leaves
  • Red Roses, Baby Breaths and Spruce

5. Christmas Figurines on Shelves and Desks

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your interior or the communal living spaces is to adorn your shelves or tables with Christmas figurines such as snowmen, mini trees, santa, reindeers, and more. Filling empty spots with a few of these items is sufficient for a beautiful and festive atmosphere. They are also easy to remove and can even be reused the next year. 

6. Cosy Up with Fluffy Throws and Rugs

Apart from Christmas elements, adding fluffy throws, rugs, and plush pillows is a sure way to cosy up your room. Although we do not experience winter, the cool rainy season in December can feel chilly, and getting warm under the blankets in the cool weather may feel just as festive and comforting as Christmas in frosty countries. 

7. Fill Your Space with Christmas Scents

From diffusers to candles, mix in Christmas scents such as those with notes of pine, cinnamon, and apple candy, to create a relaxing environment for the holiday season. 

Glamorising your room without damaging the interior can be done effortlessly even in a communal living arrangement. We hope that you’re feeling inspired and ready to dress up your living environment with Christmas cheer.

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