5 Exciting Communal Spaces You can Find at Coliwoo

9 November 2022

5 Exciting Communal Spaces You can Find at Coliwoo

One of the best parts about living in a coliving space in Singapore is the availability of unique and exciting communal spaces that you’ll get to share with other residents in the building. These spaces embody the spirit of coliving — that is, the fostering of camaraderie and friendship amongst residents from all over the world and different walks of life. Here at Coliwoo, we feature different thoughtfully built communal spaces for different properties, and if you’re considering putting up in one of our affordable serviced apartments in Singapore, here’s a glimpse of the shared spaces you can enjoy.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool Coliving space Singapore

Picturing a coliving space in Singapore with amenities rivalling that of a hotel is no longer just a far-fetched dream. At our upcoming Coliwoo Orchard for instance, members get to enjoy a full-length adult pool and a kids pool. It’s a great way to unwind or get some exercise in without breaking a sweat in Singapore’s warm weather. 

Urban Farming

Urban Farming Coliving space Singapore

Farms are a rare commodity in land-scarce Singapore, so imagine a coliving space in Singapore that also features a space where residents can try their hands at urban farming, an innovative way to grow produce despite land constraints. This special communal space can be found at Coliwoo Boon Lay and Coliwoo 1A Lutheran, where urban farming events are also held to promote the usage of recycled materials like plastic bottles and egg trays to facilitate the farming process. 

Social Kitchen

Social Kitchen Coliving space Singapore

Social kitchens can be found in several of our coliving spaces in Singapore, and for good reason too — what happens when you bring people together from different parts of the world to cook? The result is a beautiful showcase of cultural cuisines that introduce a little bit of their respective countries to the rest of the building. Being able to cook and have meals together whilst sharing stories and adventures is one of life’s greatest blessings, but it is also a great way to learn how to be mindful and responsible for the shared appliances and equipment you’re using. What’s even better is you get to enjoy the fresh produce you’ve painstakingly grown at our property’s urban farm.


Lounge Coliving space Singapore

Lounges are a fantastic multipurpose communal space found in many coliving spaces in Singapore, designed to encourage residents to mingle with each other and engage in various activities together. Members still in hybrid work arrangement can also enjoy a change in environment working in the lounge. After all, that is the point of coliving; it’s literally in the namesake itself. 


Gym Coliving space Singapore

Working out has become an increasingly popular activity in recent years, and while there are probably gyms scattered all over the country, what could possibly be better than having one right on site instead? Located in properties like Coliwoo Boon Lay, Coliwoo Balestier 320, Coliwoo 1A Lutheran and upcoming Coliwoo Orchard, enjoy access to a fully equipped gym that allows you to pump iron and get that HIIT quota in with fellow gym enthusiasts. Who knows, you could even gain a trusty spotter in the process, or learn new ways to work out from each other.

Private Backyard

Private Backyard Coliving space Singapore

Take advantage of the warm Singapore sun by basking in your private backyard to unwind and have conversations with other residents after a long day. Take Coliwoo Keppel for instance, where you too can be a part of the luxury that this waterfront district is known for. Soak in the sun and the views of polished, towering private residences in your vicinity, as well as manicured and neatly placed potted plants to soothe your mind and body and help you relax. Enjoy premium privacy at rooms for rent in Singapore.

One thing is certain; regardless of which Coliwoo property you find yourself staying at, a warm and inviting communal space awaits you. Find out more on our website.