4 Experiences that Only Coliving Can Provide

6 October 2022

Coliving and chilling with friends

Traditionally, it’s not common for young Singaporeans to move out from their parents’ homes into one of their own, and even when they do, flats remain the most popular choice. However, as more alternatives emerge in recent years, there is now a wide range of options to choose from should one decide to have a space of their own. One such living arrangement is coliving, where residents have their own private rooms, but are required to share communal facilities with their neighbours. This opens up opportunities for residents to interact with each other and enjoy unique experiences that only coliving in Singapore can provide. If you’re considering a coliving-style serviced apartment rental in Singapore, here’s what you can expect.

A Built-in Community

Residents mingling in a coliving space

When you’re new to the neighbourhood, it can be difficult to find new friends in an unfamiliar environment. Staying at a coliving space comes with a built-in community of people from all over the world and different walks of life. Interacting with your neighbours is encouraged in a coliving space, especially when communal spaces and facilities are shared. This makes it easier to form friendships amongst residents who are open to sharing their experiences, hosting movie nights, or even talking about each other’s days. However, you also have your private apartment to retreat to if you don’t feel like socialising on any given day, so there’s flexibility to the way you want to mingle with others — no pressure at all.

Eliminating Financial Liability of Roommates

Living solo in serviced apartment rental Singapore

Living with roommates can be a tricky situation sometimes, especially when it comes to finances. Paying rent on time, for instance, can be a sensitive topic and requires all parties to be responsible and pull their weight. This could be a source of stress and tension, as it affects everyone’s ability to continue living in that space. A coliving space is designed to eliminate that stress factor by offering individual room leases as compared to group leases with people you might not even be familiar with. This allows you to live independently without having to stress about roommates not paying rent on time or moving out early. It’s just you and your apartment. 

Attractive Communal Spaces

Communal spaces in coliving spaces

One of the best experiences about coliving in Singapore is the abundance of attractive communal spaces shared amongst all residents. Here at Coliwoo, some of our properties come with a lounge,  gym, BBQ pits, or a social kitchen, where residents can prepare meals together and even share recipes or host a pot-luck. Coliving spaces are also known for their creatively designed communal spaces, so expect lots of vibrancy and flavour in them.

Flexible Leases

Coliving space deals in Singapore by Coliwoo

If you’re looking to try out living on your own without committing to long leases, coliving in Singapore with Coliwoo offers flexible lease terms from as short as 1 night to 3 months, giving you a taste of how it feels like to live independently before deciding on whether you wish to extend your stay. It takes away the stress and the hassle of having to plan your long-term future, allowing you to live in the moment and enjoy the experience for what it’s worth. Moreover, if you wish to explore our properties at other locations, a short-term lease will enable you to do so more easily. 

Coliving in Singapore is truly a life-changing experience that exposes you to people and perhaps even places around the country that you’d otherwise never get to meet and explore. Get started on your coliving journey with Coliwoo — more information can be found on our website.