4 Ways To Maximise Communal Spaces With Your Coliving-Mates

20 June 2022

You would have probably heard of coworking, but have you heard of coliving? Coliving is essentially flat-sharing with others but with communal spaces that are designed to cultivate social interactions.

If you are considering coliving in Singapore and are looking at various affordable options, examining the communal living spaces and amenities should be part of your checklist. Since these spaces and facilities primarily shape the coliving community and culture, choosing a coliving space that aligns with your idea of a community should be one of your top priorities! After all, the sense of community is what makes co-living so different from most living arrangements.

Here at Coliwoo, we cultivate a genuine sense of community, where our residents can live, work and play comfortably. As such, we share our rationale for how we have structured communities in our homes.

1. Spacious social kitchen: connect with other cultures

Upon entry into the coliving space, one of the areas that will grab your attention is our spacious kitchen. Our kitchen is large enough to contain and allow several guests to cook at the same time.

In most homes in Singapore, the kitchen space is often small, relegating what is supposed to be a group activity into an individual one. However, with our spacious social kitchen, that no longer has to be the case! Guests from all walks of life can congregate at the kitchen to whip up something together. Moreover, since we house a cosmopolitan community of people from across the world, residents can perhaps even share different cooking techniques and cultural recipes.

The sharing of food has brought people together since the beginning of time – and this time, it’s no different! With our social kitchen, you can tap into opportunities to encounter and connect with others from various cultures.

2. Well-equipped gym: form a health-conscious community

Another spacious communal space we have is the gym. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important, but maintaining such a lifestyle is not always easy. Let’s face it; after a long day, exercising isn’t always on your mind. You’re most likely going to kick up your legs and sit back with Netflix on your screen.

If the lack of motivation is stopping you from exercising, then perhaps surrounding yourself with like-minded health-conscious individuals can help! With a spacious and well-equipped gym right at your disposal, finding a community of gym or exercise enthusiasts will help you spur the drive to keep fit. This community can co-develop a routine to ensure every person follows through with it.

Not only does a health-conscious community will push you to maintain your healthy lifestyle, but it also encourages you to hold yourself accountable for your own health. With a fitness community, your health and fitness journey no longer needs to be a boring and lonely one.

3. Luxurious yoga studio: pick up a relaxing hobby

For those who prefer a relatively more slow-paced sport, there is also a luxurious yoga studio available. Looking to unwind after a hectic day of work? Attend a yoga class and let the yoga do its magic. Yoga has been proven to improve general wellness by relieving stress, improving both mental and emotional health, sleep and more. Besides, dipping your toes in a new hobby also brings forth the opportunity to meet new people and forge new friendships!

One way to maximise your time and this luxurious space, is to create mini-goals for your yoga progress. Some possible daily targets are: learning a new yoga pose or positioning your body in a particular pose for five seconds longer.

4. Outdoor BBQ pits: take a breather from work

With so much time spent indoors, either studying or working, you most definitely would need a breather. At Coliwoo, you won’t need to step out of the residential compound to enjoy the outdoors. With BBQ pits located in the compound, you can head down with your newly-founded friends and enjoy an evening together.

Moreover, a BBQ session has been observed to promote social bonding. The whole activity becomes a communal effort when you prepare the ingredients, cook the food, and finally, feast together under the night sky.


In Singapore, communal living has evolved to include more amenities, more intimate ways to connect within the coliving community. With these tips, you are now equipped to maximise these facilities and build your community at the same time!

At Coliwoo, we have spacious communal areas that are specially curated for socialising among our residents. Yet, this does not mean that our options are not budget-friendly. We keep affordability in mind when designing comfortable coliving accommodations. Interested in reaping the social benefits of coliving? Get in touch with us and we will do our best to tailor to your needs, for your better coliving.