3 Popular Restaurants To Try Near Coliwoo@1A Lutheran Road

20 June 2022

Have you decided to take the plunge and try out the trending coliving movement? If so, you are not alone! Coliving is now quickly becoming the go-to option for those who wish to have a temporary, comfy abode to be called home. These coliving spaces have everything you need and wish for – from an affordable rental, communal and private spaces and even a community!

At Coliwoo, we always strive to make your coliving experience a pleasant one.  Strategically located in key districts all over the island, Coliwoo’s contemporary residential options ensure your stay is comfortable and convenient in every aspect – including the gastronomic aspect! If you’re the newest member to grace Coliwoo’s branch at 1A Lutheran Road, we’re here to help you quickly get your gastronomic bearings. If you’re ever up for some grub outside, try out these popular food choices near the vicinity.

Botanico at The Garage

A garden restaurant and bar nestled in Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Botanico at The Garage offers contemporary European cuisine with Asian inflexions. Truly a delight on the tongue, they take pride in using natural, seasonal ingredients to create their mouthwatering, gourmet cuisine.

Their dishes and cocktails are crafted to tell stories, evoke emotions and ignite the imagination – the ingredients needed for a gastronomic adventure. A couple of interesting dishes you’ll want to consider trying are their Foie Gras Latte and Hae Bi Hiam Conchiglie.

All things good needs to be shared, which is why you’ll be excited to find out that they also offer a weekend 4-Course Set Brunch for SGD60++. Have a go with your coliving mates and experience art together.

LeWu Cafe

Just a stone’s throw away from the Botanic Gardens, there nestled a hidden gem that is LeWu Café. With a decade of experience serving authentic Thai food, they made it their mission to bring you the perfect balance of hot, spicy and sour to tingle your tastebuds.

For starters, you may want to try out the fundamentals: Pad Thai, Tom Yam and Basil dishes. If you wish to go for something fancy, order their signature LeWu Thai Style Seabass! The best part? They offer these Thai delicacies with no GST or service charge either!

Food R Us

If you’re craving for something more familiar, or in this case, across-the-border-familiar, Food R Us is here to give you what you want! Experience exquisitely prepared and mouthwatering delicacies infused with authentic Malaysian Cantonese heritage.

Make your first visit a memorable one by ordering their heavenly Char Siew to start off your meal. Its nice, tender texture, excellent flavour, and sweet side that melts in your mouth are sure to hit the spot in your hungry stomach. If you want something that packs a punch, you can go for their Salted Egg Baked Crab or Marmite Crab. You’re sure to lick your plate clean once you’re done!


Ultimately, location plays a significant part in narrowing down your options to a single coliving space. Not only must they be accessible to major hot spots, but the coliving accommodation of your choice also needs to be near grub hubs to keep those hunger pangs away!

As one of our fundamental goals, Coliwoo aims to provide comfort and convenience to our members by offering easy access to get their meets met. Coliwoo@1A Lutheran Road isn’t the only one to be surrounded by exceptional food establishments either! If you wish to learn more about what we have to offer, simply give us a call and we’ll set you up for a pleasant coliving stay.