5 Co-living Etiquette Tips

29 September 2022

5 Co-living Etiquette Tips

Coliving in Singapore is certainly a unique living experience where you have your own private room or apartment whilst sharing certain facilities with the rest of the complex. Consequently, this provides residents with many opportunities to interact with each other regularly. Due to the increased frequency of interaction, your actions and behaviour will inevitably be noticed more often by your neighbours. It is therefore important to follow these coliving etiquette tips to be a better neighbour and improve everyone’s coliving experience.

Be Friendly

Coliving Singapore Be Friendly

Living in a HDB flat allows you to get away with minimal interaction or greetings as you can easily go about your day without bumping into anyone at all. However, communal living in Singapore makes it easier for you to meet your neighbours with the shared communal facilities. Create a relaxed environment with casual greetings, short introductions, or even a simple “hello” and a smile can go a long way in cutting the tension.

Don’t be Messy

Coliving Singapore Do not be Messy

Within the privacy of your service apartment in Singapore, it’s okay to not tidy up once in a while, although we definitely recommend maintaining a high level of hygiene at all times. At Coliwoo, we offer weekly housekeeping services in most of our properties to help you keep your service apartment clean and neat. When using the communal facilities, it’s important to keep in mind that these facilities aren’t exclusively yours, and  therefore, be mindful about the mess you might leave behind. Clean up after yourself and return things to their original places so your neighbours will be able to enjoy them as you have.

Respect House Rules

Coliving Singapore Respect House Rules

Rules exist for a reason — we follow class rules, workplace rules, and even public rules. Coliving in Singapore is no different, and depending on the property you’re living in, there are different rules that you’ll have to adhere to in order to make the experience more pleasant for all residents. Most of the coliving guidelines can be found in the tenancy agreement. Take the time to familiarise yourself with house rules and be sure to follow them.  For instance, keep the noise level to a minimum so as not to interfere with or disrupt other users. 

Know What’s Shared and What Isn’t

Coliving Singapore Know What is Shared and What Is not

Communal living in Singapore requires you to be aware of the things that are shared in the complex so you can be more mindful about how you treat and use them. For typical coliving spaces like shared houses, these often include refrigerators and their contents, tools, appliances, and utensils that you wouldn’t find in your room. On the other hand, with Coliwoo’s service apartments in Singapore, you’ll have your own fully furnished en-suite bathroom, kitchenette, and workstation, allowing you to enjoy facilities to yourself at your own leisure without having to conform to anyone else’s schedules.

Be Prepared to Leave Your Comfort Zone

Coliving Singapore Be Prepared to Leave Your Comfort Zone

With more interaction with residents from all over the world, you’ll be exposed to more cultures and perspectives that could change the way we view life as a whole. This can be a daunting experience for some because no one likes having their bubbles burst, but this is the beauty of coliving in Singapore — it challenges you to perceive your life and life around you differently, embrace different cultures and experiences, and it teaches you to be independent and resourceful. Leaving your comfort zone might be scary, but it’s necessary if you wish to enjoy life to the fullest.  

Here at Coliwoo, we blend independent living with creature comforts in equal parts, enabling you to grow as a person without compromising your quality of life and learn to be more tolerant towards each others’ cultures. For more information about our properties and amenities, please check out our website.